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Thurs, 21 Jan 09 – Episode # 4774

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Matilda’s Dad Wouldn’t Like Melody “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 21 Jan 09 – Episode # 4774]


Bridget tries to explain to Rach that she just wanted ppl to have sympathy for her/to like her – after Tony rejected Bridget when she arrived in the bay. Bridget also trio to tell Rachel that she’s been diagnosed with multiple personatilities, but Rachel rebukes that he wondering if that was the same Dr who diagnosed her with cancer.. Rachel insist tat Bridget that she thinks that Bridget will clean out Alf’s bank acct the moment that she has a ring on her finger, but Bridget sys that its not like that. Rachel tells Bridget to get our of her sight – and that Rachel will decide in her own time if she’ll tell Alf.

VAN PARK HOUSE / HALL [flashback]

with Jai loking on, Melody explains to Miles & Martin that, on top of Geoff rejecting her at the formal, rhe drugs made her think that everyone was laughing at her, which is why she looked the doors.

Martin asks Melody where she got the drugs form, and Melody doe tell him that she got them form Matthew Lyons.


Aden &n Irene are by Belle’s side. She’s insisting that Jack is deed because of her – as Jack must have been following up some info that she gave him. Aden &* Irene suggest tat Belle shouldn’t be thinkimjg that way.

Belle is also in pain, and when Rachel arrives she tells Belle that she will amend her meds. Belle however is annoyed when Rachel says that Aden can’t stay the night by her bedside – like he was doing when she was being treated in the city [she got back to the bay today]. Aden kisses Belle and both he &* Irene insist that if Belle needs/wants anything, just phone them and they’ll be here.


Roman, Nicole & Aden are in the kitchen. Aden tells thenthers that Belle blames herself for what happened to Jack. Talk turns to Martha – Roman comments that she’s not up for visitors at the moment.

Roman then wonders if Aden’s given any thought to the university preference s that he put in a while ago. Aden syas that there are more important things to thinks about right now. Roman isn’t to keen when Aden says that he might just take thighs as they come [kinda like how Roman joined the army as soon as he left school].


Next day, Miles & Melody enter. They tell jai that they've just been speaking to the police – with Melody giving her official statement. Melody is very worried that she’s going to have a criminal record because of this.


Rachel approaches Bridget. Rachel syasthat she hasn’t told Alf – but that Bridget is going to tell Alf that Rachel has organised for Bridget to be part of a lengthy clinical trail for a new cancer treatment in a faculty in the USA. Rachel insists that Bridget must b gone form SB by the end of the day – and that Bridget will contact Alf in a few weeks to end their ‘ship. Rachel insists to Bridget that Rachel ISNLT kidding – go with the US treatment or Rachel will tell Alf everything.


Miles approaches Martin who is taking down posters for the formal for the walls of the corridor. Martin says that Asia [female captain] has stood down, and theta Martin has someone else in mound.

Miles tells Martin that Melody gave her statement to the police, and Miles ask if Martin could speak to the police – telling that the this is a school matter etc. Martin tells Miles that he will thinks bout it.


Melody arrives and tells Aden that she imagines that he hates her right now. Aden knows that Melody didn’t mean it – and that everyone is capable of doing rally silly things – Aden uses himself as an example. Geoff backs up what Aden has said, but Nicole launches a verbal attack – insist that Melody should just go back to the psych clinic, as al she has done is hurt ppl since she got out of there. Melody bails in tears – and it’s clear that both Aden & Geoff are NOT impressed with Nicole.


In the storeroom, Bridget tells Brian that the scam is over – because of what Rachel has said. Brian insists that if Bridget leaves town today, the police will get an anonymous tip off about what shells done. Brian bails.


Rachel tests out Belle’s foot – to see how that physio is hgong. Rachel says that things are going well. Belle however tells Rachel that the anxiety meds that she has aren’t working. Rachel suggests that if there’s still no change in next day or so, she will look at amending the meds. Belle then really isn’t then keen when Rachel sys that Belle can go home today.


Bridget is in tears when Alf enters the room. She tells him about the cancer treatment tat Rachel has arranged. Alf is worried that Bridget has to go today, and wonders if she can stay on at least until the funeral. Bridget tells Alf thea she will.


Rachel enters and approaches Alf. They talks bout the USA treatment facility, but Rachel seems most surprised when Alf tells her that Bridget won’t be leaving til after the funeral.


Bridget is on the front patio when Rachel comes home. Rachel can’t believe that Bridget has tested her resolve already. Bridget insists that Alf & Martha don't deserve to suffer because of Bridget’s actions. Rachel is still very anoyed, but say tat she can stay for the funeral. Rachel, however, insists that Bridget better not pull any more stunts like that.


Martin enters and he tells miles, Melody & jai that he has spoken to the police and that there will be no charges against Melody. Martin however tells Melody that he doesn't think that it’s appropriate that she return to SBH. Melody can’t believe it – she runs for the room in tears, and Jai goes after her.

Martin then tells Miles that he thinks it’s best if melody go to another school. He also thinks that Miles’ “softly softly” approach with Melody HASN’T worked. Martin insists that unless he sees some improvement soon in Melody, he’ll have to contact social services [as he’s not sure that Miles is the man for the job].


Belle tell Irene & Aden that she’s very worried bout what’s happened, esp. in light of the fact tat she was attacked precious in her own home. Belle insists to Irene &* Aden tat she is NOT leaving the hospital, and that they aren’t going to be able to change her mind bout this!!!!



Belle freaks out when she wakes up ion her hospital room with an unknown man [orderly/nurse???]in the room

Martha asks Angelo to do a reading at Jack’s funeral

Angelo tells Martha “I’m not the hero that you think I am”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: blue jacket/white [grey swirls] top


Nicole: dark spaghetti strap top


Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/dark jacket/denim jeans


Aden: black [white eagle crest] t/ denim jeans

Aden: grey [black crest] t

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: balk singlet top

Brian: olive green button up shirt

Bridget: blue-grey v neck elbow length sleeved top/dark long pants

Bridget: red elbow length sleeved top/dark long pants

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t

Irene: green [black splotches] long sleeve blouse

Irene: black (white rope pattern) top

Jai: white [black splotches] t/dark long pants

Jai: grey [white dots] t/dark jacket/dark long pants

Martin: red long sleeve button up shirt/brown long pants

Martin: green button up shirt/brown long pants

Melody: black [silver skull] scoop neck top/dark long pants

Melody: white [green & red tie motif] t/dark long pants

Miles: brown [black mountains?]T/dark long pants

Nicole: white singlet top

Rachel: blue jacket/white [grey swirls] top

Roman: white “the harbinger” t

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