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Tues, 20 Jan 09 – Episode # 4772

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Yes Martha, It IS All Your Fault !!!! “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 20 Jan 09 – Episode # 4772]


It’s the morning after the events of ep 4771.

In a corridor, Rachel consoles Tony, whilst, nearby, Miles is at the doorway of one of the rooms – he is looking at Kristy by [the unconscious, post surgery] Kane’s bedside.

Miles then talk to Alf of a bit about whets’ happened.

In one of the room, Martha is lying on the bed by Jack’s side. The scene is brightly lit – and when Jack responds to something Martha says, its confirmation that this IS a dream type sequence. Martha waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay blames herself for all of this, as she was the one who urged Jack to go back to being a cop, but Jack insists that this isn’t Martha’s fault.

Miles enters Kane’s rom. he tells Kirsty that he is taking Jai home, and wonders if she is coming too. Kirsty ells Miles; that she will stay by Kane’s side. Miles bails.

In another room, Martha’s still in dreamland. She tells Jack that she has sooooooooooo many regrets about the times they haven’t been together, especially that she insisted on going to the retreat on her own. Jack once more is the voice of reason, insisting to Martha tat she shouldn’t be thinking that way.

In the corridor, Rachel approaches Tony & Alf. She suggests that one of them should go into the room – as Martha has been in there all night. Tony says that he will go.

There’s still that bright dreamy light in the room where JnM are, but as soon as Martha hears the knock on the door, literally the cold light of reality hits – as the room gets much darker.

Tony enters, and Martha gets up of the bed. She waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cries – and Tony hugs her, beg for they both exit the room. Rachel than completely puts on sheet over Jack’s body !!!!


Martha & Tony enter – and Martha heads straight for the bedroom.


Alf tells Roman & Colleen what’s happened and apologises for not telling them sooner. Alf tells them that Tony has taken Martha home.

After Alf bails, Roman wonders if Colleen can “hold the fort” her. Colleen says stat she can – as there’s virtually no customers. She comments that it’s like the whole town is on mourning. She also wonders just how Tony is coping with the loss of his son.


Roman enters. He tells Tony that he’s bought some foods for the diner – and he purs in in the fridge, as Tony isn’t hungry.

Tony then tells Roman what happened.

We see flashbacks to Martha at 5the scene of the incident at the hall, and how she was very wored about Jack. Tony tells Ro that he went to look for Jack – and we see a fallback to Tony fishing Jack at the development site, and then some new footage – as the ambulance officers trying in vain to revive Jack.

Tony explains that Jack had to b tkem to the hospital for the confrirmation et of huis death, but Tony knew that he wouldn’t be “up to” telling Martha, so we see Alf telling Martha the news at Rachel’s. Martha naturally is extremely distraught.

Martha & Tony hug at the hospital, before Martha enters the room the Jack is in.

Roman can see the Tony is way emotional and insist that Tony doesn’t have to continue telling him this but Tony insist that he NEEDS to do this, i.e. to let out the emotion that he is feeling.

Tony tells Roman that Martha hasn’t come out of her room since they arrived here. Roman goes into the room. Martha tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now. Roman insists tat he’s here for Martha whenever she needs/wants him. Roman bails.


Alf enters the main room [form the room with the stairwell]. Miles, who was asleppe on the couch, wakes.

They talk about what happened – and Alf comments tat it would be a senseless death if Kane died because of all of this. Alf bails.


Kirsty is by Kirsty’ side. He’s still asleep etc after the operation. She holds his hand.


Tony is peaking to Ken Harper when Rachel enters, she comets tat she was a lot longer at the hospital thea she expected, as the emergency dept was overwhelmed etc. before Haper bails, he tells Tony & Rachel to tell Martha that she has his condolences etc.

In the bedroom, Martha gets u off the bed – and goes over to te wardrobe. She takes one of Jack’s police shirts off the hanger, and smells it. She is muchly in tears.


Kristy is asleep when Kane wakes. He reaches out to her and she is overjoyed that he is awake!!!!


Martha is on teh bed when Tony enters, Martha sys that she’s not keen on company at te moment, But Tony isnsit tat he has to be near her rigt now – since they are going through the same thing. Martha insist at she thought that jack would wake up. She waaaaaaay cries once more – and Tony hugs her.


At the diner, alfs approaches colleen and give her a comforting hug, whilst Rachel [font patio of her place] caries.

Inside the house, Tony is in the lounge. He looks totally overawed by what’s happened.

In the bedroom, Martha is, well, balling her eyes out!!!!



Rachel confronts Bridget, i.e. “you’ve never had cancer”

Melody admits to Miles that she locked the hall doors

Kane WAAAY wants to get back togther with Kirsty

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Colleen: blue [with red at bottom] short sleeve blouse/black top


Miles: brown t/dark long pants


Rachel: black polo shirt/dark long pants


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: dark blue [light blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Jack : light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Ken Harper: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Kristy: mottled yellow wide strap knee length dress

Martha: olive green long sleeve top/black bandana/dark long pants

Martha: white long sleeve blouse/black bandana/dark long pants

Miles: mottled white button up /dark long pants

Rachel: back t

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t

Tony: brown [white “Puma” logo] t

Tony: grey [white “Puma” logo] t/dark long pants

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