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Beachside Dining

Guest lucylinda

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Story title: Beachside Dining

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Aden and Belle, Geoff and Nicole, Roman and Charlie, Morag and Ross (Beachside Apartment Residents/associates)

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Family scenes

Any warnings: None

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: By me..

Summary: Beachside Apartment ‘family’ dinner

Merry Xmas whispered_envy! Hope you like it. Hopefully I'l have stacks of free time AFTER xmas to make you something more, but pre Christmas is way too busy for me (and everyone, I guess)

Anyway, enjoy!

“ah Da-ad” Nicole screeched. “He’s doing it AGAIN”

“No I’m not.” He replied, with a smirk on his face that let Roman knew whatever Nicole said he had been doing, he actually had.

It was late on a Saturday night. Aden and Nicole were sitting on the couch, trying to allow Roman to make dinner in peace. Morag was on her way with Ross from the city, it was going to be a full on Beachside Apartment ‘family’ dinner.

Aden leaped up from the couch when he heard the door knocking.

“Jeez, keen much?” Nicole sneered. But then she got up too, after all her other half was on the other side of that door too.

The last gentle knock was unfortunately replaced with a heavy banging one that Aden could only assume was Geoff. He swung the door open.

And there she was, dressed in a black and white checkered dress, huge grin on her face and holding up a bottle of wine. Geoff was standing sheepishly next to her, hands in his pockets with that awkward grin on his face. Nicole, as always took the shyness out of him giggling and screeching she drew Geoff into a hug.

They had only sat down for a matter of seconds when the doorbell rang again. This time it was Roman’s turn to charge towards the door: Charlie was here! Roman hadn’t been much of a boyfriend to Charlie recently so was trying to make an effort to show her how much she meant to him. She passed him the thing she’d been asked to bring: dessert and he led her to the ‘adult’ centre, the kitchen.

“Was it just me or did Roman seen a little overly keen to see Charlie” Belle asked, after they had resumed their positions on the couch. Aden next to her, and Geoff and Nicole sharing one of the tiny armchairs.

Nicole sniggered. “You should have seen Aden leap up when you knocked-”

“Nicole!” Aden cut her off, through tightly gritted teeth. “That’s brother sister info, not boyfriend girlfriend-“

“Aden, Aden. It’s ok.” Belle reassured him, with a light tap on the thigh “You’re always excited to see me. Roman’s usually a little more, subdued about his feelings.”

Aden thought it best not to make any comments remark, after all, he did normally make a fuss when he saw Belle.

“Dad’s trying to… make an effort.” Nicole said, screwing up her nose as she did so.

“Yeah, he seems like he’s trying to be..” Aden sat in thought for a minute, before finding his word “couply! Around her..”

They both sort of shuddered. Geoff and Belle could tell it had been the topic of many a beachside apartment discussion. The man of the moment- Roman came through at that minute, arm wrapped around Charlie’s waist as confirmation of what Aden and Nicole were saying.

“I’ve just spoken to Morag.” He announced “She should be here within an hour”

The teens looked awkwardly to one another. Nicole being the only one brave enough to say what they were thinking.

“Well. Dad. What do you expect us to do until then?”

“I thought we might like to sit and chat.” Roman replied. The quick response gave evidence that he’d planned for this to happen. And with that, he and Charlie sat down next to Aden and Belle.

Belle scrunched up to Aden, and whispered in his ear.

“This is definitely an awkward turtle moment.”

“Yeah. Wishing we were the ones sitting in the armchair much?” Aden whispered back.

They were jolted out of their whispering by Nicole’s sudden brainwave.

“Geoff and I have a really tricky um erm English assignment due. Do you think you could help us with it?” She directed her question towards Aden and Belle, who were scrunched up uncomfortably next to one another. Belle jumped up, sort of squashing Charlie in the process. Aden followed suit moments later, then Nicole, then Geoff. The four of them looked like a sort of Mexican wave.

The ‘four musketeers’ ran up the stairs before they could here any complaints from Roman. He looked at Charlie. She, had no sympathy however.

“Well what did you expect? You squashed us in with 18 year olds Roman!” She giggled, and affectionately punched him in the stomach. “I thought you might have figured it out by now: Teens and parents and bonding just don’t mix!”

“I just thought that since we were all together, it would be a good oppourtunity to…. Spend some time with them? You know?” Roman said, sheepishly. He realised, only as he said it what a stupid idea it was. “Ok. It maybe was a bit silly”

But then a cheesy grin came across his face “at least now, we have some time to ourselves….” He lent in to give Charlie a kiss, who abrubtly pushed him away.

“No! Roman! What if they’re looking?” Charlie protested. Slight giggles at the top of the stairs confirmed her apprehension and they turned to see Aden, Geoff, Belle and Nicole somehow arranged in height order peeping out over the banister.

“English assignment too tough?” Roman asked, with only a hint of sarcasm.

Geoff, unfortunately was the one to answer. He never was the best of liers.

“Um, we. Er, um, CAME TO GET A DICTIONARY!” He didn’t mean to yell, it just came out that way.

There was a murmur of Jeez Geoff, calm yourself, then Roman responed.

“You mean the dictionary on the shelf in Aden’s room?”

“Oops! Is that where it is? We looked there, but I must have left it under.. my.. um…SOCKS!” Aden jumped in, trying to save Geoff’s terrible fib.

The four teens held their breath, and as knocking was heard they all yelled “MORAG’S HERE!!” and sprinted downstairs, bashing into the door, and each other one by one. Nicole, the first to the door pulled it open.

“I’ve never been more glad to see you Morag!”

Hope you enjoyed!

EDIT: My speech marks are gone! Too tired to fix now! But huh?


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