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Title: Undecided

Type: Short/Medium

BTTB Rating: T

Warning: Sexual Content - Not sure will advertise before each chapter

Characters: Aden, Belle and 2 of my own characters

Summary: This is set 3 years later when Aden and Belle are in court fighting for the custody of their child. I plan to have flashbacks etc so you understand it :) , the whole fic should be about 7/9 chapters long.

Just a note. All chapters will be short so I can update more often, please review the chapter..

Chapter 1


Holding on to wishes and dreams can get you to the places you aspire to be and give you a glimpse of the perfect future. Watching the child in their arms gave them the best sense of joy you can possibly achieve. Just watching the child sleeps contently in their arms made their maternal instincts develop and bond with the child. She still couldn't believe that she was a mother, all the hours of labour just melted away in the content moments of holding her daughter.

"She is so beautiful" she said to no one in particular. "and she's mine". Unfortunately she didn't realise her happiness was to be short lived. In a small amount of time she was going to lose her bay and there was nothing she could do about it.

End Flashback

"Your Honour, the issue here isn't the parenting, it is the protection and stability of the child. There isn't any other way to approach it"

"While I understand that, can you tell me how it was that the child was alone for nearly an hour before its father found it?"

"There isn't an explanation that exempts my client from blame but please consider how much she hates herself for allowing herself to be placed in that position."

"So she accepts all blame?"

"Yes your honour"

"Ok, I will now hear from the other side before making my preliminary decision"


Belle was so nervous, she just knew that she couldn't lose her daughter to Aden; he was too messed up to take care of her.

She whispered "can you question Aden?"

"I can petition the judge to allow me to with sufficient evidence"

"I have evidence" she whispered back as the judge listened to the opposing side's views.

She whispered to him all the sources of evidence but he frowned "can't use that in court it is hearsay"

"Oh..." she said feeling deflated.


"I have assessed both sides of the closing arguments heavily in making my decision" the judge spoke as they came back from an hour recess.

"My decision is that Ms Taylor isn't suitable to look after the child but nor is Mr Jefferies as he wasn't around for the first few months of the baby's life"

Flashback {when baby was 2 months old}

Aden looked at Belle "She is perfect" as the baby lay in the cot at the foot of the bed "I know, she is all I hoped and wished for and even more"

Later on that day Belle was laying on the sofa watching the baby lay in the pram. She got up. She lay the baby in her cot in her room thinking she would sleep for about an hour so she could have a shower.

She went for a shower, about 20 minutes later, she heard crying so she got out and into her dressing gown. She wandered to the baby's room to see her face totally blue. Belle revolted in shock and automatically went for the phone on the bed ringing the emergency services.

"You shouldn't have left her alone!" Aden screamed at her while she was stood there in shock

Amanda stood between them "this isn't the time Aden."

Aden had one last thing to say "I am not going to let you have custody, I am fighting for full custody of the baby, and there is no way I am going to let a deranged woman look after my child.

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Sorry about the font, it wont all go the same size! :blink: So it looks weird but I hope you like the chapter.. Also I have introduced Kayla who plays Aden's sister in the fic.

Chapter 2

"I am awarding full custody to Mr Jefferies. The case is to be reviewed in 6 months"

Social Services advisor was in the gallery and she approached Aden. Belle approached the judge "can I say goodbye first please?"

"Yes. She can, allows the mother to see and say goodbye to the child"

Belle was handed the baby to see her, she whispered into her ear "I love you darling, you are my whole life"

She approached Aden and he looked at her in a sympathetic way. Belle picked up on it as she handed him the baby

"She needs you now. Don't harm her" and with that comment she walked out of the courtroom to a life she couldn't imagine without her baby girl.

Aden gave the baby to his sister Kayla and ran after Belle, he wasn't going to leave it like that.

"Belle" Aden called after her as she walked out of the courts "Just stop for a second"

Belle stopped and turned "What do you want?" Belle was being forced to relive a memory she never wanted to relive "you have our daughter and there is nothing I can do about it"

Aden looked at her "I would never have done this if I didn't care about our daughter. This is in her best interests"

"How the hell is it in her best interests? What Chloe needs is her mum"

"Yes a mum who isn't always drunk and off her face"

Belle glared at him as Aden realised he shouldn't have said that to her, he didn't have the right to say it to him.

How many times had he been drunk and off his face when babysitting, he knew it wasn't exactly the same but it was the same kind of situation so he couldn't judge.

"Just look after her. Otherwise i will take her regardless of what the law says!" she warned him. Before she left, aden grabbed her and kissed her fully on the lips. Belle pulled away and straightened herself up "what was that for?"

Aden replied "to prove to you that i am not trying to hurt you and one day we can be together with our daughter but you have to prove that you can look after her otherwise it wont work"

Belle longed to touch him as she loved him, suffice it to say she had never stopped, how can you stop loving the person that taught you to love to be herself and not worry about others at the same time.


Belle walked the distance from her flat to her mothers' cabin. It had been 2 months since Aden had got custody and she felt powerless to do anything, all she could think about was holding her baby.

She had decided to take action and she wrote to Aden asking to see Chloe. Aden had never replied to her till that morning, she checked the post and saw Aden's handwriting sprawled all over the envelope.

She gave the rest of the letter to her mother before retreating to her room and opening the letter very carefully.

Dear Belle.

Thanks for the letter. Chloe is doing well and she loves the teddy you sent her, wont sleep without it. She must have a second sense as she clambered for it the minute I saw it in the box. Chloe is gorgeous and grown up, being 11 months 3 weeks ago, her birthday is coming up and so if you want to see then come up to Summer Bay a couple of days before. I would love to see you and just to let you know, I have set the wheels in motion to give you joint custody providing you live in Summer Bay, Ring me, My number is on the back of the letter and a photograph of Chloe as well.

I love you Belle, come back to us soon.

Aden xoxo

Belle folded the letter and put it in her bag, she wasnt going to let the oppurtunity to see her baby girl again pass by like that. She went downstairs.

The phone rang and she picked it up "Is this Belle Taylor?"


"I am a doctor at Northern Districts Hospital, I am afraid I have bad news"

"What. who, where?"

"I am sorry to tell you that your daughter Chloe passed away this morning"

Belle dropped the phone and collapsed in tears, not even registering the phone call truly. Amanda rushed to the phone and the doctor repeated to Amanda what he has said to Belle.

"Thank You Doctor"

Amanda picked Belle up and got her into the car and they set off for Summer Bay.

Next Chapter: Will Chloe's funeral bring Belle and Aden together or push them further apart?

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Just a note: there are no flashbacks in this chapter and there may not be any flashbacks for a while, am not sure yet. Anyways on with the chapter.

Chapter 3

Belle was physically shaking as she walked behind the small coffin, four foot long. A coffin shouldn’t be that size it shouldn’t carry a child a small defenceless child.

She sat down as the music ended, she kept looking at Aden whose face was unreadable.

The priest stood up and began to talk. Belle shut his voice out and stared at the coffin, it felt like karma for the secret she held from Aden.

She didn’t know if this secret would make or break their already fragile relationship. Aden had just about pulled himself together as he approached the altar to talk about his daughter but before he did that, he pulled Belle up with her.

He whispered “its not your fault. Be strong”

They both approached the altar together and stood side by side although they weren’t holding hands. Aden started “there isn’t much to say apart from Chloe didn’t deserve to die. She was just a baby a child that needed love and care. I will love her forever and I know Belle will too”

Belle at this point was in tears and couldn’t say anything, Aden pulled her close and said soothingly “it will be all right babe. We can get through this”

“I cant do it, I have something I have to tell everyone”

The church congregation bustled at the thought of Belle running out of the church and that is exactly what she did.

She couldn’t face what she had done so her only reaction was to run out. Aden didn’t run out after her due to shock.

He didn’t expect her to do that and to be honest he didn’t have the energy to go after her.


2 weeks had passed since the funeral and Belle hadn’t spoken to Aden since. She couldn’t do it.

“You have to tell” Amanda said for the millionth time that morning “he needs to know”

“No. He can never find out”


“He will hate me for the rest of my life”

“He won’t”

“Fine I will tell him”


Belle walked the 20 blocks to Aden’s flat. She tentatively knocked on the door. Aden opened it.

“Hey” she whispered

Aden said nothing, he just pulled her into a hug and said “I love you”

Belle couldn’t say anything, the words couldn’t come out. She just hugged him letting the tears flow and holding onto him knowing how much she could never tell him the truth.

Sorry it is so short.

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Flashback is in the chapter revealing the secret. Dont kill me at once :ph34r:

Chapter 5

Belle visited Aden for the first time that week. The past 6 months had been easier to deal with after Chloe's death, as she knew she had his support.

The secret was weighing on her shoulders and she hated holding the burden of it. She had to let loose.

She was going to lose Aden but she couldn't keep the secret any longer, it was haunting her and she didn't want that at all.

Belle decided to bite the bullet and let all loose to Aden. She had too much to lose if she didn't. She didn't have anything to gain so she did it.


"Yes?" as he approached her from the kitchen.

"I need to talk to you"

"Cant it wait till after dinner?"

"Sorry, dinner can wait, this cant"

Aden look bemused but accepted her comment and sat down opposite her. Belle looked at him before saying "do you remember 6 weeks after Chloe was born?"

"Yes, the first time I saw her"

"Right well I have a story to tell you and I know you will hate me after but I have to tell you otherwise it will drive me mad" said Belle bowing her head.

6 weeks after Chloe's birth Belle was sat in a dreary waiting room waiting, just waiting for a solution, something or anything to help her make the next decision.

"Miss Taylor?" the voice enquired

Belle stood up holding her child in her hands "Here I am"

"Come through" the voice gestured and Belle followed the voice into the room. "So you are putting your child up for adoption

"It isnt as clear cut as that" Belle told the person sitting opposite her

"Ok. feel free to explain"

"I was pregnant with 2 babies and I know that one of them is my ex's baby and the other is his brothers' baby. I knew he wouldnt look after his brothers daughter so I have to put her up for adoption"

"Is there any reason you are doing it 6 weeks later?"

"i wanted to know whose baby was whose"

"Well. The potential parents have signed on the dotted line and all that remains is for you too as well"

Belle mentally prepared herself to sign the papers. She was ready, she had to be. She looked at the paper and then at her sleeping daughter "goodbye baby"

Back at the flat, Aden was reeling from the fact there was another child "Was Chloe mine?"

"She was but Emma was as well" Belle revealed to Aden who recoiled in shock "I am?" he said unbelieving

"Yes, you are, I am sorry but I had to tell you"

"She is what 10 months old?"


Aden couldn't say anything else. Belle took out a piece of paper. This is her address, if you want to see her then you can go there" she handed him another piece of paper

"I know you never want to see me again and I accept that. I hurt you and I never meant to"

Belle left the flat and Aden opened the second piece of paper. He read Belle's diary entry dated 17th July 2008

He thought, "when she gave Emma away"

Holding on to wishes and dreams can get you to the places you aspire to be and give you a glimpse of the perfect future. Watching the child in their arms gave them the best sense of joy you can possibly achieve. Just watching the child sleeps contently in their arms made their maternal instincts develop and bond with the child. I still cant believe that I am a mother, all the hours of labour just melted away in the content moments of holding my daughters. Aden will hate me forever but he cant understand if I tell that I was raped and I cant cope with the fact that one of them may be my rapist's baby

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Chapter 6

Aden was still visibly shocked but he was sure that Belle didn’t deserve any more pain and heartache.

He didn’t go after her but then again he didn’t have to, Belle came back to see him. “Just let me explain”

Aden approached her and hugged her “you don’t have to, you don’t have to”

Belle tried to pull away from Aden but he wouldn’t let go, he just stroked her hair and soothingly said “I love you”

Belle just cried even more allowing herself to sink into Aden, after a while Aden pulled her onto the sofa and gave her a small ruggish blanket to comfort her, she didn’t have the energy to do it herself.

She lay on the sofa and dosed off into a dreamless sleep. Aden just watched her he loved her so much.

Love isn’t always enough but Aden thought that if love isn’t enough then what is, what is the purpose of a relationship? Love is supposed to be the glue that holds a relationship together but in this one, it didnt.

Aden didnt know if Belle wanted to be with him anymore. He wouldnt want to be with him if he was himself. He let Belle sleep and headed off to make some food for her.

2 hours later and several broken plates Belle finally woke up, she was embarassed to have fallen asleep but Aden had nothing but love and concern for her in his eyes.


Later on that night, Aden sat next to Belle and looked into her eyes. "I love you, and this time I want our relationship to work"

Belle smiled and nodded in response as Aden's eyes grabbed her and she couldnt look away. Aden leant in to kiss her but she pulled back "I cant, I am not ready"

Aden smiled "Its fine, we can just sit here watching tv in each other's arms. Belle snuggled into Aden as he put on a movie, they had put aside their differences but Belle knew that times werent going to be easy, but they had each other to help.

Next Chapter: Who cheats on who :ph34r: and why?

Sorry it is so short. I do have more chapters planned tho! Dont kill me all at once :P

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Sorry it is so late. I lost the chapter and then the inspiration disappeared but thanks to a dream with Aden in it :wub: I got it back. I hope you all enjoy this chapter and like it as well more than I like it :ph34r: I have kind of rewritten the JM storyline in Adelle format :P This is the last chapter but I do have a new fic planned :P Also Belle and Aden are living together in this chapter.

****!!!Also sexual themes in the chapter! You have been warned

Chapter 7

He had felt sick to his stomach when Belle was lost to Angelo, he had never felt so alone and everything they had been through and yet they had survived the problems and were stronger than ever. Angelo and his dad were a thing of the past but Chloe would bind them together forever.

Belle stepped out into the room in her emerald green dress and her hair flowing by her side

"Dinner is ready to be served"

"So it is" Aden walked up to her and led to her seat

They had their starter and their main course. They spent the whole evening talking about all the good times they have and had. Reminiscing that made them love each other even more.

Belle went to get dessert when Aden came to the sink and put his arms around her waist. "Let's skip food dessert and get to the real after"


"Hmm, well let me ask you one thing" as she turned around


"Do I look nice?"

"Well the dress would look better on the bedroom floor"

"I bet. Cheeky bugger"

"I'm a lovable cheeky bugger though"

"No but really"

"You are drop dead gorgeous like me"

"Yes you are, well come on then mister" leading him to the bedroom for a night of fun. Aden followed her with a wide grin on his face very smugly.

When they reached the bedroom, Aden kicked the door shut and pulled Belle to him or did Belle pull Aden towards her, it was always really hard to tell when they were together.

At that moment Aden pulled her to the bed and lay on top of her gently kissing her and making her feel on top of the world.

She pulled at his jeans and he stretched to make it easy to pull off.

They slowly undressed each other making each other feel pleasurable with each moment, really savoring the time they were having with each other.

They made love for hours, to Jack it was the best time he had ever spent with her but to Martha.

It was just a small reminder of how strong their relationship was, is and will be.


Belle woke up to the light seeming to push its way through the cracks in the curtains. She loved Aden totally and completely in the moments they spent together, she wasnt going to let him get away this time!

Aden had already got up and was making breakfast. She approached him and put her hands around his waist, "I love you" belle said taking a chance

"I love you too babe. I am not going to let you go now" he turned around and grinned. They held each other knowing their relationship was stronger now than it had been.

The end :)


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