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Mon, 9 Feb 09 – Episode # 4786

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Hadn’t Given Her A Single Thought …. How Shocking Is That “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 9 Feb 09 – Episode # 4786]

Note – die to various factors, this ep guide is formatted slightly different to normal.

It’s the day after the events of ep 4875, and Charlie & miles begin their search in Melbourne for Melody.

Elsewhere in Melbourne, Melody awakes in a hostel. He is VERY annoyed that her backpack appears to have been stolen. She confronts Terry, who run the centre, but to no avail. Melody bails.

Soon after, Melody encounters a street kid named Kayla and after melody tells Kayla what’s happened, Kayla tells melody that she knows where they can score some breakfast.

Annie, jai & Irene enters the beach house. Jai is staying her whilst Miles is in Melbourne. Irene quickly stops any suggestyuions that Jai will be sleeping in Annie’s room, i.e. he’s sleeping on the couch.

In Melbourne, Melbourne & Kayla aren’t quite quickly enough to get some food handed out by the Salvation Army. Kayla is able to get somni but not munch. A street kid named Archie offers his food to Melody, but she doesn’t accept.

Melody then sees Miles in the dauistance. She & Kayla jide, and when Charlie asks Archie is hels seen melody, he says that he hasn’t.

Miles & Charlie then agree to split up to look for melody. They will meet at flinders station at 4pm today.

Melody & Kayla are walking near a beach when Melody comets tat she’d still like to go to uni, Kayla is “slightly: scornful of such high ideals. Kayla then bails.

Elsewhere, Charlie speaks to Terry. He is reluctant to tell Charlie about Melody – but does admit tat she stayed her lat night. He tells charley that he isn’t excepting her tonight. Charlie gives terry her phone number just in case.

Near the water, Miles sess a girl lying on a beach who looks not that dissimilar to melody. It’s not melody, but when miles can’t wake the girl, he phone for an ambulance etc.

Miles & Charlie do met up near flinders station like they arranged. Mikes tells charley that the ambulance offers where able to revive the girl. As miles & charley agree to check flinders station – to see if Melody is/has caught any treai9ns etc form there, melody sees them in the distance, as starts walking away form flinders station.

Back in the bay, Annie talks to Irene bout how Irene felt when KK did a runner when it looked like Kane would go to jail a few years ago.

Miles phones – but there’s no good news to report.

When Irene is off the ohne, jai REALLY takes offence tpo how downbeat Annie is being about this. He snaps at her – suggesting that they should have a positive attitude about it.

In Melbourne, melody goes to the hostel she was at the precious night. There’s no sing of her beg, and melody is annoyed that Charlie was snooping around at the hostel. Terry however urges melody to at least call Charlie 0 just to tell charley that melody is OK> melody bails.

Charlie & miles are in a hotel room and after they talk for a bit, there room service arrives. They correct the hotel worker who refers to them as husband & wife.

As they eat, both talk bout their ‘ship history etc. miles tells cahrtlei that he rally wioshes that he hanlt told kirsty to go with kane, whi;lst cahrlei coomsst tat its her nature to jump into bead with a guy before she gets to know him. Miles coommsts tat its god that he knows that real Charlie, and not just cop Charlie like he previously had.

The pair then set some ground rules to their sleeping arranges – as it’s a double bed. Miles can’t believe it when charley says that they should DEF keep their clothes on, i.e. like either of them was planing to sleep naked anyway. Mile & chalkie joke bout setting up a wall of pillows tween their sides of the bed.

Elsewhere, melody is walking near Luina Park when she sees Kayla. She suspects that Kayla is wearing/stole melody’s jacket – but Kayla insist that she got it at an opp shop. When melody tries to push the point, Kayla breaks a nearby bottle and plans to attack melody with it when Achier arrives, and suggest to melsoy that she should come with him.

At the beach house, jai camlet sleep – and neither can Annie. She descends the stairs and talks to jai. He tells her that he’s not complaining bouyrt the couch – esp. compared to where melody might be sleep tonight. The pair apologised to each other for the fight they had earlier. Annie is keen to seal it with a kiss – but Irene calls out that Annie “perhaps” should be in bed. Annie goes back upstairs.

Miles goes for a late night walk.

When he returns to the hotel room, Charlie is awake. both cant sleep. Miles tells charley tthat he esp. can’t because of what happened today – or more to the point, it made him thnik as a girl who OD’d when he was on the streets a few years ago. Miles is REALLY down on himself for not even thinking bout that girl until today when he saw this other girl.

Miles & Charlie then KISS …. But both regret it immediately, and get in their own side of the bed – facing way form each other.

Elsewhere in Melbourne, Archie & melody are near the pillions of a bridge. Archie offers melody his blanket. Melody tells archie that she hopes this doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with her. Archie insist tat that wasn't his intent – and he curls up on the thin mattress the he has, whilst melody puts that blanket around herself.



Melody’s in trouble in Melbourne

Freya arrives in the Bay

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants


Charlie: grey singlet top/white [black trim] jacket/denim jeans


Jai: white [TV test pattern] t/dark long pants


Annie: blue [brown dog motif] singlet top/ white [brown horiz stripes] shorts

Archie [street kid]: black jeacket/gery t/dark long pants

Irene: balk long sleeve top/white long pants

Jai: grey t

Kayla: dark long sleeve top/purple top/black jacket/denim skirt/dark long pants

Melody: dark long sleeve top/dark long points

Miles: dark jacket/ grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/denim jeans

Room service dude: white shirt/dark long pants

Terry {hostel dude} dark blue jacket/red & blue horiz stripe top/dark long oats

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