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Fri, 6 Feb 09 – Episode # 4785

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jack And The Topless Waitress “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 6 Feb 09 – Episode # 4785]


Miles walks into the main room and sees a note form melody on the table. As he rads it, Alf enters t5he house. Miles tells Alf that Melody has gone – and she feels like she is a burden on everyone. Jai arrives downstrairs – and Miles wonders if Jai knew about this. Jai tell Miles & Alf that melody last night was talking about sorting her life out – but jai never took that to mean that she was about to bail.


Ruby is in the kitchen when Charlie enters the house via the back door. Charlie has a go at ruby for what happened with Xavier and the champagne. Ruby seems kinda annoyed that chalkie knows about the incident already – but ruby isn’t backing down. She insists that shyer is going to jeep on seeing Xavier and there’s nothing that Charlie can do bout it.


Hugo & Xavier are sitting at one of the table when Martha approaches. She makes them aware that she knows what happened, and Xavier takes that as his cue to bail.

Hugo comments to Martha that they spend that night at the van park, but will have to hunt for a new place today etc. Hugo apologises to Martha about the champagne, and Martha adds that it was Tony’s place to use that bottle to christen THAT boat.


Miles, Alf & Geoff meet up after searching various places, without success, for melody. They also comment that she’s not answering her phone, i.e. whenever they call, it goes straight to msg bank.


When Charlie & Harper ask, Miles & co tells them that Melody has no known relatives who live anywhere near here, and that she hasn't been talking to anyone on the Net that they know of. Charley thinks its best to that see if she’s got on a bus, oris looking to do so. Miles is worried about melody, as although she is a smart girl, she’s not street savvy.


Xavier enters and both he & ruby admit that they way got into trouble over what happened lat night. Ruby however, doesn’t care, as she’s never felt this way about ANY guy before. Both are keen to continue their ‘ship - and they seal it with a kiss.


Miles, Charlie & Geoff comment on how melody weskit on the midday bus, and they will wit toil the next one goes – to see if she’s on that one. Melody is walking nearby – she can see them, but they calk see her. Melody starts walking in a direction that takes her way from where Miles & co is.


Alf is on the phone – and when the call is over, he comment to Martha & Hugo bout how Miles & co are waiting for the next bus.

Alf bails, and when Martha asks, Hugo say that he hasn't had any luck finding a new place as yet.

Hugo then tells Martha an amusing story about jack. They were at Hugo’s uncle’s bar years ago, and Jack was apprehencious to go and order a drink from one of the topless waitresses who worked there. Hugo teased Jack bout it – so jack did go and order a drink [lemonade] and proudly kept on going back and ordering more that day. Martha laughs – and tells Hugo that jack told her that story. Martha ads that in jack’s version, it was Hugo who was the omne who was initially apprehencious.


Roman is rather intrigued when Charlie suggests that Martha could rally do with a friend like him right. Roman is sep. curious bout Charlie's comments since she is usually questioning his motives about Martha.


Charlie phones Miles and tells him that they've made a request for melody’s phone records – and that she will keep him up top date bout that.


When off the phone, Miles ask jai bout melody’s online activities. He says that there’s nothing in her email account, or on face book, about where she planned on going. Miles comments that he should have seen this coming, but Alf suggest that miles shouldn’t beat himself up over this.


Melody sees a number of cars approaching. She indicates that she wants to hitch with them, but the cars keeping on driving pat. Melody sees a truck approaching. She tries her luck once more – and the diver stops. The driver commits that he is heading south, and melody gladly gets in the truck.


After commenting earlier that she is going through jack’s things [photos etc] Martha shows Hugo a pic of Jack & Hugo when they were kids. Hugo tells martha that it’s a pic of he *& jack when they were in the under 11’s rugby team.

Martha loves hearing these stories about jack – so much so that she asks Hugo if he & Xavier would like to move in here. She comments tat talks like this with Hugo make her feel closer to jack. Hugo is apprehensious – given the stunt that Xavier pulled at the hunter house 0- but martha isn't talking no for an answer.


Martha & roman are in kitchen when Martha tells him that she’d asked Hugo & Xavier to move in. roman is worried – but Martha insist that she feels closer to jack this way.

In the main are, Xavier phone Freya – and breaks up with her. Ruby enters, and she is very pleased that there’s no one in tween them now.


Martha thanks roman for helping her move tings out of the spare room – so Hugo & vaxier can move in there.

When Martha is out of the room, Roman talk to Hugo about how he is weary of them moving in, esp. on light of Xavier’s behaviour. Hugo insists that roman isn’t the only person who can help Martha. Hugo also comments that he will do everything to make Martha happy, and he & Xavier moving in does just that.


Alf is esp. concerned when Charlie tells him that a runaway teenager isn't necessarily on the high propriety list for the police. Miles is esp. worried bout how Melody will cope on the streets of a big city like Melbourne, which is where the police believe her to9 be heading. Miles tells the others that he will go there and search for her p- and Charlie says that she will go with him, as many ppl have suggested that she takes some tie off work because of everything that’s happened.


Melody is walking on a bridge that crosses the Yarra river. She stops – and takes in the sights & sound of the big city that she is now in.



Looks like Melody’s in trouble on the streets of Melbourne

Miles & Charlie KISS!!!

Freya arrives – and it looks like she’s interested in Hugo

Hugo tells Martha that Roman is in love with her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white low cut v neck dress [with dark belt]


Charlie: red [white lining] sports singlet top/black [2 red vert stripes] track pants


Ruby: white singlet top/grey [brown floral] PJ long pants


Alf: white [blue check] shirt

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Geoff: white singlet/light blue boardies

Hugo: black [red bird] t/dark long pants

Jai: grey t/brown & white horiz striped long pants

Jai: orange t

Ken Harper: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Martha: grey singlet top/grey bandana/denim shirts

Melody: red long sleeve top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Miles: white t/dark long pants

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t/dark shorts

Roman: black [white “analog”] t/ dark long pants

Truck Driver: blue [white check] shirt/red cap

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t

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