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Mon, 17 Nov 08 – Episode # 4761

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ It’s Not Hard To Be Brave When You Don’t Care What Happens To You “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 17 Nov 08 – Episode # 4761]


Annie tries to free herself for that gate – but it looks like her strength/resolve is waning


at the entrance to the drain tunnels, Charlie suggest that she & Watson should head down toy the next juncture point – as the van park – to see if Annie is in the underground drain tunnels near there. Watson inslty so keen in the idea – not without back up. anyway


Angeklo enters and as he pins something to the notice brad, Roman tells him to get out of the diner – because of what Angelo [supposedly] did to Belle. Angelo insists tat he’s just trying to sell his car since he has no job because of what’s happened.

Colleen enters – and tells that about Annie being lost in the tunnels. The trio exit.


Charlie & Watson arrive at the nest junction, and open up a metal drain cover. Charlie is keen to go in herself to look for Annie, and despite Watson urging hero her to wait for emergency seveuices, Charlie does climb down the metal rungs in the tunnels.


Charlie calls out to Annie. Annie responds – and Charlie heads in her direction.


Leah & VJ enter, and VJ is still being way petulant. Leah insists tat he must do as he is told, ut they are interrupted when Ruby approaches.

VJ head sdfor his room, whilst Ruby ask Leah if she seen Charlie this afternoon. Leah tells her about what’s happened.


The likes of Irene, geoff, Roman, Miles & Ruby are all now near the drain entrance where Charlie went into the tunnels. All of them are very worried etc. Several other police, other that Watson are no there too.


Charlie sees Annie and approaches the gate. Charlie tries to push against the gate – hoping the force will make the lock give way.


Roman‘s had enough. Since the rescue squad haven’t arrived yet, he ties a long rope round a tree on one end of his waist. Watson doesn’t like it that Roman is going to go into the tunnels, but Roman isn’t deterred and starts the climb down.


As Charlie tries to brake the lock she slips backwards and is submerged briefly under the water, when she is stanhjding once more, both Charlie & Annie has a clashing sound – like there’s lotsa water surgubf through the tunnels. Charlie tries one more time – and the lock breaks. Charlie & Annie head for the place where Charlie entered to the tunnels.

Roman is at the bottom of the entrance – and, with the water surging, he grabs Annie’s hand. She grab hold an the ladder & starts ascending.


Ruby reaches done to Annie – and helps her ont9o solid ground.


Roman reaches out for Charlie’s hands – but a massive surge of water hits Charlie after caries her away down the tunnels.


Charlie is face down in the ocean – a reasonable way form the shore line.


VJ tells Leah that it’s not fair that all the other kids have a dad and the he doesn’t. Vj tells Leah that he likes hanging out with Miles, but is worried that Leigh thinks the Miles will die [since that’s what happened to Vinnie & Dan]. Leah gives Vj a comforting hug.


Roman, the police, Angelo, Ruby etc arrive and get out of their cars. Roman sees Charlie is the water – look to be unscoucnsuous – and he swims oyu to where she is. Ruby is way relieved when Roman reaches where Charlie is.


Dr Bentos tells Annie to keep her bandage [left elbow] form getting wet, and when Jia te;akls to Annie, she insist that she is totally alright.

Dr Bentos that starts talking to Charlie about her injuries [she has some avrsions ion her face]. Leah & Vj enter the hospital and VJ apologises to Charlie for what’s happened. Charlie insists sits tll is ok – since neither Annie or Charlie is majorly hurt.

Roman enters Charlie‘s room – and these two aero alone when Roman tells Charlie how brave she was today. Charlie responds that it’s easy to be brave when you don’t care what happens to you. She “suggests” for Roman top leave the room – he complies.


Roman, Leah & others enter. Leah thanks Kristy for helping out at the diner whilst colleen etc weer elsewhere ][wiored bout VJ].

Kristy then invites Leah to the van park house tonight – Alf is cooking a BBQ. Kirsty also tells Leah that she doesn’t mind at all if VJ spends time with Miles – as Kirsty know stat it won’t affect her ‘ship with Miles. Leah thanks Kirsty and agrees to come ti the BBQ.

In the kitchen, colleen comments t Roman tats he & Charlie are such a heroic couple – but roman quickly dispels colleen’s thoughts that he & Charlie will get back together.


Charlie is partly in tears when she tells Ruby tat she is annoyed that it was roman of all ppl that saved her today.

Ruby is really worried for Charlie when her sister says that no one would care if she had died today. Ruby is also VERY concerned when Charlie says that she is going to go out drinking. Ruby is taken aback when NOT even ruby telling cahelie that if she dose that, it REALLY proves how pathetic Charlie is stops Charlie from bailing.


On back patio, Alf is at the BBQ putting sausages on tehplate of the likes of Annie & Jai. When Irene comments tat Annie is rally brave, Annie cooenst that it’s Charlie who is the brave one.

Miles, Kirsty & olly re in the main room, and they are pleased when VJ & Leah enter. Miles & Leah talk – and Leah admits tat she’d kept Vj way form Miles as Leah didn’t want to encroach on Miles/Kirsty. Miles tells Leah that he rally likes have Vj around – so they agree for VJ to spend moor time with Miles.


Charlie is drinking beers with Angelo. They drink a toast to all the losers of the world [incl themselves].


After all their guests bail, and jai & Alf head to bed, Miles asks Kirsty to move back into this house. Kirsty is worried out lease that she’s just signed, but miles says they will deal with that. Kirsty is muchly excited tat she will be moving back in – and they waaaaaaay kiss


It’s late at night, and Leah goes into lounge room where she finds Ruby, who is waiting up for Charlie. Ruby tells Leah that she is worried about where Charlie is right now.


Charlie is in bed asleep, arm in arm with Angelo

Next day, Angelo is woken by his mobile phone beep. He gets out of bed. He looks regretful of what’s happened tween he & Charlie!!!!



Belle insist to Belle that she has to put Angelo etc behind her if she is to move on

Looks like the police make a deal with a man who knows something about the toxic waste

Charlie tells Angelo that them getting togther last night was a mistake

Miles comments that the citizen of the year wrote Matthew Lyons’s essay for school

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: red t/dark blue long sleeve top/dark long pants


Leah: purple wide strap top


Annie: sky blue t


Alf: dark blue [white check] button up shirt

Angelo: blue [white circle & tree on light blue background] t/dark long pants

Angelo: dark boxer shirts/dark long pants

Annie: hot pink jacket/grey [white”imagine” & 2 yellow horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Annie: sky blue t

Charlie: light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/fluro yellow jacket

Charlie: white singlet top/dark long pants [with white belt]/white jacket

Colleen: blue tropical motifs blouse/red top/tan long pants

Dr Bentos: marron button up shirt

Geoff: red [black “Henley’s”] t

Geoff: white t/dark long pants

Irene: olive green long sleeve blouse

Irene: red long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jai: yellow t/off white mottled jacket

Jai: white [various coloured rays coming out of several suns] t/ dark long pants/white [black vert stripes] hoodie/dark rain jacket

Kirsty: black short sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Leah: blue singlet top/white [dark floral] satin night gown

Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top/blue & white halter bikini top/bone shorts/blue jacket/green rain jacket

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/tan long pants

Miles: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark rain jacket

Miles: blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t/ dark jacket/dark long pants

Oliver: brown [white & black unkpn motif] t/blue shorts

Roman: olive green [black “carhartt” logo] t/dark long pants

Roman: brown [red collar] t/dark long pants

Ruby: white singlet top

Ruby: whiter [brown circle on bust] singlet top

VJ: green [red “cluster”] hoodie/denim jeans

VJ: orange & white horiz stripes t

Watson: light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/fluro yellow jacket

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