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Thurs, 27 Nov 08 – Episode # 4769

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dr Casio, This Is Rachel Armstrong … “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 27 Nov 08 – Episode # 4769]

Note – Previous IADL Award winners are listed below the IADL results for this ep.


Bridget tells Brian that they have got trouble wit this security querying about Leah’s fave aunt – as Leah’s had “thousands” of relatives. Bridget tells brain that she will try to subtlety get Leah to reveal this info.


Annie is sooo perplexed by the situation tat Geoff & Nic are in, i.e. taking other ppl to the formal. Belle aemntrs that room, and Annie asks her if she is going to the formal with Aden. Be is non committal about the formal – and Annie wonders if she is the only one in the house that excited bout they forma; [even though she can’t go].

Irene puts Kane’s letter to Kristy in her bag and bails to go to work.


Leah thanks Bridget for looking after VJ. Bridget tries to ask about Leah’s fave aunt, but Leah insists tat she has to get back to work with the preparing for the work for the formal.

Rachel enter an she suggest to Bridget that they should combine their efforts in doing something for Leah’s birthday., Bridget insists that she is busy right now – and that they should speak algins soon bout this.


Melody does lots of clearing and jai realises that she is doing so to try to redefine tee time that she is grounded. Indeed, he almost can’t believe it when she says that she is grounded for 2 weeks, not 1 like he thought. Jai wonders why melody has been acting that way that she has of late. She insists that it’s because the old melody was boring. Jai responds by saying that he misses that old melody.


Kristy tells Irene that ashe & miles are rally looking fwd to the formal tonight – as it will allow them to let their hair down [so to speak] as well.

After Kristy bails, Irene tells Belle that she’s [irene] done something silly.


Melody paints out t miles all the housework etc that she’s done, and asks if she can go to the formal. He realises the good girl tig was just an act, and he tell melody tat she still can’t go!!!


Belle tells Irene that she rally should give that letter to Kristy – and let kirst make up her mind bout tings.

Roman enter the kitchen and tells Belle that Aden is rally looking fwd to the formal, but belle tells roman that she isn’t feeling the same way bout it


Jai tells Geoff & annie t6aht Melody I grounded and can’t go. Annie offers to go with Geoff to the formal, but he does not think it’s that best look to be going with his sister.

Aden arrives, and after some friendly banter with Geoff, Aden goes into bell’s room. She is curled up on her bed. She tells hie that she just can’t deal with a tig like the formal at the moment. Aden is very annoyed – insisting that he deserves a GREAT night tonight after tee year that he’s had. He threw the flowers that he bought for Bell on the bed and storms out of room.


Alf suggest t9o Bridget that he thinks it’s a good idea, since they are GREAT together, that the move into a house together. Bridget is taken aback, but it looks like she is keen on the idea after a while.

Nearby, melody enters and encounters Matthew. She tells him that she’s got to be straight home or she’s be in more trouble. Matthew shows her the drugs that he got form Xavier. He suggests that he will come obvert to the vph toght and they can have some series fun whilst the other losers are at the formal.


Irene answers the phone. It’s the bank – and they want to talk to Leah, but she asks Irene to take a msg. Rachel arrives, and Irene tell her bout how busy Leah is [formal catering.

Bridget arrive arty te counters and she & Rachel was a BIG verbal clash. Rachel insists tat she is VERY suspicious of Bridget, Who responds by saying that Rach should feel threatened, because Bridget will be able to get tony back [if she wants to] in a heartbeat]. Rachel rally takes offence to that, and when leach hears that raised voices, she intervenes – and Rachel is VERY annoyed when Leah’s “buys” Bridget’s”I’m the victim here” act.

Soon after, in tehkitchn, Leah can’t believe it when Rachel suggest that she thinks that Budget doesn’t even have cancer./ Rachel admits at she has no prove – and she is annoyed that Leah papers to have been “sucked in” by Brudget.


At the formal, may of the school kids are dancing etc. Geoff approaches Nic, and tells her that Melody couldnmlt make it because she is grounded. Nic then comes clean about Lachlan =- he was never gong to be joying her at the formal, as, apart form everything else, he’s gay.

Nearby, Aden is about to bail, when Belle suggests that that wouldn’t be the best of idea. She points out that she is wearing some of the flowers baht he bought her in her hair. Belle tells And that she now realises just how special a night tat this is for Aden. They waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hug etc,


Melody tells miles that she is taiotally ok with being grounded now [band not going to the formal;[m and kirsty tries to explain that logic by insisting to9 miles that no one rally knows what goes on in the mind of a teen.

Miles is VERY pleased when Kirsty tell him that she LOVES him 0 and they waaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss.


Brian suggest that maybe, instead of continuing with the Leah plan, they should REALLY target Alf – as he owns half this town. Bridget insists that it’s easy for brian to say as he doesn’t hang out with Alf everyday etc. Brain insist bths this will all be over where they get the money they need etc.


Nurse Gloria is surprise to see rach, who tell the nurse that she is hger to check up on a patient.

After Gloria walks away, Rachel looks at a phone drevcetiory and makes a phone call. She speak to Dr Casio – and Rachel is REALLY pleased when Dr Casio informers her that they’ve NEVER treated Bridget. Naturally, Rachel tells Dr Casio that she must have got the name of Bridget's doc wrong, but you can see the knowing smile ion her face when she is of the phone.


Afars they kiss some more, miles tell kirsty that he has to get sonneting before t6hey head to the formal. After he leaves the room, kirsty is shocked to see KANE at the door!!!!



In the 2008 H&A finale …..

Jack & Angelo are at the development site – there are several gun shots

Kane asks Kristy is she loves Miles

Geoff rejects a drug affected Melody at the formal

A car that has, amongst others, jai & Annie in it, swerves to avoid hiting Melody who is in the middle of the road – the car ploughs into the formal venue & explodes!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: royal blue [pink trim] thin strap dress


Annie: 2 tome pink horiz stripes v neck long sleeves top


Leah: plum thin strap top


Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/silver tie

Alf “olive green [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: black singlet top/grey track pants

Belle: white [black unknown motif] t

Brian: brown button up shirt

Bridget: grey scoop t/dark long pants

Geoff: dark suit/white [dark vert stripes] shirt/blue tie

Geoff: yellow t

Irene: black [red & white floral] top

Jai: white [grey horiz stripes] long sleeve top

Kane: olive green button up shirt/white t/dark long aonts

Kristy: red v neck knee length dress

Kristy: yellow wide strap knee length dress

Matthew Lions: brown [old west themed motif] t/denim jeans

Melody: black [white bats] t//dark long pants

Miles: olive green button shirt/grey t/denim jeans

Miles ;’ dark button up long sleeve shirt/green [white dots] tie/dark long pants

Nicole: green strapless dress/silver diamond like earrings

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: black polo shirt/darkly long pants

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants


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