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Story Title: Intrusions

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Read and find out :wink:

“How’s the pasta?” Aden asked casually as he sat across from Belle at the dinner table.

“It’s perfect.” Belle replied enthusiastically. “This whole night is perfect.”

Aden was not going to disagree. So far the whole night had been perfect. Two year anniversaries were hard to come by these days and, with everything the two of them had been through, Aden had decided months ago to make the most of theirs.

Everything, from the meal they were eating to the flowers in the vase on the table, had been planned to perfection. The entire house was dark aside from half a dozen strategically placed scented candles that let out an aroma of mango, Belle’s favourite scent. The house was silent except for their occasional, unforced chatter, the cicadas in the dark garden outside and the soft music playing from Aden’s iPod through to the stereo. A play list Aden had made himself.

And more importantly, the house was empty, but for the two of them. It hadn’t taken much to talk Irene into not being home for the night. She had been more than happy to let Aden have reign of her house to spoil Belle. From what Aden could remember, she had taken an extra shift at the diner, just to help him out.

Annie had been easy too. Aden had simply had to mention the words “anniversary” and “romantic dinner” and Annie had been making plans to go out somewhere with Jai. Aden thanked Annie’s very own God that she was such a romantic.

Simply asking Geoff to go out for the night would have worked, Aden knew that. But, despite the easiness between the two of them these days, Aden took too much pleasure in messing with the boys head to let an opportunity go to waste. Aden had placed the seed of doubt in Geoff’s about Nicole being sick of boring dates of DVD’s and pizza, given Nicole twenty bucks as bribery to choose tonight for her date and next thing Aden knew, he had the beach house to himself.

Now all Aden had to do was calm his ever growing nerves. He glanced at Belle who was calmly sipping her wine, looking divine in her casual summer dress, and he was glad they had agreed upon not dressing up for the occasion. He was beginning to feel a little hot around the collar and couldn’t imagine what a shirt would be doing to him had he been wearing one. Plus Belle had decided to wear his favourite dress. The one he had first kissed her in.

Subtly he patted his jeans pocket, checking for the millionth time that night that the small box was still there. It felt a little hot. He had to do it soon.

“You o.k.?” Belle asked him unexpectedly. Aden looked into her concerned eyes and immediately felt slightly better.

“Yeah,” he said with a nod, “I’m good.”

“You’ve hardy touched your dinner.” She commented, glancing down at his plate.

“Just not that hungry I guess.” Aden said, his stomach churning at the though of putting anything into it. Obviously he wasn’t feeling that much better. Belle just nodded and went back to her pasta, glancing at him through her eyelashes every few minutes.

Aden picked up his fork and began moving the pasta around on his plate, trying to make it look like he was eating something so Belle wouldn’t worry any further but his attempt was fruitless.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Belle asked after he had been pushing his food around for a few minutes. “You actually look a little ill.”

You would look a little ill too, Aden thought to himself, if you were facing this kind of rejection.

Pushing his plate away from him he grabbed Belle’s hand and looked into her worried eyes. Might as well get it over with. “There’s something I wanted to say actually.” He said slowly.

His mind was rushing. He wasn’t fully prepared. He still didn’t know what he was going to say. They still had desert. Hell, they still hadn’t finished dinner.

“O.k.” Belle said softly, her eyes never leaving his.

“I-” A loud banging behind him caught them both by surprise and Belle’s eyes flew to look at something over his shoulder. Aden sighed, half in irritation and half in relief as he turned to see their intruder.

“Sorry!” Annie said giving them an apologetic look as she and Jai walked into the living room. “I completely forgot my purse. We were about to order dinner before I even realised.” She turned to Jai. “I’ll be two seconds.” She told him before running upstairs.

“Sorry for the intrusion.” Jia said standing awkwardly by the door.

“It’s fine.” Belle said.

“Happy anniversary by the way. Two years, that’s awesome.”

“Thanks.” Aden and Belle both replied at the same time but Aden noticed Belle’s voice was much chirpier than his own. His relief at their interruption had left, now he was just irritated.

“Sorry, sorry!” Annie said as she ran back down the stairs, purse in hand. She cast one more apologetic glance their way before grabbing Jai’s hand and pulling him out the door.

Belle laughed. “They are so cute together.”

“Yeah.” Aden replied noncommittally.

Belle paused before continuing. “Didn’t you have something to say?”

“Yeah.” Aden nodded determinedly, but quickly realised that the interruption from Jai and Annie had ruined his already small amount of confidence. He grinned at Belle. “Happy Anniversary.”

Belle laughed softly. “Happy anniversary to you too.”

“Are you going to eat anymore?” Aden asked, indicating towards Belle’s half eaten dinner.

“I don’t think so.” Belle said. “Thank you though, it was delicious.”

Aden stared at Belle, the absolute love she felt for him showing in her beautiful eyes and felt a rush of adrenaline. He could do this. He knew what her answer would be, he was sure of it. Anyway, it was just one tiny, simple question.

Reaching out he grabbed her hand again. “Listen,” he said softly, “you know I love you right?”

“Of course.” Belle said frowning.

“Well I-”

Chatter from the back door could suddenly be heard and Aden dropped Belle’s hand, leaning back in his seat and suddenly cursing the day Nicole had learnt to talk. Belle’s eyes were still on him, still frowning.

“Hey guys.” Nicole called cheerfully as they entered through the kitchen door.

“I though you two had a date.” Aden stated, staring at Nicole.

Nicole gave him a confused look. “We did, at seven.”

Aden glanced at the clock. Almost nine. He silently cursed his time management skills and how easily he let himself be distracted by Belle.

“Don’t worry,” Nicole said smirking. “We just came back so Geoff could change his shoes then we’re going for a romantic walk along the beach.”

“Ooh that sounds nice. We should do that later.” Belle said cheerfully, looking at Aden who just nodded. How on earth can she be cheerful at a time like this? Aden rolled his eyes at himself. She’s not facing any kind of rejection, he reminded himself.

Nicole continued to chatter happily to Belle as Geoff went to change his shoes. Aden didn’t hear what they were saying. His face was set into a frown and he was silently brooding. Damn Nicole.

“Ready!” Geoff said loudly as he came out of his room having changed from the dress pants and shirt into boardies and a tee.

“You changed everything?” Nicole said sulkily causing Belle to laugh.

“Sorry Nic, pants and a shirt are just too hot tonight.” Geoff said and together they headed out the front door, cheerfully making their way to the beach.

“So what’s for desert?” Belle asked, breaking the silence Geoff and Nicole had left behind.

Aden grinned, feeling better as he thought about what he was about to give Belle. “Chocolate Sundays of course.”

“My favourite!” Belle said happily, continuing as Aden stood to clear the table. “Do you want some help?”

“No.” Aden stated. “You stay exactly where you are.” Feeling slightly better at the thought of desert, Aden patted his pocket once again. The box was still fairly hot. He didn’t have long. It would have to be as soon as they had finished their Sundays.

“Here we are.” He handed Belle her Sunday, feeling unnecessarily smug as she looked at it happily.

“You made it exactly right.” Aden was pleased to hear not an ounce of surprise in her voice.

“Of course.” He said. “You’re the only person I know who doesn’t like whipped cream on their Sundays.”

“Hey. Not liking whipped cream is not as unheard of as you may think.” Belle said indignantly.

Aden laughed and, feeling completely at ease even though he still had no idea what to say, tried again. “I want to ask you som-”

Again the front door banged open. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” he muttered to himself.

“-you forget everything.” Jai was saying as he and Annie walked through the door, again.

“I’m forgetful, so sue me.” Annie said sarcastically before turning to Aden and Belle. “I’m so sorry again. I left my phone behind when we came back before and you know how Irene gets if she cant get hold of you.”

“That’s fine.” Belle said with a slight laugh in her voice. Aden rolled his eyes.

“I won’t be two minutes.” Annie continued, making her way up the stairs.

“I though you would be used to Annie’s forgetfulness by now Jia?” Belle said chuckling.

“I am. It’s still annoying though.” Jia replied with a smile.

Aden stayed silent, staring sulkily out the kitchen window behind Belle. He could feel the box burning into his skin through the denim of his jeans and began to fidget. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait. Rejection or acceptance, he had to do it soon.

Continuing to stare out the window, silently hurrying Annie up, he saw headlights light up the back garden as a car pulled into the driveway and sighed in something akin to defeat.

Irene made her way through the kitchen door as Annie came rushing down the stairs, cell phone in hand.

“Where on earth have you been girlie?” Irene asked Annie as soon as she caught sight of her.

Aden watched helplessly as Annie attempted to explain her poor memory and Aden honestly couldn’t believe his luck could get any worse.

And then the front door burst open…again.

“I can’t believe you threw me into the water!” Nicole was shouting as she walked, dripping wet through the door while Geoff tried to control his laughter.

Belle jumped to her feet at the sight of Nicole and ran to grab her a towel, Aden unwillingly following standing as well and two seconds later the once blissfully silent house was in disarray.

“You know better than to leave-”

“You threw her into-”

“I’m sorry I for-”

“Don’t you start laugh-”

Aden realised immediately that, if this was going to go to plan, he and Belle needed to get out of their.

“Belle.” He called, realising she was still standing next to Nicole, too far away to hear him over all the talking.

“Belle!” He called again, finally attracting her attention as she turned to look at him. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“What?” She called in reply, unable to hear him.

The burning in his pocket was starting to sting.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” Belle shook her head, a look of confusion taking over her pretty face and Aden realised she couldn’t hear him. He would be surprised if she could hear anything again, standing that close to a shrieking Nicole.

The burning finally pushed him to the edge.

Aden’s head began to pound as he looked around the house. Irene and Annie now joking about Annie’s awful memory. Nicole standing in the middle of the living room, scowling at Geoff as she continued to drip. Geoff and Jia, both doing their best to not laugh

“Could you all just give us some damn peace for one minute?!” Aden shouted over the constant noise. “I’m trying to propose to my girlfriend here!”

Well that worked, Aden thought to himself as the room went silent. It was a split second later he realised what he had actually said.

His heart began to pound and he noticed his stomach had dropped upon realisation. He glanced up cautiously, looking at the person closest to him, his eyes slowly making their way around the room.

Irene had her hands covering her mouth in shock, happy tears already forming in her wide eyes. Annie, Geoff and Jai stood staring at him, the same shock showing on their faces as their jaws hung open. Nicole was barely containing her excitement as she stood, still dripping, a hopeful smile playing at her lips and an apologetic look in her eyes as she realised why he had bribed her.

But none of that mattered.

He turned his eyes to Belle. His beautiful girlfriend who still stood next to Nicole. She faced him, completely composed, a small smile playing at her lips. She was the picture of tranquillity but Aden could see the surprise in her eyes.

Sighing, he walked towards her and grinned impishly down at her. Placing his hands on either side on her face he kissed her soundly on the lips, smirking against her lips as he felt the shake of her hands when she placed them on his waist.

Stepping back he pulled the red hot box out of his pocket, continuing to look into her eyes. The idea to get down on one knee flashed through his mind but he quickly pushed it away. Not a lot about this event of tonight had been traditional, he wasn’t going to add any in now. “I love you,” he said opening the box. “Will you marry me?”

Belle looked up at him with gleaming eyes. Never once taking her eyes off of his, not even to look at the ring, she smiled softly. “Of course.”

The three shrieks of glee and two cries of happiness went unheard by Aden as he lent down and kissed Belle again, pulling her small body against his larger one.

“Is that what you’ve been trying to get out all night?” Belle asked with a laugh.

Aden nodded and slipped the ring out of the box, onto Belle’s ring finger. “Now, how about that walk along the beach?”


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