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Fri, 28 Nov 08 – Episode # 4770 [2008 Finale]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Officer Down “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 28 Nov 08 – Episode # 4770]

Note – folliowng this ep guide, I will have the ceremony for the 2008 EMILYs [iADL Awards]


A list of the top 100 ppl in both medals and points this year!!!!!


After Kane reassures Kristy tat he hasn’t busted out of prison, he tells her that he explained whet happened in the latter that he gave to Irene. Kane is disheartened that she hasn’t passed it on t o kirsty.

Miles enters the room and wonders what's happening. Kirsty tell miles that she needs a bit of tie to talk to Kane.


Aden & Belle comet about Geoff & Nic kissing, but those 2 say theta Adelle have been kissing just as much.

Irene, Leah & Roman thank Martha for helping the, tonight. She says that jack's rworking anyway – and that she’s now totally looking at life with a positive attitude.

Roman goes over to near where miles is, and is surprised when miles has a go at 2 students for pashing. Miles tells roman that Kane is back in town.


Kirsty tells Kane that she got on with her life like she asked him too. She also thinks that it’s too much for Kane to just rock up like this and expect things to go back that way that they were. Kirsty insistst that she is very confrused, and suggests that Kane should give her some tie to thank about this. Kirsty bails to go to the formal.


Rachel enters, and Alf instantly has a go at her for her attack on Bridget at the diner. Rachel suggetss tat she’d like to talk to Bridget in private – but Alf inset stat he wants Rachel to leave,. She does – and although there’s no smirk on Bridget’s face, you just know that she LOVES this.


Jack is concern that they haven’t been alible to gains any knowledge for geeing Tim’s phone [landline] records. Jack stroll is suspicious of what’s been happening though.


Matthew & Melody comment on how hungry they are, but Mathew bails as soon as Jai & annie come onto the back patio where he & melody were. Jai & Annie instantly comment that it looks like melody has been drinking. Melody adds to these thoughts when she say that she has to find her shoes – but not the sneakers she is weing, another pair.


Ki9srty tells miles that she didn’t know about Kane being out of jail. She also vehemently tells miles that she didn’t just tell him that she loved him as a kind of way to say goodbye to their ‘ship.

Kane approaches – he want t talk to kirsty, but she insists that he has to go away for the moment. She says that he is making things much harder by pressuring her.

Soon after, Miles is talking ti Irene, who admits tat she’s known bout Kane being back in town for days, but there was never the right tie to give kirsty that letter. Miles tells Irene that he has no idea where he stands at the moment.

Nearby, Kane asks kirsty if she loves miles and she tells him that she does. Kane bails.


Jai & annie notice that Melody is all dressed up. She tells that that she IS going to the formal – and she & Geoff are meant to be together. Jai & Annie “suggest” that melody should stay her, but she bails.


Melody approaches Geoff and even when Nic tries to suggest to melody that she should go home, it’s not until Geoff rejects melody that she takes things seriously. She tells geoff that she HATES him – and because everyone [incl miles] thinks that she’s been drinking, Aden agrees to take her home.


Jack tells Watson that he’s heading out – as he has some suspicions that he'd like to investigate. Watson is keen to know what the suspicions are bout jack won’t tell her.

Just after Jack bails, Rachel; enters. She wants to talk to Jack. Watson offers her assistance, but Rachel insists that she needs to speak to Jack. Rachel bails.


Aden enters the house with Melody. He tells jai & Annie that Melody turned up at the formal.

After aden has gone, melody goes upstairs. Jai &* annie go back to watching to watching a DVD, melody [with her high hell shoes in her hands] sneaks out of the house.


Jack is in hi car whne he hears/sees Angelo on the phone. Angelo tells Tim that they need to talk. Angelo gets in his car and starts driving – and jack follows him.


Jai & Annie are searching the park for Melody when they encounter kane. They ask him if they’d drive them around as they look so they can look for melody, Kane isn’t so keen initially, but he agrees to dive them


Angelo & jack arrive. Angelo gets out of vicar, as does jack. Jack keeps his distance of he follows Angelo.


As Martin gives his speech about how this is the lat time that some of the teens will be involved with SBH, Aden heckles him a few times. Also, melody arrives and the dugs she took has REALLYT kicked in. she is totally dazed and confused.

Nearby, Geoff & Nic decide top head outside for some fresh air – but they anklet open tat door – its looks form the OUTSIDE!!!


Jack counties to follow, At a distance, Angelo – who calls out several times to Tim!!!


Kane is driving his car [with jai & Annie in the car] when they see the drug added melody in the middle of the road. Kane swerves the car to avoid Melody – and it ploughs into the kitchen area of the hall where the formal is. Look like Leah & Martha are unconscious on the floor. A fire begins in the kitchen area of the hall.


Angelo hears noises nearby, he grabs his revolver from his back pocket and foes several shots. He goes over to where he fired those shots. Angelo can’t believe it when he finds JACK with a BULLET wound to the chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When the show returns in 2009 …..

The hall is totally on fire, and there's an explosion …

Look like Kane is partic heroic as they try to get ppl out of the burning etc hall

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: green strapless dress/silver diamond like earrings


Belle: royal blue [pink trim] thin strap dress


Annie: 2 tome pink horiz stripes v neck long sleeves top


Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/silver tie

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Angelo: white t/grey [black horiz stripes] jacket

Annie: 2 tome pink horiz stripes v neck long sleeves top

Bridget: grey scoop t/dark long pants

Geoff: dark suit/white [dark vert stripes] shirt/blue tie

Irene: black [red & white floral] top

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jai: white [grey check] long sleeve top

Kane: olive green button up shirt/white t/dark long aonts

Kristy: yellow wide strap knee length dress

Leah: plum thin strap top

Martha: white long sleeve blouse/black bandana/

Martin: dark suit/white shirt./dark tie

Matthew Lions: brown [old west themed motif] t/denim jeans

Melody: black [white bats] t//dark long pants

Melody: red knee length dress/red high heel shoes

Miles: dark suit/white button up /green [white dots] tie/dark long pants

Rachel: black polo shirt/darkly long pants

Roman: brown button up shirt/dark jacket

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt


Welcome to the 2008 It’s A Designer Label Awards Ceremony, otherwise known as the EMILYs

Before getting to the announcements of the awards, some formalities to take care of.

These awards are split into 2 sections – Best Dressed & Most Consistently Well Dressed, and, just like 2007, there are 11 awards on offer.

Best Dressed followed the principals of the Olympic Games, with the most GOLD medal victories determining the ultimate winner.

For the Most Consistently Well Dressed awards, the winner is the person with the most points, on the basis that each Gold medal is worth 7 points, each Silver is worth 5, with each Bronze scoring 3 points and each Honorable Mention worth 1 point. These Honorable Mentions have no bearing on the Best Dressed awards.

Every single H&A ep of the 2008 season, 210 episodes in total – from the series return on January 28 to the finale last night - has contributed to these results.

Throughout the 2008 season, 34 females, 18 males, 22 guests and 17 newbies scored at least one medal (and are eligible for Best Dressed), whilst 78 females, 116 males, 170 guests and 154 newbies scored an medal or a honorable mention and are in the running for Most Consistently Well Dressed.

Now that most of the formalities/explanations are done, onto the announcing of the awards themselves, starting with the award for Most Honorable Mentions

With this award, and the accolades for Most Silver and Most Bonze Medals, we will just announce the winner.

The 1st EMILY of the night [with 203 HMs] goes to ….


The next 2 awards to be announced are the New Talent accolades.

These awards are for those people who’ve not had an end of year ranking before the one that they attained this year. Because the EMILY awards only commenced in 2006, it means that the likes of even Carly & Kane are eligible for the new talent awards – as they’ve not been in the Bay, apart form this year, since these awards commenced.

The 1st of the New Talent accolades to be awarded is for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Charlie Buckton, Kirsty Phillips, Melody Jones, Nicole Franklin and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with 374 points, 122 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2008 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent is …


Now, to the Best Dressed New Talent EMILY.

The final 5 nominees are …… Charlie Buckton, Kirsty Phillips, Melody Jones, Nicole Franklin and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with 21 GOLD medals, 6 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2008 award for Best Dressed New Talent is …


The next award is the EMILY for Most Bronze Medals,

and the award [with 20 Bronze medals] is


Now, to the accolade for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Jazz Curtis, Kirsty Phillips, Martin Bartlett, Melody Jones and Morag Buckton

and the winner (with 212 points, 48 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2008 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest is …


The next award is Most Consistently Well Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Alf Stewart, Aden Jefferies, Jack Holden, Roman Harris and Miles Copeland

and the winner (with 216 points, 5 clear of the 2nd placed person) of the 2008 award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Male is …


And now to the most prestigious of the four Most Consistently Well Dressed EMILY Awards – the one for Females.

The final 5 nominees are ……. Belle Taylor, Leah Patterson-Baker, Matilda Hunter, Nicole Franklin and Rachel Armstrong

and the winner (with an amazing 466 points, 83 more than the 2nd placed person) of the in2008 EMILY award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Female is …


The next EMILY is that for Most Silver Medals in 2008,

and the award [with 29 medals of this color] is


This award caps off a GREAT IADL Awards career for Maddie, as its her 6th award in the 3 years that the EMILYs had been going !!!!!

Time to get REALLY serious with the GOLD medal, winner-takes-all, Best Dressed awards, starting of with, once more, the honor for the Guest/Recurring characters.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Bridget Simmons, Jazz Curtis, Kirsty Phillips, Melody Jones & Pippa Saunders

and the winner (with 9 GOLD medals, 2 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2008 award for Best Dressed Guest is …


Now, to the boys – with the EMILY for Best Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Jack Holden, Jai Fernandez, Ric Dalby, Roman Harris and Tony Holden

and the winner (with 1 GOLD medals, and just 2 SILVER medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the award for Best Dressed Male is …


Jack is the 1st person in IADL Awards history to regain a title – he won this award in 2006, but lost out to his brother Lucas in this category in 2007

It’s been a great year, fashion wise for the Baysiders, esp. for those who feature in the final accolade of this ceremony, the EMILY for BEST DRESSED FEMALE.

The final 5, extremely fashionable (of course) nominees are ……

Belle Taylor, Leah Patterson-Baker, Matilda Hunter, Nicole Franklin and Rachel Armstrong

and the winner (with a VERY impressive 25 GOLD medals, which is 4 GOLD medals more than the 2nd placed person in the category) of the 2008 EMILY award for Best Dressed Female is …….

Drum roll please ……..


Congratulations to all the 2008 winners, and we all look fwd to 2009 and lots of deliciously awesome outfits.


Here are the top 100 ..... medals 1st, the points ....



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