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Mon, 19 Jan 09 – Episode # 4771 [2009 Return]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Memories Of Rocco “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 19 Jan 09 – Episode # 4771]

Note – there’s new opening titles. See http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2009/01/13/09-titles.shtml


The likes of Nicole & Geoff wonder what’s jus happened [that we know is the loud crash of the car into the hall kitchen].

Aden & Miles netr the kitchen and see the Belle is trapped underneath something heavy. She is conscious – and makes Aden & Miles very ware that the fuse box ?? is spariking, and that the place could go up in flames any moment. Aden & Miles begin to get Belle to safety.


Tony & Alf enter, and Martha is worried bout Jack, as he isn’t home yet. Alf & Tony remind her that that’s [home late etc] a cop’s life.


Angelo immediately goes to the bathroom and vomits. There’s [jack’s] blood all over his shirt and his hands. He removed the shirt. its totally like Angelo can’t believe hat’s happened [note – what Angelo did in this scene soooo reminds me of Rocco in the 2007 season opener, after he’d stabbed Sally in the 06 finale]


Asia [sBH female school captain] seems to be partric panic’s by what’s happened, but Geoff & Martin try to get her to calm down. Martin wonders if anyone has a mobile 0- and Nicole tells him that she’s already called 000 [emergency phone number]. She then tells Geoff that Annie is in the car that crashed into the hall.

In the kitchen, Aden & Miles are finally able to pull Belle to freedom. Aden carries her into the main area of the hall, whilst Kristy sees that Kane is in the car. The flames in the kitchen intensify.


Just before she heads out the door, Charlie tells Watson to call in as many police officers as she can for the emergency at the hall.


Angelo’s phone rings. He lets it go tro9 the answering machine. he does listen to the msg as either Watson or Charlie tell him about the situation at the hall [i.e. they know that Angelo is off duty but its “all hands all deck” for this one]


The students rush towards the still locked doors, moments after hearing the sirens outside. In the crush, Martin is knocked over, and kinda trampled.

im the kitchen, Annie tells Miles &* co that Kane & jai are still breathing. Mile then smashes the front windscreen of the car, so t6hey can get to Jai etc more easily – and this allows Annie to get out of the car. The fire the cause a beam form the ceiling to fall and it jits & knocked out Miles.


Angelo arrives at the scene. There already police cars & fire engines there. Charlie gets Angelo to help her. The firemen get the dors to the hall open, and the crowd of student’s surges out of the hall. The nearby Melody keeps just out of sight – amongst the emergency vehicles.


Kirsty is waaay ken to get Kane out of the cart, but the firemen urge her get out of the building, as the fire further intensities


Everything’s inense outside as well. Alf, Tony & Martha arrive. They asks Angelo where Jack is but Angelo says tat he only just got here. When they ask how they can help, Angelo suggest that the hand out water & blankets to those that need/want it.

As the ambulance officers begin to trat Miles & Jai, Nicole almost can’t believe it when she sees Melody nearby.

Martha is worried bout Jack – so she goes into the hall.


Charlie attempts to free Kane for the car. He is muchly trapped.


As Annie & Geoff talk, there’s an explosion in the kitchen of the hall!!!! Kirsty is partioc frantic [for Kane]

Soon after, Kirsty is VERY please to see that Kane is still alive, as the ambulance officers treat him. Charlie is way coughing with all that smoke inhalation.

Miles talks to Jai & Annie bout what happened – and they tell about how Melody came out of nowhere onto the road. Irene arrives. She, like Miles, is kinda shocked that they were in car with Kane. Irene does however waaaaaaaaay hug Ann


Martha calls out to Jack as few times before she collapses to the flor – the smoke & fames are just too intense.


Charlie & Angelo are worried bout Martha. Nicole says that she thought she saw Martha go inside – so Angelo goes after her.


Martha is still conscious – but she is still on the flor and she is dazed * distraught. She sees [amongst all the smoke] a policeman approach her – we even se tings through her eye, i.e. Martha thinks its jack that is rescue her. However, she realises that it’s “only” Angelo when gets rally close to her – and then picks her up & carries her out.


After Angelo exits the hall with Martha, the like of Alf & Tony praise Angelo – saying the he is a hero. [note – I imagine a “slightly” different reaction when they find out to the he shot jack],


Dr Bentos tends to Belle [wearing oxygen mask, having just been wheeled in by the ambo’s] for a bit – but then he has to bail. When Irene & Aden asks, Bentos says tat he thinks that it’s a good idea that they stay by Belle’s side. Indeed, Aden kisses belle’s forehead.

In the corridor, Nic suits beside Asia, who tells Nic that she [Asia] isn’t a good school captain - because she panicked , esp. in light of now together Nic was an the scene of the crash.

The 2 of them see Martin in a wheelchair. He tells them & Geoff that he’s aoly got a few bumps & brusises. Martin praises Nic & Geoff for rally “steeping up” during the crisis.

In one of the room, Miles is by Jai’s bedside, Jai tells him bout how they weer in Kane’s car searching for Melody.

In the corridor, Dr Betos approaches Kirsty. He tells her then Kane is in surgery right now – but he is unsure if Kane will survive, as he suffers heavy internal injuries. After Bentos walks way, miles hugs Kirsty.

In another corridor, Charlie sits with Angelo. She tells him what a great job that he did tonight. Angelo then head for home.

In a room, Nurse sue, Alf &* Tony are by Martha’s bedside. She rally want to know where jack is – and wants to go and find him herself. Tony tells Martha that he will find jack. He bails form the room.


Tony arrives and sees jack’s car. He looks near the car for a bit, before driving again – stoping beside the site office. He gets out of the car, and saevhes a bit more – before finding jack, whose police shirt of waaaaaaay blood stained. Tony gets down beside jack – and is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay distraught when he realises that his son has passed away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Martha & everyone react to the news to Jack’s death

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Asia [sBH captain] : purple low cut v neck spaghetti strap dress


Nicole: green strapless dress/silver diamond like earrings


Belle: royal blue [pink trim] thin strap dress


Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/silver tie

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: black [white crest] t/denim jeans

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white t/grey [black horiz stripes] jacket/dark long pants

Annie: 2 tone pink horiz stripes v neck long sleeves top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Dr Bentos/green button up shirt/white scrubs

Geoff: dark suit/white [dark vert stripes] shirt/blue tie

Irene: black [red & white floral] top/black jacket

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Jai: white [grey check] long sleeve top

Kane: olive green button up shirt/white t/dark long aonts

Kristy: yellow wide strap knee length dress

Leah: plum thin strap top

Martha: white long sleeve blouse/black bandana/dark long pants

Martin: dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Melody: red knee length dress/red high heel shoes

Miles: dark suit/white button up /green [white dots] tie/dark long pants

Nurse Sue: blue [white collar] t

Tony: grey [white “Puma” logo] t

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

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