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Mon, 26 Jan 09 – Episode # 4776

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s GREAT To See You Again Rubes “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 26 Jan 09 – Episode # 4776]


Xavier & Gina [Tony’s sister] arrive and Tony hugs them. Gina expresses her sorry at Tony’s loss.

When they’ve set down, Gina tells Tony that her son Brendan is with his carer whilst Hugo [like Luc] can’t be contracted at the moment. Gina travails how Hugo & Jack played together in the back yard as kids.


Morag hugs Martha. When she ask Martha bout the funeral, Martha sys that Jack is being buried at the old coastal cemetary [as he loved the sea]. Morag wonders if she can help with any of the funeral arrangements, and Martha asks her to help with Jack’s insurance etc papers.

Morag then tells Martha that she wishes she hadn’t stood in the way of JnM when she did,a dn is glad that jnM didn't listen to her.


Angelo is in his kitchen he looks way stress – and he wishes the phone to ring.


Charlie enters, and Watson tells her that therel;s no way that they can hold Tim any lomnger. Charlie tells Tim he can go – but she keeps his phone. Tim isn't happy bout that, but Charlie doesnlrt care.

When Tim is gone, Watson wonders what Charlie is up to.


Angelo gets a text message – telling him to bring 15K to the diner car park at 5pm or the police will be told who killed jack


Morag is loimng trough Jack’s papers and tells Martha that everything appears to be is good order. Martha removes a notebook form Jack’s police jacket. As she tells Morag bout the notebook, Martha sees [through what Jack wrote]

That he was very suspicious of Angelo.


After Tony tell Gina that twelve had no word for Luc at yet – and that that’s a good thing, cos its like Jack’s still alive to Luc. Gina asks Xavier to arrange certain things for the wake. She gives him $50 and asks for a receipt as he bails.

When Xavier is gone, Gina tells Tony that recently [before he came to bey late last yr] she made Xavier break up with his g/f, and that he hasn’t quite got over that yet.


When Xavier asks Colleen to arrange for thee like of quiche & other food to be at the wake, she says that Leah & co are already doing so. Colleen also wonl;t take any of the $50 that Xavier offers her.

Ruby enters. she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay pleased to see Xavier, an wonders why he didn’t tell her that he is in t9own. Xavier cooemst that he just got back and that he came with his mum. he then tells Rubes that he has to go – and he bails.


Charlie & Watson are in a police car, but there’s no sign of Angelo.

Ruby comes up to car window. She is keen to talk to Charlie but Charlie “suggest” that they leave it til tonight. ruby bails, whilst Charlie isn’t pleased that Angelo didn’t show.


Its night time now and Charlie tells Watson that she’s got a new plan, i.e. to make Angelo think that he's the one in control; of the situation re the money transfer to Tim. Charlie suggests the the drop off of the money should be in a clearing somewhere etc.


Gina comments that Tony isn’t eating his food – he’s just playing with it.

Tony says that hel;s going to have a shower, and as he leves the room, Xavier returns. Gina isn’t pleased that there’s no change OR no receipt of the $%50 that she gave him. Xavier bails once more.


Martha enter the staion,a nd she ask Charlie to look at Jack’s notebook,. Martha also speaks of Jack’s suspicions. When Charlie doesn’t seem to be taking any action against Angelo, Martha suggests that she will speak to Angelo herself. Charlie “suggests” to Martha that they need to talk.


Ruby encounters Xavier. She imagines that he’s mushily affected by Jack’s death – but Xavier says that it was Hugo & jack that were very close.

Ruby wonders why Xavier hasn’t responded to any of the emails that she’s send him. He ays that he doesn’t go into hi account that often. Ruby say that she likes that too [but she says it kinda sheepishly].

Ruby asks Xavier if he like to go back to her pale, since Charlie is working way late. Xavier says that his mum will start really worrying if he doesn’t go home. Xavier bails.


Charlie explains to Martha that the police are setting Angelo up. If he’s at the money drop off point tomorrow, it mans that the police have PROOF tat he killed jack. Charlie insists tat Martha can’t tell anyone etc about this. Martha agreed.


Alf, Martha & Morag talk about Bridget – and how it’s a shame that the cancer treatment is so far way. Both Morag & Martha are worried bout how Alf will cope with Bridget is gone.


Charlie tells Watson that they [all the police still at the station] should head for home as it’s almost midnight.

Charlie’s phone rings – its Angelo, and he wants cahetlie to come over to his place. Charlie agrees, and when she is off that phone, she tells Watson that if Angelo confessed to her tonight, it will save Martha any more pain.


Monets after Xavier arrives home, Tony head off to bed.

Gina isn’t keen on an argument with Xavier and reminds him that tomorrow is all about jack. Xavier talks offence when Gina says that she is proud of him & Hugo, i.e. “what about Brendan?”

After Gina leaves the room, Xavier removes some drugs [no doubt bought with THAT $50] form his bag.


Angelo is half asleep when Charlie enters. Charlie is keen for Angelo to tell her whatever he was going to, but he says it can wait till morning.

Next day, Charlie is already up and in the kitchen when Angelo wakes. She wonders what he wanted to talk about – but Angelo insists that it was nothing. He then tells Charlie that he is going over to see Martha [asks asked him]. As Angelo bails, Charlie looks worried. Btw, I know its 1st thing in the morn, but it’s was kinda weird to see Charlie with her hair kinda messy.


Alf shows Morag some flowers that Martha has received from sally. Morag suggest that they could enter marths;s room and show her, but Alf says that he has called Angelo as Angelo seem to be that only one to be able to connect with Martha at the moment.

Angelo enters the house, and goes into the bedroom. He sits beside Martha on the bed – she looks VERY tense.



Jack’s funeral

Martha tells Rachel “Jack didn’t pass away, he was MURDERED!!!”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white singlet top/grey knee length skirt


Angelo: green [yellow “Australia”] t/grey jacket


Coleen: green leafy blouse/purple top


Alf: dark suit/dark tie/white button up shirt

Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark police jacket

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Gina: white blouse/dark long pants

Martha: dark top/black bandana

Martha: grey v neck jumper /white t/dark long pants

Morag: black jacket/white blouse

Morag: cream [beige horizontal stripes] long sleeve top

Tim: olive green button up shirt

Tony: white t/dark long pants

Tony: brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt/dark shorts

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/grey shorts

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