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Thurs, 28 Jan 09 – Episode # 4779

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not Everyone Is As Self Centred As You “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 28 Jan 09 – Episode # 4779]

Note – this guide is less detailed that usual, die to various factors.

IADL will be added in the coming days.

Irene, Geoff & Annie welcome belle home, Aden goes with belle into9 her room – where she tells him that she is pleeased that Angelo has been caught for jack’s murder. When Aden is gone, bell feels some sharp pain in her back.

Aden talks to9 roman [diner][ about how Martha & bell are struggling. Roman hopes that Aden has a job in mind that will challenge him [since not go to uni].

The likes of Belle, Annie, Nic * Geoff enters the diner. Belle tells the others that she’s written a piece on the development – for closure if nothing else. Goof then accidentally lets it slip that Aden dinlt apply for uni.

Soon a fter, Aden tells belle that he didn't want to stress her bout this -0 and that if he has a job, he can see/hang out with belle more that if he was doing to uni.

Soon after, Aden tells roman that he wasn’t pleased that someone else told bell bout his deciosn before he did. Nic enters and hands Aden some mail – it’s an offer to go to a uni in the city. She sends in the forms on his behalf. Aden is NOT

Later, Aden is in the kitchen of the diner when Nic enters. She hopes that he appreciates what she did now, but Aden insist tat he can’t leave bell when she is like this. And insist that not every1 is as self centred as Nic. She bails.

Jai wonders to miles what’s going on [Miles/Kirsty]. Miles admits that he doienlt rally know.

Kirsty tell Irene that although she has connection with Kane, a life with miles is what she wants.

Kisrty is about to tell miles that she wants to be with him, when miles gets in 1st and says that he thinks that she should be with Kane.

Next day, jai see Kirsty crying on the beach. He wonders why – she say tat it’s complicated.

Miles also tell jail that things are complicated – and that miles thinks that its tt right thing for him to do to let KK & Ollie be a family.

Kirsty goes to beach house, where Kane tells her that therel;s no work for him in bay, but a job waiting for him up the coast. Kisrty tell Kane that she WILL leave the bay with him.

Kisrty & Ollie say their goodbyes to miles -0 before doing the same with Jai & Annie.

Jai tells milks that he is being silly if he lets Kirsty go.

Miles doieceeds to try to stop her form leaving with Kane – he runs toward that diner, but he isnlkt quick enough, as KK & Ollie diver off [after seeing goodbye to Irene] moment before miles arrives there,. Miles is distraught.



VJ goes missing – after Brian tell Bridget that he needs $30,000

Looks like bell is addicted to her painkillers

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

to be added

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