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A Birth, Birthday And A Girl....


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Story Title: A Birth, Birthday and a Girl.....

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Belle and Aden.

Genre: Family

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: No

Is story being proof read: No

Summary: Aden and Belle's son's first day and his 18th birthday

A Birth, Birthday and a Girl......

Belle watched as their breathing moulded into one rhythmic beat. All three of them had been home for four hours and this was the first time it had been just them, she wasn’t surprised to find them both asleep when she came back down the stairs.

Watching intently she noticed their facial expressions were the same, both of them had the same bee stung lips which were parted slightly, and they both had a ghost of a smile gracing their faces. Belle couldn’t help smile, there lying peacefully were the two most important people in her life. This was all she ever wanted, since being a small child all she had wanted was a family to call her own. She had been adopted at birth and didn’t know her real mother until her late teens.

Belle couldn't believe how much had changed in the last two and a half years. She had the guy of her dreams, her own place, a successful business and now a new arrival that made her life complete.

Never wanting to forget the image of them lying together, she quietly went over to her handbag and grabbed her camera. The picture was simply beautiful; it had her fiancé asleep on the couch with their one day old son lying peacefully on his chest, one of Aden’s hands placed protectively on his son's back.

Placing her camera back in her back she heard her baby stirring, "Hey baby boy" she cooed as she picked him up gently as to not wake Aden "What's the matter?" she asked as he opened his eyes and stared intently at her his hands coming to contact with her cheeks

Lost in the moment, she hadn’t realised that Aden had woken up and was now watching her cradle their son, looking up she noticed him smiling at her, he got up and walked tentatively over to them, placing a kiss on her forehead, he then turned his attention to the tiny bundle in her arms. "What do you think he'll be like when he’s older?" he asked whilst smoothing the hair down on his head.

"I think he'll be happy, no doubt have lots of friends and he’ll be loved unconditionally by everyone"

"Yeah, the ladies are gonna love him your right! He does take after his dad after all" he replied with his typical smirk

"Hmmm….. Sure, sure" she answered not once taking her eyes her eyes off him

"But you are right, he is gonna be loved unconditionally" Aden proclaimed as he ran his fingers through a loose strand of her hair "Just as much as I love you, which trust me is more than you could ever know"

18 years later……….

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They shouted as he made his way tiredly down the stairs

"mmmm…thanks” he replied, not realising that today was actually his 18th birthday

"here I made you breakfast sweetie, Roman will be round in an hour so if you wanna just eat that then get dressed please”

"Jeez mum, fancy giving a guy a break on his birthday?" he laughed as he sat down next to his dad “I can’t believe I have to work today" he whined “aren't I supposed to spend the day with my family, who are meant to WANT to spend time with me?"

"Its for 2 hours whilst we take your 6 year old sister to dance class, you will be with family, your other loving sister will be there too, plus Nate and Ashley"

"Roman definitely knows how to exploit family doesn’t he” Aden laughed as he took a bite of his toast "I mean, using his grandkids as cheap labour, the man's a genius!" He added as he smirked at Belle causing her to let out a small laugh.

As he scoffed Belle popped a present in front of him "I thought I wasn’t opening my gifts till the family dinner later on?"

"Yeah I know, but this is a special present that we just wanted to give to you whilst it was just the three of us"

"Ok then" he started to open up the present and noticed it was a photo frame, looking at the picture he smiled to himself “when was this taken” he asked as he took the picture in

"This was taken 18 years ago, the day after you were born” Aden answered as he put on arm around his shoulder "This was the first time I actually had you to myself" he smiled, thinking back to the day

"Its great thanks so much"

"Don't worry about it sweetie, just glad you don’t find it too soppy" Belle told him

"Nah, course not, love you guys" he stated as he got up and made his way to the stairs

Aden and Belle smiled at each other "Can you believe he's 18" Aden asked

"No, its gone too fast" proclaimed Belle as she wrapped her arms around Aden's neck.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, "I'll get it came the call from up stairs" Belle looked at Aden, confusion spreading across their faces

"Hey Sarah" he answered as he opened the door

"Hey Matty, happy birthday" the young brunette said as she kissed him on the cheek

"Mum, dad, I'm gonna meet Roman at the Diner, see you's later"

Belle turned back to see Aden smiling at her, she was totally taken aback by the events that just occurred "Told you the ladies would love him"...........……………….

Hope you enjoyed :)


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