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Thurs, 05 Feb 09 – Episode # 4784

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Tough Love “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 05 Feb 09 – Episode # 4784]


Rachel is in the kitchen, cleaning out to the fridge. When Tony enters, they comment bout how they’ll need the space for when Xavier & Hugo arrive. One of the things to remove form the fridge is a bottle of champagne. Tony comments that it is special – as he was looking fwd to using it to christen the boat the Martha bought jack [when it’s fully repaired].

Hugo & Xavier arrive – and Hugo is esp. greatful that Rcah & tony are leetig them stay with them. Tony & rachel point to boys in the direction of Luc’s old room – and joke about the 2 fidgeting over who get which bed etc.


Annie & Irene tell Belle how very proud that are of Belle re the “never again” pike in the paper. Irene then wonders how Bell’s back pain is going. Belle says that it’s going quite well at the moment.

Moments after Belle & irene walks away the table where Annie & Ruby are, Xavier &* Hugo enter the diner. Ruby is quite surprised to see hum, but its clear that is very pleased that he’s there. When she asks, Xavier says that he & Hugo have moved to the bay. Ruby is a little perplexed when Xavier just continues about his business – and she comments to Annie about how “cold” Xavier was when they just spoke.


Rachel wonders if it’s not best for the Austin boys to stay at the van park at the, moment, given everything else that is going on. Tony insist that they are his flesh & blood and beside that, Hugo is going to helping at by working at Noah’s/. Tony also comments tat it not like Hugo & Xavier will be here at the house that oft anyway.


Rachel encounters Hugo. He comments tat he can feel that she isn’t that comfortable that Hugo & Xavier at staying with Tony & Rachel. Rach insist that that she is just worried bout Tony – but Hugo assured her that he’ll do all he can to ensure tat he & Xavier don’t cause any trouble.


Alf puts a sign nest t some of the boats. He pauses when he sees that the sign still says to contact Bridget for enquiries.

Miles approaches and he comments on how much ‘fun” today should be – there’s a meeting at the school tor plan the year ahead etc.

Miles wonders how Melody is going today, but Alf tells him that Melody said that she wouldn’t be there til 3pm this afternoon [due to something to do with Miles]. Miles doesn’t look happy.


Miles has a go at Melody for the fact that she lied to Alf – esp. in light of all the pain he is going through because of Bridget’s lies. Miles is quite firm with Bridget – insisting that this current attitude of hers MUST stop.


Ruby & annie are talking in the kitchen when Xavier arrives. he & ruby go into the lounge room – where he apologises for the way that he behaved at the diner. Ruby is please with that – and suggest that they can just pink up the ‘ship from when he was in town last time. Xavier insists tat he isn’t into ruby in that way – but held like to be friends with her.

After Xavier bails, Annie comments to Ruby about how disappointed ruby must be – but ruby insist arhat no boy apologises like that without being REALLY interested in a girl. Annie doesn’t look convinced though [at ruby’s rampant optimism].


After Miles talks to Irene for a bit about the meeting at SBH today, he almost trips over as he is bailing. As he trips, he almost collides with Rachel, who wonders how miles is going – esp. in light of Kristy leaving recently. Miles says that although he is affected by that, he’s more affected by the way that Melody is behaving, i.e. she only seem to respond to him when he is yelling etc at her. Miles admits that he doesn't like being that way with melody – and Rachel suggest that because of the way that Melody was bought [strict discipline from Christine], Melody mostly likely equates that kinda of strict discipline as a way of miles showing that he loves her.


Ruby & annie are near that pool table when Xavier enters. After annie quickly bails, Ruby pushes ahead with her thoughts that she & Xavier are GREAT together. Xavier however tells Ruby that he has a g/f. he also responds to a cooment6 by ruby by saying that although he likes Ruby, he is way mote into his g/f.


The new editor of the Costal news tell Belle that he was VERY impressed with her “never again” piece. He also comments that he has a waaay different approach to the sensationalist journalist style of Gavin, the former editor who Belle clashed with last year. The new editor comments that several others of the newspaper staff were keener of the Gavin way of doing things, so he had to let them go. The editor tell Belle that she can have the job of feature writer – if she wants it – as, on top of the “never again” piece, he's seen what a great photographer she is.


As melody works at the shop, miles tells Alf what Rachel suggested about Melody. Alf comments that, in light of what Christine has done to melody that you have to be so careful with children.

Melody approaches -0 saying that she has fiinshed all the work that she’d been asking to do. Miles & melody bail.


Ruby & Xavier arrive, and Ruby is REALLY please to hear that they’ll be no one home here for ages. Indeed, when she doe to get herself a drink, she see THAT bottle a champagne and brings in whit her into the lounge. Xavier isn’t so keen on the idea, but Ruby isn't taking no for an answer. She pops the cook and pours that both some champagne.

Soon after, it’s clear that both Xavier & esp. ruby are drunk. He tinkles her – which lead to them pashing!!!


Jai, Alf & miles are at the dining room table, and they wonder where melody is – as she should waaaaay be home by now.

When Melody does come home, jai is a tad concerned when miles doesn’t “go off” at her. Instead, Miles takes melody onto the back patio. He tells her that he doesn’t like that perron he is when he is yelling at her. He say that he realise that melody probably thinks that he only cared about her if he is yelling at her, but miles insist that she should know that he cared bout her if they talk things through - trying to get to the bottom of melody’s issues. Melody wonders if she is grounded for being home late – miles say that she isn’t. Melody goes back into the the house.


Ruby & Xavier are kissing on the couch when Rachel, Tony & Hugo arrive. All 3 are shocked at what they see –and that heightens when Rachel sees that they've drunk THAT bottle of champagne. Hugo & Rachel can’t believe that this has happened. When ruby say that she is going to bail, Hugo insist that he will take her home – because of Ruby being inebriated. He also tells Xavier to pack his bags – as they can’t stay here now. Hugo is most annoyed with Xavier - as he told Tony & Rachel that they woodlot be any trouble. Hugo & Ruby bails.


Next day, it’s very early on the morning when Melody sneaks downs the stirs. She exits the house – with a big pack on her back!!!



Melody is in Melbourne

Looks like roman has issue after Martha invites Hugo & Xavier to stay at her place

Sounds like Xavier breaks up with Freya when he is talking to her on the phone

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: purple & white horiz striped wide strap top/bone shorts


Ruby: green singlet top/dark long pants


Jai: mauve & white horizontal stripes v neck t


Alf: orange [blue check [] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Belle: red [black unknown motif] wide collar top

Coastal News editor: blue button up shirt

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t/ olive green shorts

Irene: white long sleeve top/white long pants

Melody: red t/dark jacket

Melody: white [green & red tie motif] t/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/ white [b&w photo of a man] t/denim jeans

Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] top/dark long pants Tony: blue t/grey long pants

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice”] t/dark long pants

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