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Wed, 19 Nov 08 – Episode # 4763

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nicole Was Talking, But I Could Hear Rikki Chadwick “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 19 Nov 08 – Episode # 4763]

Note – weather isues in Brisbane means that the IADL for eps 4761 AND this ep [4762] will be incl with ep guide for 4764


It’s the morn after the events of previous ep, and melody enters the main room. Miles confronts her about the assignment. Melody has a go at him for looking thorough her tngs, but miles insists that she can't take the moral high ground – Kirsty back him up.

Melody tells that thet Matthew forced her to do it – said that he would way embarrass her infornt of whole school etc. Jai overhears all of this.


Miles talks to Mathew -= who insist tat he didn’t forced melody to do it. Miles insists that Matthew has got til the end of the week to hand in their assignment.


Alf & Bridget are walking along, and Bridget insist that she doesn’t want ppl ]like rach] to know that she has cancer – as Alf is already making a big fuss about Bridget. Bridget also insists that she doesn’t want to go through chemo again. Both comment on looking fwd to catching up with Martha today.


JnM enter. Martha is soooo pleased to be home. Alf, colleen & Bridget enter = and comment on how radiant Marsha looks. She comment that the retreat had lotsa strong woman there, with positive attitude, have influenced her thinking.


Matthew approaches melody and tell her about what miles said- but melody counters that by seeing that miles would have thrown her out of the house if she’s confessed. Matthew tells melody that he’s got tiol end of week to hand in assignment, and melody to give him pointers. Jia had overheards this chat – and tells miles what he heard.


Miles talk to Kirsty – he can’t believe tat he got sucked in by melody’s lies, and that melody is acting this way. Kirsty insist that melody is just testing boundaries – like Kirsty did as a teen.


After the finish having lunch tighter, Bridget, alfs & colleen bail form JnM’s place – but before Alf does, he gives Martha a cheque form Morag which is to repay roman [for paying of the retreat].

After the trio has gone, Martha 6tels jack that she’d like to invite roman & Charlie to diner – but he tells Martha that that coupe have split.


Mile stalks to melody bout what's hapoopned. Melody insists that Matthew did force her – and they she can’t believe that miles believes Matthew. When mils tells miles that she can talk to him about anything, melody flees taht room in tears.

Annie & jai see melody exit the room – and are worried about her.


In the kitchen, Martha gives roman that cheque and muchly thanks him,. she then talks to him about his ‘ship with Charlie = he thinks that the timing was all wrong tween him & Charlie.


Melody confoirnts jai about dobbing on her -= melody is most annoyed with him, and tells jai & Annie that They are pathetic losers.

Nic & Geoff overhear this, and Nic sarcastically comet tat they rally should hang out with Melody more.


Alf comments to marth about how annoying it is that these schoolies around. Martha sees Charlie and talks to her. Martha is intrigued when Charlie also suggest that the timing for her ‘ship with roman was all wrong.


Geoff approaches miles and suggest that melody should be suspended foim the school council, because of her recent actions. Miles insist tat he thinks that would make things worse – as the school, council is one of the only things that ,melody has going for her at present.


Geoff arrives and talk to melody. She is suspicious of him, commenting that she thinks that geoff thinks that she is a charity case. Geoff says that he just wants to help – so melody talks advantage by asking hi to the school formal. She insists that if ppl see her within Geoff at the formal, they won’t think that she is so weird.


Nic sooooooooooooooooooooo can’t believe it when Geoff tells he that he just couldn’t say no to melody’s request [to go with her to the formal]. Nic comets that she doesn’t know who she is more mad at – melody or Geoff. When he suggest that the trio could go the formal together, nic gets REALY sarcastic = commenting that she & melody could go to the dance in matching dresses, and take turns dancing with Geoff, and braid each other’s hair and then carve their initials into a BIG tree !!!!

Geoff tells Nic that he didn't takes that she would take this as a big deal, but she tell him that it well & truly tells him that it IS !!

Note – esp. In that sarcastic [hair braid etc] tirade, Nic sooooo reminds me of the similarly smart mouthed Rikki form teen series “H2O – Just Add Water”


When Martha tells jack that she wants t see Charlie & roman as happy as JnM, he is concerned aboy her matchmaking – but he way admires her positive attitude and they hug.


Nic is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay punching the pushing bag =- with roman holding the bag. Nic doesn’t appreciate it when roman comments that he knows that Geoff was just being friendly with Melody. Nic is annoyed when roman suggests that Nic is perhaps jealous.

Talk turns to plans for tonight = and roman tells her that he is going t dinner with JnM tonight.


Charlie talk to Bridget & Alf. She tells that that she is gin to diner with JnM. Charlie is then taken aback when she hears that roman paid for Martha to go to the retreat.


Kirsty & mile are annoyed that melody is home late. When she does arrive, she tells them [with attitude] that she was at library. She can’t believe it when miles tells her that she is GROUNDED for the next 2 weeks =- which mean no formal. Melody storms off upstairs.


Charlie arrives and colleen tell her about the dinner for 4 – and she is annoyed that roman is the other one of the four !!!

Soon after, both Charlie & roman aren’t impressed when JnM bail.



Tony’s bad boy cousin hits town

Bridget [on phone] asks someone for help with a scam that she’s running

Roman tells Miles that Charlie thinks that roman is still in love with Martha

Someone tells Rachel that they are worried about Bridget

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


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