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Fri, 14 Nov 08 – Episode # 4760

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’m A Chick, It’s My Job “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 14 Nov 08 – Episode # 4760]


Miles asks Annie if she;d like to stay for dinner, but shoe say tat she has to go9 home,. Jai bails with Annie – to walk he home.

Miles then talk to Melody, who is annoyed that Annie & Jai still want Melody to behave the way that she used to. When miles says that all the want is for Melody to be herself, melody tells miles that she doenlt know who she is any more.


Rachel & Leah talk;aak about Miles. whilst Leah admits that her love for him came out of the blue [when she wasn't expecting to love someone so soon after Dan], she tells Rachel that she doenlt think that that could happen again. This is after Rach suggest that maybe Leah should start actively looking for a new man.

Talk then turned to roman & Charlie and how charlie has been only coming to the diner when she knows that Roman isn't rostered on.


Jack enters and tells roman that he is waaaaay missing Martha.jack then comments about how incentive that sounded, given that Roman & Charlie just broke up.

Tony tell both o them that he;s about to close up Early today – as the place is “dead”. He then ask Jack to help tomorrow with the junior Nippers lifesavers training etc. Jack tells tony that he is going to go into work Morrow [on his day off] and work on the toxic waste case – as he knows that his passion for the case is WAAAAAAAY an advantage.


Next day, ton & roman ask Geoff to help out with the Nippers, but he isn't o keen – because he can't surf. Tony & Roman tells him that they will teach him.

leah & VJ – Leah is not impressed that VJ is arguing with her about seemingly everything at the monet.


Jack enters the office and Charlie is surprised that he is there on day off. He tells her that he is keen to work on the toxic waster case.

Watson tells Charlie that they’ve got to go to a call out for an MVA. Charlie & Watson bail.


Jai & Annie talk about Melody – they hope what she is going though is just a phase.

Miles, kirstyu & Olly enters the room. They are all set to go to the junior Nipper tibg today. After they bail, Annie ask jai what they are doing today. She says that he can choose since she did the dishes, but jai mockingly says that that [dishes] is a woman;’s job. Annie then chases him round the kitchen, wanting to flick him with a tea towel.


Leah is soooooooooooo over VJ complainer about well;l everything.Kirsty, miles & Olly arrive and VJ seems to look longingly at the trio, before before a “pain”again.


Charlie is soooooooooooo not impressed when Rach suggest that Charlie should join Rachel & Leah for a girls night out. Carlie comments that she doenlt need Rach’s pity. charlie is very pleased when Watson says that they can now head off back to the station.


Leah catch sup with VJ after he runs way form her. VJ says tat he hates Nipper's esp since he didn't win anyting and that the other were pushing him out of the way as they swam. Leah howver counters that by saying that if VJ listened more, he might have had a better chance etc.

Miles approaches and wonders uf he can help. Leah says that she has it under control, but when Leah ask Collen to go with Coleen, VJ snaps back that he hates colleen’s Shepard’s pie etc. Leah is sooooooooo not impressed, and orders VJ to go with Colleen.


After Collen tells VJ that Lance never won anytig, except for a BIG lottery win, she agrees tat he can ride his bike where she can see him.

VJ sees Annie & jai. He wonders if he can go with them where ever they are going. They say that he can't, but when they headed for the nearby bushland, VJ follows them.


As jai & Annie walk along, jai suggest various spots where they can have thei picnic, but Annie syugfgets reasons why none of the suggestions are good ones [not enough tree cover, too mush grass etc]. when jai comments on how picky Annie is, she tells him that its a girls job to be difficult.

Annie & jai realise that VJ is following the, they tell him to go back to the van park. VJ [with bike] does start heading back to the Van pek, but then come across the entrance to a storm water drain. He goes into the tunnels.


Kirsty is hloing Olly in her arms as she & mule talk bout VJ. One of them comments that VJ seems a little jealous of Olly [having 2 parents etc].

Colleen enters and wonders if they've seen VJ. They haven't =- so Miles agrees to go search for him.


Annie & Jai sees VJ’s bike nest to the storm water drain entrance. They call out to VJ – he responds. Its clear that his is in the tunnels of the drain. Annie & jai enter the tunnels.


Once inside Jai & Annie calls out t9 VJ. After he responds, they walk futrher into the tunnels until that come to a junction – jai takes one tunnel, and Annie the other.


Charlie enters,m and is annoyed to see that Roman is working. When she expresses how cut up she still is bout their break up, shel;s annoyed stat he seem much more pragmatic about it, ie he seems to9 have moved on already. Charlie bails – and when roman hoes iont kitchen, Leah is on pahone. When off she aks him t9o hold the fort here as VJ is missing. Leah bails.


Jai & VJ exit the drain, but there’s no sign of Annie. VJ thinks that should go back in – but Jia insist att they need help.


As Annie wonders about in the tunnels , she falls over. Her jacket is now partly covered in mud etc.


Miles arrives at the enters to the drain. Its raining BTW. When he tells jhai that he is going inti the tunnels, he also tell jia to call the police. Miles enters the tunnels.


Jack can See that Charlie is emotional when she entry. She tells him bout her run in with roman. Jack tells her tat she can go home – and tyht he will cover her shift. Watson however ytell charlie that they have to head out – a kid is missing on the storm water drains.


Leah arrives at the tunnels entrance.VJ way apologises for causing sop much trouble. Leah sayu sthat he is just glad that he is safe. Miles exits the tunnels – he;s not been able ti find Annie – jai tells Miles that he has cal;led the polioce.


Annie enters another of the undergrounds tunnels – but this one has a locked gate in it. Annie tries to rattle the gate – but when she reaches her arm through the small gap in the get to try to ditch the lock, she arms gets caught. She tries to free her arm – to no avail.


charlie & Watson arrive. They have a map of the stromwater drain tunnels. They tells Miles & jai that that are gong to the otter end of the tunnels./ they tell mile & jai to romain here, in case Annie come out this entrance. charlie tells Miles to keep In contact via phone with the police. Charlie & Watson head off.


It seem to be raining heavier now, as Annie tries all she can but her arm remains caught !!!!!!



Bridget [on phone] asks someone for help with a scam that she’s running

Roman tells Miles that Charlie thinks tat roman is still in love with Martha

Belle tells Aden tat she can't move on until this [toxic waster case, Angelo] is behind her

Tony’s bad boy cousin Xavier arrives in town

Charlie is washed away by rapid moving water as she tries to rescue Annie

Melody ask Geoff to take her to the school formal

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Annie : hot pink jacket/grey [white ”imagine” & 2 yellow horiz stripes] t/dark long pants


Rachel : royal blue polo


Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top/blue & white halter bikini top/bone shorts


Annie : SBH uniform

Charlie : light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/fluro yellow jacket

Colleen : blue tropical motifs blouse/red top/tan long pants

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet/dark shorts

Jack : apple green polo/dark long pants

Jack: black [green lining & “BONT” logo] singlet/white [blue swirls] shorts

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: white [various closured rays coming out of several suns] t/ dark long pants/white [black vert stripes] hoodie

Kirsty : red cardy/balck top/dark long pants/olive green cap

Leah : white mottled low cut v neck wide strap top

Melody : black [silver lighning bolt] top/dark long pants

Miles : dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark jacket

Miles: 2 tone blue vertical stripes button up shirt/ brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/ blue long pants

Miles: blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t/ dark long pants

Oliver : dark blue t

Oliver : grey t

Rachel : dark grey wide strap top/dark long pants

Roman : balck singlet top/dark blue [white vert stripes] shirts

Roman: brown [red collar] t

Tony : blue t/dark shorts

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

VJ : bone shorts/yellow [black & orange jungle?? Motifs] t

VJ : dark blue [with light blue sleeves] long sleeve top/dark blue swimmers

VJ : green [red “cluster”] hoodie/denim jeans

Watson : light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/fluro yellow jacket

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