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  1. OMG! That was so amazing! So sad, so stunning! I really, really loved it! Thank you so much! You should be so proud that you can write with such detail and such emotion. I'm so spoilt! Thankyou so so so much!
  2. You go into control panel, find the 'fonts' section. Then drag your new font into that folder. It should install the font onto your computer and then you can use it with all the programs on your computer. Hope that helps
  3. Ok, I thought it was about time I posted by 2 cents worth on this issue: I do agree with some of the anti comments, however people who say that Aden was wrong to call Belle a skank need to think of it this way: - he was sexually abused as a child. He wanted to have sex so so much but when Belle got close to him memories I guess came flooding back, and he just blanked out. He was in no space of mind to rationally make a decision and said something that would make her stop, there and then so that the memories just stopped flooding back. And you must admit that they would have been terrible memories - when he freaked out with Nicole, he didn’t react in that way because the feelings obviously weren’t as intense. He didn’t want it as intensely as he did with Belle, didn’t care as much. -When it was with Belle it was the second time he had experienced it and so he freaked out more. He must have thought that the last time was a one off and that it wouldn’t happen again. - aden would have been SO frustrated with himself when he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t angry at Belle, he was angry at himself for not being able to push past a terrible part of his life. Ok, he did move on awfully quickly, but maybe all he needed was a little bit of help to get there, after all he really did want to do it… The fight, make up, sex cycle is a little oversimplified. I’ve just explained the first ‘break– up” situation, and after-all what was Belle supposed to do after he admitted it to her- say, oh, sorry I still can’t be with you: you called me a skank? How would that affect Aden? He would be left thinking that Belle didn’t want him for all the reasons that he thought (that he was dirty..) Ff Belle had rejected him then, it would have crushed him- the first girl he opened up to about the whole thing, and wanted to get close to just pushed him away..? I’m sure it would’ve sent him into a downward spiral. Belle saw a broken person, and wanted to be there to help him move forward from the terrible things he had been through. The kidnapping thing: Aden was literally heartbroken. All the feelings of hatred and anger that he had for his father reached a climax, it was his Dad’s drunkenness that had tore his life apart. And then he finds out that he did nothing to stop it when he could have? His reaction was probably stupid, but did Aden really kidnap Belle? She turned up there, and he was already so deep in the situation, and in a bad space of mind so he did what he felt he had to do and kept her there. But he didn’t handcuff her, or tape her or throw her to the floor or anything. And she didn’t take him back right away, she didn’t forgive him right away- the feelings started coming back AFTER the trial when she realised that he regretted his actions, and wouldn’t do them again. The feelings built up during the next few weeks. The timing was always a little bit off, or they weren’t in the same state of mind. But we all knew that they loved each other, it was just a case of them sorting out the timing of the whole thing, and getting over things. Aden was the reason that Belle ended up cheating, I think. She had admitted that she loved him, and he walked away. He had admitted that he wanted her, and she walked away… he was frustrated. And at that moment he just wanted her. And she wanted him. They were caught up in the moment and a thing that shouldn’t have happened happened… It doesn’t excuse it but Belle never ever loved Angelo. And as to number 10. It didn’t go right from the hostage situation to forgiveness, it took at least a month for that to happen. A lot happened in that month. Wow. I am sorry for rambling. Feel free to argue my points. No, please do!
  4. I'm loving your fic so far! Am really enjoying the flashbacks, you write them really well and they give us an idea of what happened to get them to where they are at the moment. I especiallly liked the bit where Aden thought: "He almost envied her; she was always with their child. But then when he thought about everything else that laid in wait for her, he figured that it was a fair compromise." It was really sweet. Keep writing! Love it xoxo
  5. I loved every little thing about this fic! You should be so proud of the writing, I will be joining you for the sequel. It's a joy and pleasure to read your fic each day, so thanks for that! xxx Congrats!
  6. Loving this fic! Sorry I havn't commented, but please do keep up the great work Update when you can!
  7. Just wondering if I could please us this av? will credit Keep up the amazing work
  8. If that's 'boring' I really like the sound of what you consider 'exciting' because that didn't bore me at all... Great fic
  9. This has to be the best piece of writing I've read on this site, It's not cliched, not overwritten and yet you manage to capture the emotions magically. I will definately continue reading this one. Congratulations on producing such an amazing piece of writing, I wish you luck with all your future writing.
  10. Love it! What's Belle got planned? Hmmmmmm...
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