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Wed, 4 Feb 09 – Episode # 4783

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Never Again “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 4 Feb 09 – Episode # 4783]


Tony & Rachel are in the longue room and Tony tells Rachel that he just can’t get the walk through [and that Angelo is in town] out of his head. Rachel thrie to get Tony to focus on something more pleasant, i.e. the ultrasound that she has morrow, but that is shattered when Martha enters and tells Tony & Rachel that Angelo has changed his plea to NOT guilty.


Nicole & Aden are clean up the mess off the kitchen floor – and as they do so, Nicole has a go at Roman for not being around much these days. He insists that he needs to be there for Martha.

Belle arrives and Aden takes a break to talk to her – much to Nicole’s annoyance.

Belle & Aden go into the longue room and Belle shows Aden the final draft of her piece of the development saga saga. Aden thinks tat its great – whilst Belle is pleased that, especially with Angelo being arrested, that things bring her some closure.


Tony talk to Charlie about the situation. He can’t believe that Angelo could get way with this – and he makes his feeling words Angelo VERY clear as Angelo is led by some officers out of the room. Charlie insist that they’ve got to do things by the book – especially since thatre’s the suspicion that Tim Coleman might have been there at the site on the night of Jack ’s murder.


Tony enters, and tells Rachel bout how Angelo has changed his plea. Tony is very annoyed, and Rachel, sensing this, suggest tat they should delay the ultrasound. Tony insists that she shouldn’t though.


Angelo & Charlie are in the interview room. Charlie makes Angelo very ware of the heartache the he is causing – whilst all Angelo wants is to be traetyed as innocent t til proven guilty.


Charlie Approaches one of the forensics type ppl that is searching the site [with meatal detectors] form the bullet that killed Jack. The other police dude insists that the team is working as quickly as they [thoroughly] can.

Watson approaches Charlie – and tells her that new soil samples for the site have been tested. The new tests confirm that there are toxins in the soil.

Martha approaches Charlie – and is way annoyed that the walk through, instead of sealing the deal, might allow Angelo to get way with this.


Irene is annoyed because Colleen is snooping as Irene rads Belle’s piece on the development saga. Irene insists that it’s that perfect perspective on things. Belle comet that she is going to email it to the editor as the local paper.

In the kitchen, Roman talks to Leah bout VJ. Leah admits tat they’ve both got to go to counselling – and that VJ seems to be coping better that Leah is.

Aden & Nicole enter the kitchen – at war as usual of late, and when Leah asks Roman what it’s about, he tells her bout to fishing trawler job. Before Leah leave the room, its clear that she has a plan in mind.

Martha enters the kitchen. She is upset – and Roman hugs her.


Roamn enter and she is angry with Charlie. She insist that she calk can’t obstruvuct the course of just because it’s Martha. The pair have a ferity clash of their ‘ships [Roman/Martha, Angelo/Charlie] before Charlie tells Roman to “go to hell”. Roman bails.


Tony is deep in thought, as Adelle walk & talk near him. Belle insists that there's no closure any more – no that Angelo might get away with this. And however suggest begat the paper should still print Belle’s piece – especially for ppl like Tony who are muchly suffering.


The search team mbr that Charlie was speaking to earlier comes across something metallic whil the detector. It’s only a nail though. The dude tells Charlie that his team has found many nuts & blots etc already, but no bullets.

Watson approaches – and tells Charlie that Angelo’s lawyer has applied for Angelo to be released on bail.


Tony mnetrs and Rachel tries to tell him bout the ultrasound that she had, but Tony vehemently tell Rachel that the only thing he cares about is tat Jack is dead. Rachel is somewhat shocked.


Belle is way busy typing [her development piece I assume] and Colleen comments tat perhaps belle is drinking too much coffee as she does so.

At another table, Leah wperka to Lou Debino, the owners of the fiahing trawelers who the diner gets some of their sup-lies form. Lou is worried that Leah isn’t happy with the service his business has been providing, but Leah tells Lou the misunderstnding that happened with Aden. Lou who is the boss of the business tat Aden tried to get a job with says that he will think it over.

At the counter, Colleen comets to Irene that Lou has recently broken up form a lengthily ‘ship. Colleen then gets a bit of surprise when Lou approaches the counters and is VERY pleased to see old friend Irene [who he hasn’t seen in years].


Martha is worried when Charlie tells her that Angelo has applied to be released on bail. Martha insists that she just couldn’t handle seeing him aborouind the bay. Charlie suggest taht6 even Angelos doe get bail, he’d bee a fool the stay here in the bay.

The leader of the police search team enters – and shows Martha & Charlie a bullet that they’d found at the site.


Tony approaches Rachel. He apologises for missing that ultrasound t9oday = and he also tells Rachel that if Angelo gets away with this, it will just like what happened with the guy who killed Jack & Luc’s mum. Tony & Rachel hug.


Next day, Leah tells Aden [kitchen] tat she spoke to the dude in charge of the trawler company and that Aden now has a new job. Aden is ecstatic – whilst Nic still seems as though Aden is making a mistake.

In the main area of the diner, colleen reads part of belle’s development site piece – that it the latest issue of the local paper. Colleen is deeply touched by what Belle has written, eg the development may have been stoped, and ppl have gone to jail, but the only way that the ppl whose lives have been affected by this can have some closure is if we never forget what's happened and NEVER let it happen again. [Note 0- I had Goosebumps during this scene, and just had then aghsin even just typing out this bit of my guide].


Watson tells Charlie that Angelo is being debriefed at tehmonet, and Watson suggests that Charlie should head for home. Charlie insists that she is staying til Angelo leaves.

Charlie wonders whatl;s happening with the search for Nobby. Watson says that they are chasing things up – but Charlie says tat she expects them to find a dead body.

2 officers bring Angelo out of they interview room and as they head for the exit – and both Angelo & Charlie say to each other that they wish this isn’t happening.


Charlie enters and tells Martha, Alf, Tony & Rach that the bullet they found matches Angelo’s gun 0- and that Angelo has been cuthred once more. Martha a7 the others are mushily relived & happy that the killer has truly been caught.


Charlie enters, and Leah talks to her bout what’s happened. Charlie says that she waaaaaaaaaay missed jack and Angelo, but when Leah tries t9o push some more for the way that Charlie is feeling, Charlie insist tat she is doing ok. Leah bails – leaving charlie to think alone about what’s happened.



Belle gets an offer to work as features writer at the paper

Ruby & Xavier get together – and celebrate with a bottle of champagne that Tony had bought to christen the boat that Martha bought jack

Miles tells melody tat her current behaviour MUST stop

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Colleen: dark [various colours floral] top/dark [white floral] skirt


Rachel: red v neck elbow length sleeved top


Irene: light pink short sleeve blouse


Aden: faded black t

Aden: black t/denim jeans

Aden: red [white “Desala [something]”] t/white [with red & blue diagonal “stripes”] shorts

Alf: orange [blue check [] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: green prison t/dark long pants

Belle: red [black unknown motif] wide collar top

Belle: white [black unknown motif] t/grey mid thigh skirt/black long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: “zebra “: short sleeve blouse/hot pink top/white [red floral] long skirt

Forensics cop: white jumpsuit/dark blue police overalls/police cap

Leah: black spaghetti strap top/white shorts

Leah: white [with blue & yellow wavy vertical “stripes”] dress

Lou Debono: grey [black stripe across chest] polo shirt/bone long pants

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t/dark long pants/bandana

Martha: grey t/black bandana/dark long pants

Nicole: yellow [black birds?] strapless knee length dress

Nicole: red spaghetti strap top] with white singlet top beneath]/denim jeans

Nicole: white [large red flower motif] wide strap, mid thigh dress

Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] top/dark long pants

Roman: black t/olive green long pants

Tony: green t/dark long pants

Tony: grey t/dark long pants

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

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