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Wed, 21 Jan 09 – Episode # 4773

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You’ve Never Had Cancer In Your Life, Have You ? “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 21 Jan 09 – Episode # 4773]


Miles [with Oliver in his arms] talks to Leah bout what’s happened. When she ask bout Kane, mil says that he’s not heard anything as yet bout his condition post surgery.

Moments after Leah bails, Melody enters. She tells Miles & Jai that she knows that she is grounded but she needed a walk etc. Miles has a go at her for sneaking out twice on the night of the hall incident. He also tells Melody that she has to go to the station to give an official statenmt to the police.

The phone rings. Miles answers, and when he is off the phone, he tells Jai & co that it was Kirsty ion the phone and that Kane is now awake.


Alf is behind the bar when Bridget enters, he is surprirised to see her – but she insist that being here for him right now is more inmportnat etc that her treatment in the city. They hug – before Bridget insist that she’ll do as many shifts here at the bar as Alf needs her to [since he wants to be there for Martha when she needs etc him].


Jai confronts Melody about what happened – insisting that she should take some responsibility for her actin by telling Miles the she’d been drinking, or worse [drugs], o the night of the hall incident. Jai insist that if Melody doesn’t tell Miles, then Jai will.


Miles enters Kane’s room with Oliver. He tells Kirsty that he has bought a change of clothes for her. When he tries to talk further, Kirsty is more keen to be by Kane’s side – as Oliver shows his a drawing the Oliver did.


Bridget arrives at the door with some flowers. She at tony see Martha, but rach sys that Martha isn’t up for visitors.

Rachel is clearly intrigued when bridget says that her doctor is Ok with her delaying her treatment whilst she is in the Bay. Rachel also comments tat Bridget is doing remarkably well – since many ppl who get the cancer the Bridget is suffering form die within a year of getting the cancer. Bridget bails.


Martin talks to Miles in the corridor. He wonders if Miles has talked to Melody about what happened – especially because there have been parents who’ve rung the phone and threatening legal action. Miles insist that he will speak to Melody about this.

After Martin walks away, Kirsty app Miles. Miles is caeley a little annoyed when Kirsty says that she wants to stay her a bit longer [with Kane].


Miles enters and talks to Melody. He suggests that if she won’t soejk to him about this, then maybe Melody can talk to her doctor about it. Melody seems amide at the suggestion, and tell Miles that she went to the formal because for realty HAD to see Geoff. Melody then runs out of the room [and up the stairs] in tears.


Rachel tells Leah that Tony is orginaninging Jack’s funeral – and that no one can contact Luc at the meonet as he is trekking somewhere in Asia at the moment.

Talk turns to Bridget – as Rachel tells Leah how UBER suspicious she is of Bridget. Leah suggests tat Rach doesn’t tell the likes of Martha & Alf about her concerns, unless she has proof. Rach insist tat she’s going to be watching Bridget like a hawk.


Jai is on the phone. He asks tat prosn on the other end about Bell, so I’m guessing tat its Annie tat he speaking too.

Melody overheard jai tell the person that he is on the phone with that it wasn’t a very funny prank, by whoever did it, to lock the doors of the hall. Melody then has a flashback – of herself locking the doors!!! Melody [back in the prcent] looks shocked that she did it.


Rach enters and tells one of the bar satdf athat she is here to grab that books for the bar./ when she goes behind the counter, she opens the drawer with the books in it. She also finds a letter addressed to Bridget, from a relative named Mary.

Alf esots the storeroom, and Rach tells him tat she is just grabbing the books/she tells Alf that she thinks it will good for Tony to go them – to get his mind onto something else for a little bit.


Kane asks Kristy if shel;s thought about tem geeing back tiethere. Kane tehntells Kristy that he REALLY rally wants to now – even more than before =- because of the crash [that almost ended his life].

Kirst tell Kane that they can’t talk here about tjos right now, on front of Ollie. Kirsty tells Kane that she is going to bail – and thinks about it.


Melody descends the stairs carrying a backpack. Jai , then miles see her. Miles wanders what’s going on, and jai tells him that Melody was “high” the night of the hall incident.

Soon after, Miles talks to melody on the back patio. Melody tells him that she thought the drugs would make her feel good, but that just must her more anxious. When melody asks, miles admit tat he isn’t very happy withy her, but he is pleased that everything is out in the open. Melody then tells Miles that SHE locked the doors – and melody starts crying, and she puts her head in her hands.


Kisrty enters the kitchen and tells leah that she is very confused right now. She loves both Miles & Kane, and is kinda hiding out here, as she just canklt face going home and speaking to miles right now.


Bridget is on the phone. She tells Brian that she can’t proceed with their plans right now, braincase of what’s happened.

Ald enters ten room, and bridget gets of the phone. Alf & Bridget talk about JnM – how that didn’t rally ever have time to be happy, before Bridget says that its great the Martha has ppl like Alf & Bridget who are here for her.

Bridget’s ohione rings -0 it’s her mum. She asks her mum to not talk as fast.


Bridget sees Rach and confronts her, i.e. “how dare you contact my family like that”. Rach comets bout how surprised Bridget’s mum has when Rach asked about the cancer, and Rach adds to the by telling Bridget that she knows that Dr Casio has never heard of Bridget.

Rach then comments “you’ve never had cancer in your life, have you?”



Martin “asks” Melody who she got the drugs form AND tells her that she can no longer attend SB High

Nicole tells Melody that she should just go back to the psych clinic so she won’t hurt anyone else.

Belle is way stressed when she tells Irene tat its seems they [developers] always seem t be one step ahead

Rachel insists to Bridget that if she doesn’t leave town, Rachel will tell Alf EVERYTHING

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Melody: black [silver skull] scoop neck top/dark long pants


Leah: white wide collar top


Rachel: back t/dark long pants


Alf: dark blue [light blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Bridget: red elbow length sleeved top/dark long pants

Jai: grey [white dots] t/dark jacket/dark long pants

Kirsty: dark long sleeve cardigan/white [floral pattern near collar] top/denim shorts

Kristy: mottled yellow wide strap knee length dress

Martin: green button up shirt/brown long pants

Miles: brown [black mountains?]t/dark long pants

Oliver: red [with partly grey sleeves, and 2 white vertical stripes on sleeves] long sleeve top/dark long pants

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