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Fri, 22 Jan 09 – Episode # 4775

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Annie A Barista? Irene Doesn’t Think So “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 22 Jan 09 – Episode # 4775]


Alf enters the bedroom where Martha is laying on the bed. He offers her some breakfast, but she declines.

Alf leaves the bed dorm and goes back into the main room where Tony tells Alf that he is going to go to the police station to collect jack’s personal effects, before tny bails, he tells Alf that of Luc, get a phone number that he can contact Luic on.


Angelo wakes form sleeping on the couch. He looks very stressed.


Belle is half asleep when a cleaner entered her room, but because she doesn’t know him, she totally freaks out. She screams for him to get out and Aden hears her [hew was in corridor] and enter bell’s room and calms her down.


Charlie gives Tony a box of jack’s things. Tony is so not happy when charlie says that the detectives in charge of the investigation is in the city right now. It doe help when Charlie say that the detective is going through evidence etc with the forensics ppl. Tony grabs that box of jack’s tags and bails.


Tony enters. He sees Angelo and approaches him. Tony ask Angelo to go & and see Martha. Angelo tells Tony that he will be late for work of he does that. Tony suggests that Charlie will understand, so Angelo agrees to see Martha.


Tony & Angelo enter the bedroom. Angelo sits on the bed, and starts to cry. Martha [who was lying on the bed] sits up and hugs Angelo.

Martha tells Angelo that she feels that they are connected somehow [yeah Martha, he killed your husband]. Martha comments hat jack saved Angelo’s life, and Angelo saved Martha. Martha tells Angelo that she wishes that he was there when jack died [oh the irony].

Tony enters the room with some tea, and Martha exits the room. Tony tells Angelo that what ever he said worked – as Martha hasnlot been out of this room since they came home for the hospital.


Charlie interview Tim about what’s happened, but hew insists that he doesn’t know anythg bout jack’s death, or about several other thing [Murray’s whereabouts, Belle’s memory card etc]. He also explains to charlie that Aden being sacked had noting to be with his association with Belle.

Tim is keen to go but Charlie says that she is legally able to hold him for 4 hours, and longer if necessary. When he goes to phone huis lawyer, Charlie takes the mobile off him – to assist with the investigation.

Charlie goes into the main area of the station and when she sees angle, she has a go at him for getting to work late – and hopes that he isn’t trying to take advantage of their ‘ship. Charlie & Angelo then bail – to talk t belle.


Belle is keen to9 stay in the hospital, but nurse Gloria explains that rach has kept belle in hospital as long as possible. Belle says that she can’t go home – so Aden suggests that she can stay at romans for a while. Belle like that idea.

Angelo & Charlie aives – and Belle is keen to talk to them.


Irene takes a sip of a cup of coffee that Annie’s made – and it looks like annie's not so good at making coffee.

Roman gets of the phone. He tells Irene about belle’s plan to stay at roman’s. Irene is more keen to look after belle herself, but she sys t If it helps bellle, she all for the idea. Roman then jokes that Irene can have Nicole at her house as a swap, but Irene declines that offer.

Tony & Martha enter, and Irene hugs Martha. Annie offers to make them coffee, but Irene suggest that Annie should get Martha & Tony some cake. After Annie head for the kitchen, Irene suggest to Tony & martha tat Annie’s coffee should be avoided like the plague. Martha & roman don’t say anything t each other, but both are aware of the other’s presence.


Belle isn’t exactly keen when charlie tells her that they’ve got no proof to charge Tim for anything. After Charlie leaves that room, bel apologise to Angelo for all the trouble etc that she’s caused him. She also balms herself once more for jack’s death. Angelo however STERNLY tells belle that jack’s death wasn't her fault. Aden enters the room as Angelo bails, and it’s clear that both Aden & belle are intrigued be the way Angelo is acting.


Charlie also notices that angleo is distracted etc, but before he can respond to her enquiry, Tony & Martha arrives. They ask Angelo to do a reading at jack’s funeral. Martha is surprises when Angelo declines.

Tony & Martha bail, ands Angelo does likewise meonets likewise. Watson then hands the records form Tim’s phone to Charlie, who starts looking at the records that Watson has handed her.


Adelle arrives, and belle heads unplaits for a lie down – after she tanks roman for letting her stay here.

Aden & roman go into the kitchen, and roman suggest tat they should tek a dew minute to do Aden’s uni applications. Aden insist that all he cars about is belle right now, and that he doesn’t want to go to university. Aden bails FOM the room.


Martha & Alf talks about how Bridget is bailinmg after the funeral to go to this treatment facility in the US. Martha also thinks that Angelo is acting a bit weird – declining her offer to do a reading etc.


Angelo gets out of his car, and goes over to the cordoned off crime scene – you can clearly see the dried blood on a rock where jack lay. Angelo kicks over one of the barricade that is being use to seal of the crim scene. Angelo goes back tyro his car and starts crying.


Charlie looks at a weapon discharge report that Angelo filled out. Charlie looks like she’s now “clued up” as to what’s happened.

Angelo [devel site] phone charlie. He wonderers if they can meet at his place. Charlie agrees to do so. When she is of the phone, Charlie tells Watson to, under NO circumstances, let Tim go before Charlie returns. Charlie also gets Watson to hand her Tim’s mobile.


Charlie asks Angelo to tell her bout what happened for him to fill out that weapon discharge form. Angelo explains that it was an accident – as he forgot etc that the safety was off on his revolver. Charlie demands to be informed in person in future if this happens again.

Angelo leaves the room, and charlie uses Tim’s mobile to send a text msg to Angelo. The phone beeps and Angelo re-neytrs the room. He looks at the msg which says "I know who killed jack Holden”. Charlie wonders what the msg was about, and she isn’t rally surprised when he lie to her – saying that it was a mate wondering what he is doing tonight.



Kirsty tells Kane “I’m in love with BOTH of you”

Looks like Charlie gets Martha is on her plan to nab Angelo for jack’s murder

We see Martha & the others at jack’s funeral

Xavier is back, and he tells a previously unseen male “it’s low of you to turn up now”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: hot pink thin strap top


Irene: sky blue elbow length sleeves blouse


Aden: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t/denim jeans


Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: grey t/dark blue [white vertical stripe] track pants

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Belle: black singlet top

Belle: dark jacket/dark long points

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Martha: black bandana/white singlet top/dark track pants

Martha: grey v neck jumper /white t/dark long pants

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Roman: brown t/denim jeans

Tim: olive green button up shirt

Tony: brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt/dark shorts

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

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