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Wed, 28 Jan 09 – Episode # 4778

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Do You Know How Much It Costs …. “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 28 Jan 09 – Episode # 4778]


Martha is siti8ng ion herb bed with Roman beside her. Martha is annoyed with herself that she has ruined everything, especially the funeral [by telling Tony about Angelo], but Roman insist to her that that’s not the case.


After mil get of the phone, booth he & Kirsty express their schlock bout the news of who killed Jack.

Kirsty then tells Miles that she is of to the hospital to pick up Kane who is discharged today. Kirsty explains to Miles that threes’ been a connation tween her & Kane for quite some time now, which naturally leaves Miles a little on the uneasy side.

Just before Kirsty bails, Alf comments that Morag has left the bay – as there’s been issues with Ross’ carer, ut she will be back soon. Kirsty bails.


Charlie confirms Angelo’s suspicions tat she knew sthat it was him who killed Jack last night. Angelo insists that this [a peerson in handcuffs] “isn’t me”, and that he made one mistake tat snowballed. Naturally, Charlie is very scornful towards Angelo.


Kane & Irene arrive. Kirsty is already a the house and appears kinda pleased that Kane is out of hospital. Irene talk to Kane about a job offer that he’s received up north.

Kane talk to Kirsty – he suggest gyanht she &* Oliver can come and live with him near where he has this job, but Kirsty insist that she want to stay in the bay - as she’s all settled here [friends, day care]. Kirsty isn’t impressed when Kane wants an sanwer on the spot – and she insists that she needs time to thi9nk about it AND that she dent like being rushed. Kirsty bails.


A still quite emotional Tony tells Rachel that it doesn't matter if Angelo is locked up forever, as it’s still not going to bring Jack back.

Gina, Xavier & Hugo and Tony bails heeds for the bedroom. Gina tells Rachel that she thinks it’s a bad idea that they stay here, but Rachel insist that everyone should just keep to themselves for thought.

after Rachel heads done the hallway, Gina talks about heading off back to town quite early morrow, but Xavier is ken to go tho beach 1st. when Hugo “suggest” that Xavier should do as he’s told for change, there’s a verbal clash twen the two bothers – much to the distress of Gina.


Angelo tells Charlie everything tat happened that led to Jack’s death. He tells her at since no one believes that he didn’t attack Belle, he did a deal with Tim. and subsequently paid the bail money form Nobby [who took the blame]. Angelo continues by saying that he got Nobby to assist in his investigation into the development, by geeing him to wear a wire, but Tim discovered and Nobby wis killed. Tim also hired a hetman to get Angelo & Belle, which is when Jack saved Angelo & Belle.

as Angelo contniu7es his investigation, he got a cal form Tim to meet at the development site, and once Angelo got there, he got nervous, and fired his weapon when he heard a sound nearby – and manets later, he realised he’d shot jack.

Angelo tells Charlie that he didn’t tell anyone bout it and he went into shock and then he got the call form Charlie bout the big incident at the hall. Angelo tells Charlie that he just wishes that it was all a big bad dream, and she has NO idea what its like to ruin your life in an instant.


Next day, Kane arrives and when Miles asks, Kane say that he is her to speak to Alf.

After Miles bails, Kane asks Alf for a job on the Blaxland, as Kirsty wants to sty here in the bay. Alf says he will seriously think about hiring Kane.


KK are on the beck patio when Kane tells Kirsty bout the job on the Blaxland. Kirsty isn't impressed that Kane is still trying to force an answer out of her – and neither is Ire who is listening in the kitchen.

Kirsty’s had enough of Kane asking her to make decision = she tells him that she’s in lobe with both Kane & Miles, which is why this is so hard. Kane bails.


After Gina suggest tat Xavier should spend some quality tom with Hugo, Xavier tells Gina what he tiknks of Hugo [ie “he doenlt care about us”].Hugo enetyrs that room – with some drugs that he found with Xavier’s tings. Xavier then comes clean about why he got into drug dealing etc in the 1st place – it’s the only way they are able to pay all the bills, as his paper round and what measly amount of money that Hugo’s been sesing aren't enough to pay for all the care etc that Brendan needs. Xavier bails from the house

Soon after, Gina talks to Hugo. She admits tat its true that Xavier’s never had a normal life – as hels always had to help with Brendan. She also think the Xavier’s g/f Freya is that one that got him into drugs – and that she is very worried that he’ll go completely of the rails if he keeps hanging round with her. when Hugo asks, Gina insist that if it were just her & Brendan she thinks she’s be able to cope.


Hugo & Gina enters and sit with Xavier. Gina admits ta she knows that life’s been very tough on Xavier, so Hugo has come up with a plan. Hugo & Xavier will move her to the bay for a while, which will allow Hugo to rally “step up” and it will let Xavier be a normal teen again.. Both Gina & Hugo “suggest” that Xavier should say yes to the plan.


Miles talk to Kirsty, who tells him that Kane getting a job in the bay was all Kane’s idea. Miles insist that he just wants wantys best for Kirsty & Oliver. Kirsty admits that she hasn’t made up her mind about who she wants to be with. Kirsty bails.


Kirsty nesters, with a beaming smile on her face. She tells Irene that it’s MILES that she wants to be with.


Kane enters a classroom and talks to Miles. Kane suggest tat Miles shooed step aside a let KK & Oliver be a family again. Kane bails.


Martha is siting by Jack’s grave. She is crying as she tells Jack that she is sorry that she messed everything up.

She picks up some dirt as she stands. She walks close to the edge of the cliff and throws that dirt into the air – and truly says goodbye to Jack.



Sounds like Belle didn’t do so well at her exams

Looks like Kirsty decides to leave that bay with Kane & Oliver after all.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: aqua v neck t/dark long pants


Kane: purple [several white horizontal stripes across chest] t


Martha: black short sleeve blouse//dark long pants/black bandana


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: dark suit/dark tie/white button up shirt

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Gina: beige blouse/bark top/denim jeans

Gina: dark blue blouse/light blue top/dark long pants

Hugo: black [brown ship] t

Hugo: olive green shirts/white [black unknown logo] t

Irene: grey elbow length sleeved blouse

Irene: black [leopard print collar] jacket/dark kinda low cut top

Kane: royal blue [yellow unknown motif] t

Kirsty: red low cut knee length dress

Martha: grey headscarf/Brown v neck long sleeve top/white t/denim jeans

Miles: brown button up shirt/white [black unknown writing] t

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t

Roman: dark suit/dark button up shirt/dark tie

Tony: dark suit/dark button up shirt/dark tie

Xavier: red [unknown white logo] t/dark long pants

Xavier: white [red sunset] t/white board shorts

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