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Ordinary World

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Story Title: Ordinary World

Type of story: Long Fic (alternative universe)

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Geoff, Nicole + others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance

Spoilers: None

Is this story being proof read: No

Warnings: (SC) (L) (V) (Drug/Alcohol abuse) Any others warnings, I will warn beforehand.

Summary: 4 people, all from different backgrounds. 4 people, all with big dreams. 4 people, all with different problems. 4 people, all wanting to escape their lives. 4 people, all growing up in one place - Summer Bay. 4 people, who could be friends?

Since its an alternative universe, I'll just clear up what I can for now.

- Belle lives with Irene. (This will be explained in the first few chapters)

- Belle's parents are not Amanda and whoever she slept with.

- Annie and Geoff live with their parents and not Irene like in the TV show.

- Aden lives with his father, Larry.

- Nicole lives with Roman.

- It is different to the show, however some characters backgrounds will be used to create a storyline in the fic.

Chapter 1

It was the start of a new school year. Year 12, the biggest year for the students of Summer Bay. With all the parents happy the school year was starting, they students were the opposite. Everyone hated the first day of school like everywhere else. The first day back after a long summer holiday where they could relax, stay up late, hang out with friends, sleep in and go to all the parties. It was now back to homework and study - which nobody really wants too do.

Walking into the main hallway of school, she looked down at the floor. She didn't want to talk to anyone or look anyone in the eye. She was the new girl in school. The new girl in town. Belle Taylor looked at the sheet of paper Principal Bartlett had given her when she was in his office a few minutes before hand. She scanned the sheet looking for her locker number, finding it a few seconds later. Belle walked further down the hallway looking at the numbers as she went by. All the students were looking and staring at her. Wanting to know her story. Wanting to know her and be able to gossip about her. Nobody needed to know her story and she was determined to keep it that way.

Once she found her locker, she placed her afternoon books into it. Staring again at the piece of paper, she looked at her classes. Now was the hard part. Locating the classroom she had to be in. She looked around. None of these students looked friendly. All they were doing was staring at her. Gazing at the classroom numbers, she was trying to find her History class with Mr Copeland. The bell rang and everyone ran off to their classes, none offering Belle any help. Very kind people, Belle thought to herself.

She saw a teacher walking down the corridor. Belle stopped him and asked him where the classroom was. Luckily the teachers were polite. They seemed to be willing to help anything. The teacher showed Belle where Mr Copeland's room was and brought her straight to the classroom. He also told her where the rest of the classrooms were for that day. Thankfully they were all on the same floor so she would be able to remember them. Belle knocked on the classroom door and walked in.

"Sorry, sir. I got lost." Belle whispered. Sounds of the students giggling filled the room as they laughed at the new girl.

"Class." Mr Copeland said looking at them with a stern look in his eye "You must be Belle. I'm Mr. Copeland but you can call me Miles. Welcome to Summer Bay High" he greeted her and showed her her seat.

Belle was happy that she didn't get into trouble for being late. She sat down in her seat and could hear the whispers of her fellow students whispering about her once again like in the hallway.

"OK, Belle. If you could take out your book and open it on page 42." Miles smiled.

Belle opened up the page and Miles began teaching the class about the early settlers in Australia. She took a deep breathe when she realised she was in for a very long day.


Lunch time had arrived. Many of the students were outside since it was a warm day out. They wanted to take some sun and fresh air in because they had been stuck in hot and stuffy classrooms all day. As Belle was getting her books for her afternoon classes from her locker, the Queen Bee of Summer Bay High, Nicole Franklin walked down the hallway. Belle observed as she walked over to a younger student across the way from Belle.

"Where is the homework then?!" she asked the younger student.

"I'm sorry Nicole. I couldn't get it done last night." the frightened student replied. "My mum sent me too bed at -"

"Save your sob story!" Nicole cut her off "What do you expect me too do then?! I need that maths done now! I have maths class in twenty minutes and no homework done."

"Maybe you should do it yourself?" The girl suggested.

"Ha!" Nicole laughed in her face "You have twenty minutes. Meet here in twenty minutes."

Nicole snapped her fingers and her two friends followed her walking down the hallway. The girl stood there frightened watching her walk away. Belle walked over to her.

"Are you ok?" Belle asked kindly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." the girl replied "I must go."

"You shouldn't let that girl bully you." Belle said to the girl.

"How can I not. I'm only 14 and she is 17. There isn't anything I can do" the girl replied.

"Hey, listen!" Belle said softly "All you have too do is to report her to a teacher. They seem nice at this school."

"Easier said than done, I'm afraid" the girl replied.

She grabbed her things and walked off leaving Belle alone in the corridor. Belle felt hopeless that she couldn't help the girl. She didn't want to see anyone getting bullied by older students.

Meanwhile, Nicole was in the canteen. She waited for her friends Sarah and Jessica to come back to the table. When they arrived back, Nicole was doing her make-up. They sat down and started to do eat their lunch. Sarah had got Nicole a salad and placed it beside her.

"How was last night with Johnny?" Jessica smirked.

"Great! He is so hot. And amazing in the bedroom!" Nicole bragged as she touched up her foundation.

"Are you guys going out tonight?" Sarah asked.

"Come on Sarah! You know what Nic is like." Jessica laughed "She probably has someone new lined up tonight"

"As a matter of a fact, I do." Nicole replied as she began to eat her salad.

"Really?! Details!" Jessica was extremely interested.

"His name is Matt. College guy. I'm going to his house. But I need you guys to cover for me. Dad would not be happy if he found out I was with a college boy." Nicole explained

"What do you want us too do?" Sarah asked as she look at her friend.

"Well, just if he calls, which he probably wont, just say I'm out with you guys." Nicole replied.

"But Nic, what if he asks could he talk to you?" Jessica wondered how Nicole would respond.

"Well, just say I'm in the bathroom. Then you guys can call me and let me know he was looking for me. I'll ring him back and say I'm have a great time watching movies with you guys. See, simple!" Nicole had definitely thought out her plan well.

"Wow, sounds like you put some thought into this!" Jessica laughed.

"Yes, I did." Nicole replied.

The three girls sat and continued to eat their lunch. Once the bell went to say lunch was over, they made their way back up to the lockers. The girl was waiting there for them. She handed over Nicole's maths homework.

"Oh! Annie, I'll have a lot for you too do tonight" Nicole called out as the girl walked down the hallway "I'm going to be very busy and will not have time."

Annie walked on down the hallway to her class once Nicole has finished. Belle, who was at her still at her locker, since she had nowhere else to go, watched Annie walking away. She wondered how a 14 year old girl was doing Year 12 maths and how she had managed to do all the rest of Nicole's homework as well. It certainly seemed like Nicole was making Annie do all her work. The bell rang once again to let the students to know that class had know begun. Belle and all the other students that were in the hallway, made their way to their next class.


When the home time bell rang, Belle was relived. She was disgusted at what she had seen at her first day in the school. Belle was the kind of people but never would hurt anyone, wouldn't go behind people's back, wouldn't be rude to new students. Belle was kind, honest, loyal, friendly, genuine and caring. She was an all around good person even thought she had had a troubled past.

Belle arrived home to where she was living with Irene Roberts. She through her bag on her bedroom floor and collapsed on the bed. Irene knocked on the bedroom door and came in with a cup of hot chocolate.

"Thank you Irene" Belle smiled and took the cup from Irene.

"Your welcome doll" Irene replied. She moved clothes that were on Belle's bed and sat down. "So, let me. How was school?"

"It was…It was…interesting." Belle answered.

"In a good way or a bad way?" Irene asked looking at Belle.

"Good as in, it's a new start for me. Bad as in, some things I witnessed." Belle replied honestly.

"It is a new start for you Belle. I knew when I saw you in that care home, I could give you a great home with me" Irene smiled.

"I will always appreciate that, Irene" Belle smiled back.

"Why don't we go and get something to eat at the Pier diner?" Irene suggested.

Belle agreed. They both got ready and went to the Pier diner. Once they arrived, they sat down. Colleen came over and took their order.

"This is a really nice place, Irene" Belle said looking around. It was the first time she had been in it since she arrived in the Bay a week beforehand. She looked over in the corner to see a boy, probably around her age.

"Hey Irene. Who is that over there?" Belle asked pointing to the boy in the corner.

"Oh that's Geoff Campbell. Doesn't talk much. Never really talked to him before. He comes here in a lot and stays here for a long time. Seems like a good kid" Irene explained to Belle.

Belle was worried about the stranger. He looked like he wanted to be hidden away from the world. Like he wanted to just disappear.

"And that is Aden Jefferies" Irene said when she saw another teenage boy walking into the Pier Diner. "Stay away from him, Belle." she added.

"Why?" Belle asked as she looked at Aden.

"Because, he's a bad kid, Belle. Trust me! I have lived here long enough and I've seen him grow up." Irene explained.

Colleen arrived with their food. She placed it on the table and leaned in to Irene.

"Oh God, Irene. Please keep an eye. You know what that boy is like" Colleen said and walked away.

"Well do you and Colleen actually know him?" Belle questioned.

"Not exactly." Irene admitted "But - "

"Well then you can't judge him, can you?" Belle smirked at Irene.

"I'm not judging him, Belle to be fair." Irene stated "I know, as well with the rest of the Bay, know what he is like. He is a trouble maker."

They continued with their meal. Belle was thinking about what Irene was saying. She didn't really believe you could judge someone unless you knew them well and were friends. It was something she always believed in. Irene had seen how Aden acted and didn't like it. It was just the same as how Belle had seen how Nicole acted and didn't like it. She couldn't say that Nicole was a horrible person because deep down, she could actually be a nice person. And with Geoff, Irene didn't know him either, but he seemed like a good kid. Just extremely quiet. For all Irene and Belle knew, he could actually of been a heartless, gutless person. Belle knew this was the start on a new beginning here in Summer Bay and it would be interesting too see what happens!

Ok, so this is a long chapter. Chapters wont be this long. I just wanted to introduce all the main characters (Belle, Nicole, Aden and Geoff) in the first chapter even if it was brief like the way I introduced Geoff. So, I hope you liked it. :)

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Thanks all for the comments! :) Here is the next chapter. Since its an AU, this chapter just really explains a lot of their backgrounds. WARNING! Self harm in this chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Geoff had been in the diner since school ended. He went there everyday after school, surfing the web usually. He didn't have anything else too do. He didn't have any friends. Nobody had liked him. However, nobody knew him. Nobody knew that he hated going to school everyday. Nobody knew the pain he has been suffering. Geoff looked at his watch. Noticing it was nearly dinner time, he gathered up his things. Walking on with his head down, he walked into Aden.

"Watch it!" Aden shouted in Geoff's face.

"Sor…Sorry!" Geoff said quietly and walked out of the diner.

"See what I mean by a bad kid, now Belle? He is so rude to everyone" Irene whispered to Belle.

Belle looked at Aden. He glanced at her which made her quickly turned away. It was too late though, he had caught her looking at him.


Once Belle had got home, she started to do her homework. She couldn't help up think about that poor Annie girl who was doing all of Nicole's homework now. She looked at her maths homework and she was even struggling with it! It was a shock too since Belle's favourite subject was maths and she had always been pretty good at it but couldn't get her head around trigonometry. It took Belle hours to complete it and when she finally did, she could relax for the rest of the evening. She took out here diary that she wrote in everyday since she was put into the care home five years ago.

September 2nd 2008

Well, diary, it was the first day at Summer Bay High today! It was eventful. Met some people who I didn't like. Actually pretty much everyone I met I didn't like. These people need to grow up! They don't know what the real world is like and are going to get one heck of a surprise when they reach it!

Like this one girl, Nicole. She is horrible to this younger student. Does she not realise that weather she was popular in high school or not does not matter when your older?! I mean it isn't something you can put down on a CV now, is it?!

Irene has warned me off this bully Aden. I can kind of see why. He was very rude when Geoff (another guy I saw today) walked into him by accident. He is one person I don't want to have a run in down a dark ally with!

That's all for now, diary! I don't know where I'd be without you! I'd have nothing else to rant too. I'll write again soon.

Belle put down her pen and began looking over her entries she has wrote in the past few months. This woman named Irene came to the home today. Flicking the pages forward she caught another line of her diary I can't believe it, diary! I'm finally leaving this place! Irene wants to give me a home! Belle looked at the very first page of the dairy. The first entry she ever wrote. Reading it in her head, she began to cry thinking back…

June 17th 2003

I'm free! I'm finally free from that house. I could never call it a home. Homes are welcoming and warm. That house was neither.

I wonder why nobody believed me?! Why nobody came and got me?! Why I was just left there, feeling lost. Feeling hopeless. Feeling like I couldn't handle the world anymore. A 12 year wanting to escape the world…

When I arrived at school last week, that was when it started! When people started to believe me. I had a bruise on my eye from when daddy hit me the previous night because I wouldn't go and get him a new needle from the kitchen. It wasn't my fault, I couldn't get one. I couldn't reach them. When I came back into the room, he hit me so hard across the face and I fell down. Normally people would say just go and tell your mum what he did. But she was the same. She walked into the room and stepped over me. Daddy had to go into the kitchen and get the needle himself. I sat up and watched both my mother and father inject themselves with heroin. Something I had seen them do a million times before. It was nothing new...

When I was in school the next day, my teacher Ms Pennyworth asked me what happened and I told her. I told her my parents were drug addicts and they abused me mentally and physically. I explained how I would sometimes come to school with no lunch and not have eaten breakfast because there was no food in the house and how in the winter, I was always so cold because mummy and daddy couldn't afford to pay for the heating bills. All their money was spend of themselves and their habits. Ms Pennyworth brought me down to the principal's office and they talked and decided to take action.

That's why I'm here now, diary! Ms Pennyworth and the principal contacted the police and they took me away from my parents and put me into this care home. Its seems okay. Better than where I was so I hope it will be. Some people are coming in next week and are hoping to foster some of the children! I hope I'm one of them. But I'll let you know how it goes.

I got this to be able to write down all my thoughts and feelings and I think it will come in very handy in the next few years. That's all for now, I must go! The owner of the care home has called me too her office.

Irene knocked on Belle's door.

"Come in!" she called out and quickly put about the diary away as she wiped away her tears.

"Just telling you goodnight!" Irene smiled in the door.

"Oh! Goodnight Irene" Belle replied back.

Irene was so kind. So nice. Belle was amazed how she was. People like that were hard to find in today's world.


"May I please be excused?"

"Yes, go ahead" a dark haired man replied.

He walked into his bedroom and locked the door. Sitting at his desk he started. He counted to 3. 1. 2. 3. in his head before making the first cut on his wrist. Once again, he counted to 3. 1. 2. 3. and made the second count. He repeated this over and over again. The pain was excruciating. But it was how he coped with life. How he dealt with not being able to have friends. Geoff Campbell stared at what he had did to himself and what he had been doing for the past two years. He wiped the razor blade he used and hid it underneath his mattress so nobody would find it.


Nicole looked at her watch. It was eight-forty. She needed to leave her house so she could go and meet Matt at his place. She walked down the stairs where her father was watching television with his new girlfriend Rebecca.

"Dad, I'm off!" Nicole smiled sweetly.

"Where are you going, Nic? It's a school night!" Roman said.

"Ugh! I'll be back early. I promise" Nicole replied as she opened the front door.

"You didn't answer your fathers question, Nicole" Rebecca butted in.

"This is none of your business!" Nicole shouted at Rebecca.

Rebecca and Roman both stood up next to each other. "Don't you take that way too me!" Rebecca warned her.

"Your not my mother!" Nicole roared at Rebecca and walked out of the house.

"Thank God I'm not!" Rebecca shouted back.

Rebecca went and sat on the couch. Roman walked over and hugged his girlfriend.

"I'm sorry Roman! I shouldn't have butted him" Rebecca apologised. "I just want her too forget about me as the other woman and rather as the woman now, if you know what I mean"

"I know, Rebecca. But I don't know when that will happen" Roman said honestly. "This is how she is dealing with her mother and I's divorce. Roaring and shouting. Acting like a spoiled princess."

"She needs to learn that you and her mother split up over four years ago now." Rebecca replied. "I'm with you now and I don't want to be anywhere else"

Roman looked at his girlfriend and kissed her. Roman understood what she was saying. Rebecca and Roman had an affair which caused Roman and his wife's marriage to end. Any child would find a divorce hard to accept, let alone an affair. But now Roman and Rebecca were together and had been since Roman's marriage ended. Nicole needed to move on from what happened.


Aden arrived back to his house. He walked into the living room and saw his father passed out on the couch. Not wanted to deal with his father, he turned off the television and proceeded up to this bedroom. On the way up, he looked intensely at a picture of him when he was three years old with both of his parents. They were happier times. The best times of his life.

He strolled into his bedroom and flung his schoolbag on the floor. Homework could wait. He wasn't much of a student anyways. Never was big into exams or schoolwork.

He opened this wardrobe and began rooting in the back of it. Finally he found it, his photo album. Well, it was more his dad's but Aden took it and kept it when his mother left several years before hand for her boss. That is when Larry, his father began drinking heavily. He couldn't handle what his wife did too him so he wanted to escape the pain.

Turning the pages his smile turned too disgust as he saw him. The one he hated the most in the entire world. The one who betrayed him. The one who he never wished he had met in his life. His grandfather. Tears began rolling down his face as he stared at a picture of him on his grandfathers knee at Christmas. He must have been about six or seven at the time. Who knew all the pain that Aden would have to suffer in the hands of his grandfather. Who knew all the suffering he would have too deal with.

Aden shut the album over as he head his father's footsteps stomping up the stairs. He opened his door and peaked out. His father was muttering something to himself. Larry staggered into his bedroom, slamming his bedroom door behind him. Aden turned off his bedroom light and lay on his bed in darkness thinking about what he was dealing with in his life and how nobody could have it worse that him.

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Thanks guys for all of the comments. Much appreciated. I glad you guys are liking it. Here is the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

The next day at school, Belle was at her locker. She noticed Annie looking up and down the hallway. Nicole walked down towards her. Annie handed her all her school books and Nicole walked off.

"Hey! I'm Belle" she smiled walking over to Annie.

"Annie..." Annie replied, shyly.

"I'm new here and I was wondering could you show me around?" Belle asked.

"What do you mean? Show you are around where? The school? The town?" Annie inquired. She grabbed her school bag and began to walk down the hallway with Belle.

"Maybe if you could tell me where these classrooms are for a start" Belle replied. "Usually I'm the shy one and never put myself out there. But, also, maybe we could hang out around school?" Belle suggested.

Annie marked Belles timetable, stating which floor each classroom was on. "…Em, ok" Annie smiled.

"Great, well I'll see you after school at the lockers then" Belle replied and walked into the classroom.

Annie handed back the paper to Belle. Annie agreed and continued on to her next class. Belle went into her maths class and sat down. Her teacher, Mr Morris walked into after her.

"Homework out, please!" he said as he took his book from his bag "Ok, what did you get for question 4, Geoff?"

Belle hadn't noticed Geoff was even in her maths class. Geoff cleared his throat before answering "Err, 45 tan 27 degrees."

"Correct! Nicole, question 5?" Mr Morris asked Nicole.

"57.74 m" Nicole replied.

Mr Morris continued to ask around the class what they got for their homework questions. Even though it took Belle hours to get it done, she did end up getting them right. The bell went and everyone went out of the class quickly. Belle turned around to speak to Geoff, just to introduce herself but he had already left.


The school day dragged on. Once it was over, Belle met up with Annie and they went to the Surf Club to hang out. They got a seat and sat down.

"How do you manage to do Nicole's homework?" Belle asked right out.

"She is in all of my brothers class, apart from History. I wait for him to go to bed and copy his work. My brother is so smart!" Annie answered honestly.

"Who is your brother?" Belle questioned.

"Geoff. Geoff Campbell." Annie replied "Do you know him?"

"Actually, yes. Well I kind of do. He is in some of my classes" Belle explained "How do you do the History"

"I love History! Its my favourite class. So I find it really easy." Annie said. "I want to be a History teacher when I'm older"

"Aw! I bet you will be a history teacher" Belle said supporting her.

"Well dad doesn't want me to become one though" Annie replied sadly.

"Why not?" Belle asked.

"He rather I be something like a doctor, lawyer or accountant"

"Ah! The well paid money jobs!" Belle laughed.

"Pretty much! But that wont make me happy, I know it wont. People aren't happy unless they make their own decisions, right?"

"Very true, Annie. We all deserve to be happy."

Annie looked at her watched "I'm really sorry, Belle. But I have to go home now."

"Oh, that's ok." Belle smiled "Maybe we could do this again tomorrow?"

"Sounds like fun! I'll ask mum can you come over for dinner if you like" Annie offered.

"Wow, thank you Annie! I'd love too." Belle replied.

Both girls stood up and hugged. Annie walked out of the Surf Club and went home. Belle looked at the notice board. She wanted to join some clubs or do something in order to get to know people better. Belle began to have confidence in herself. She wanted a new start here in Summer Bay and wanted to make friends with others. Unfortunately, there wasn't must on the board about social clubs around the town. Mostly sports teams and sports wasn't her forté.


Belle walked into the diner. She needed to get a key from Irene since she left hers at home. Once again, Geoff was in the corner. She got the key off Irene and walked over to him.

"What you reading there?" Belle asked.

Geoff looked up. "To Kill A Mocking Bird"

"Ah! A classic!" Belle laughed and sat down opposite him. "I'm Belle"

"Geoff" Geoff replied quietly.

"Its nice to meet you Geoff." Belle responded.

"And you"

"Your not much of a talker are you?" Belle smirked as Geoff looked back at his book.

"Not really" Geoff answered as he placed the book on the table.

"Wanna play some pool?" Belle asked.

"With me? Why would you do that? Nobody wants to hang around with me." Geoff replied.

"I do" Belle smiled.

Geoff grabbed his things and walked out of the diner with Belle. He wasn't going to miss a chance at possibly making a new friend. Belle smiled and looked at Irene who looked pleased Belle was making friends with the good kids in town as opposed to Aden and his gang of friends. Irene looked in disgust at Aden who was sitting with two friends in a booth by a window overlooking the sea.

"Mate, what you looking at?" one of his friends asked.

"Ah nothing! Just thinking" Aden answered his friend Sam.

"About?" his other friend asked.

"Does that really matter, Declan?" Aden snapped.

"Sorry! Geez!" Declan replied.

Nicole, Jessica and Sarah walked into the diner.

"…Roses placed all over the room! It was amazing!"

"Talking about one of your nights with all your boyfriends?" Aden shouted to Nicole.

"What is that supposed too mean?" Nicole turned around to face him.

"You've got around about three quarters of our year, Nicole! Do I really need to say much more?" Aden smirked.

"Don't you dare!" Nicole warned.

"Or what? What is a snotty little sl*t going too do about it?" Aden smirked. He knew he was getting to Nicole.

"Shut your God damn mou-"

"What the flamin' hell is going on in here?!" Irene yelled walking out from back.

Everyone went silent. "If you kids are going to start having fights, fight outside away from my business!" Irene roared.

Nicole, Jessica and Sarah walked out of the diner in a huff with Aden and his friends sniggered. He was delighted that he had got to her. They were always at each others throats. Ever since Aden turned Nicole down a year pervious. She offered himself to him and he refused. She never understood why since every other guy in town would jump at the chance to be with Nicole.


It was getting late. Belle and Geoff had been playing pool in the Surf Club for hours and hours. Belle was happy to finally get to talk to Geoff. She felt like she had made a new friend, someone who Irene said didn't talk or get along with much others. Geoff was slowly getting used to the idea to having someone there to hang around with. Belle was a nice girl. A lot nicer that all the other girls in his school.

"I better go home, Geoff. Its getting dark now" Belle interrupted the game.

"Oh ok. That's alright. I should go home also" Geoff smiled putting the cue on the table.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow at school" Belle replied putting her on jacket.

"I was going to walk you home, if that was alright?" Geoff asked.

"Oh, I didn't know. You don't have too Geoff. That's very sweet of you though" Belle said.

"I would never let a young lady like yourself walk home alone" Geoff blushed.

"Aw, well if you want too."

Geoff and Belle walked out the Surf Club together. They walked down the road back to Irene's house. They seemed to get on well and were becoming more comfortable with each other. Eventually after a while they reached Irene's house.

"Well, here it is" Belle smiled.

"You and your family live with Irene?" Geoff was confused.

"Oh no. It's a long story." Belle replied. "Maybe one I could tell you tomorrow?"

"Okay. If you want too. I know how complicated and screwed up life can be…" Geoff answered.

"That is true. I better go in, Geoff. Thanks for walking me home. And see you tomorrow" Belle said.

"Yeah, bye Belle!"

Belle smiled and walked into the house. Geoff waited until she saw she was in the house and the door was shut before him left. Just to make sure she got home safe. Once she had, Geoff left for home, happy. The first time he was happy in a long time. He had made a new friend. Someone who wouldn't ditch him. Someone who wouldn't backstab him. Someone who was genuine.

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Thank you all for the comments. :wink: Here is the next chapter for you guys.

Chapter 4

3 days had past since Geoff and Belle played pool. They began to hang out with each other after school. As well as Geoff, Annie hung out with them also. Annie felt strange being with people who were three years older than her. Belle was able to open up to Geoff about what happened to her with her parents and why she was living with Irene. Geoff was stunned. Unfortunately he couldn't tell her what was going on in his life. Especially with Annie around them too. He wouldn't let his family know what was happening with him.

While Belle and Geoff were becoming friends, Nicole was busy with sleeping around with more and more different guys each night. She didn't seem to understand how dangerous that was and how her life could change if she caught something off one of these guys or became pregnant. Her friends didn't seem to realise what Nicole was doing was wrong either. Normally, if friends notice that someone close to them is becoming promiscuous, they would try and talk to them about it. But not Nicole's friends. Jessica and Sarah thought it was amazing that she would be sleeping with someone new each night.

Aden looked at his clock. It was nearly half four in the morning and he couldn't sleep. He was tired. But it was his father who was the problem. Larry had come into Aden's room many times before and woke him up to mutter something Aden couldn't understand. Tonight, however, Larry was stomping around looking for something. What, Aden didn't know and didn't care. He had to be up in three hours for school. If he didn't get any sleep, he wasn't going to go in. He wouldn't be able to handle school without sleeping. He finally dozed off around five. Once he alarm went off, he got up. He showered and walked out of the house as fast as he could to avoid conversation with his father.

Walking down the road, he noticed Belle walking on the other side of road. She was listening to her ipod, smiling happily. Aden crossed the road and slowly crept up behind Belle.

"Arghhhh" Belle screamed and jumped when Aden tipped her shoulder.

"Sorry!" Aden apologised realising how much he had scared her.

"It's…it's ok" Belle laughed getting taking a breathe.

"I'm Aden. Your new right?" Aden asked.

"Yeah, I moved here a few weeks back. My name is Belle"

"Nice name" Aden winked. Aden and Belle walked down the street together.

"Why are you being nice too me?" Belle inquired suspiciously. "Is there someone in the bushes that is going to jump out and egg me or something?" Belle added looking around.

"What?! No! No! Where would you get that idea?" Aden asked laughing.

"Well….Never mind." Belle blushed. "I have to go and call for my friend" Belle said staying outside Geoff's house.

"I'll wait." Aden offered.

Belle looked at Aden. She walked into Geoff's house and knocked on the door. Annie answered and walked out saying hello. When she saw Aden, she stopped and stared at him. Geoff smiled at Belle when he walked out of the house.

"Mum said you can come over for dinner" Geoff paused when he saw Aden at end of the garden "…on Monday."

"Belle, what's he doing here?" Annie whispered as they began to walk down the path

"I don't know really. He was walking with me and said he would wait while I called for you." Belle explained.

"Hello Geoff. Anna is it?" Aden asked looking at Annie.

"Annie actually"

"Oh, sorry" Aden laughed.

All four walked together to school. There was an awkward silence and Belle knew why. Aden has never noticed or talked to Geoff or Annie before and therefore wouldn't say anything to him. They too, like Irene thought of him as the bully, the bad boy. Belle hadn't seen that side of him. When they were talking, he seemed alright. Eventually, they reached the school and all went in their separate ways to class.


The school bell went. Everyone began to pack up and get ready for the weekend. Belle was in History class.

"…Ok, guys! Read chapter 4. Test on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn't do" Mile laughed. He opened the door and everyone walked out of the classroom.


Belle turned around. Nicole, Jessica and Sarah were standing there behind her.

"Em, yes?"

"I'm Nicole. I'm sorry it took me so long to introduce myself. I'm having a party tonight if you would like to come"

"That sounds good Nicole. Thanks!" Belle replied.

"Yeah, well bring anyone you like!" Nicole smiled and walked off.

Belle went to her locker where Geoff and Annie were. "I was invited to a party tonight"

"Nicole's welcoming back to school party!" Geoff and Annie both said at the same time.

"What? You guys know about it?" Belle laughed.

"She has one every year. After the first week of school" Geoff explained.

"Well I'm invited and she said I could bring anyone along. You guys up for it?" Belle asked getting her books for homework from her locker.

"I don't know, Belle…" Geoff hesitated.

"Mum wouldn't let me go. She knows what Nicole is like" Annie replied sadly.

"Geoff would you be allowed too go?" Belle asked.

"Yeah, I'm nearly 18 so I don't see why not. I mean -"

"Step back a minute, Geoff. To the early 18 part" Annie laughed at his brother.

"Ok, well I'll let you know once I go home. Which reminds me, mum said we have to come back straight away today" Geoff said to Annie.

"Well we better go then" Annie replied.

"I'll text you later Belle. Bye!" Geoff said

"Ok, see you guys." Belle smiled.

Geoff and Annie walked off while Belle was still at her locker. Aden crept around the side of it and frightened her once again.

"You really have to stop that" Belle said startled.

"Sorry! I know." Aden laughed "Heard you might be off to Nic's party tonight"

"Yeah, I was thinking about it. Are you going?" Belle asked.

"I was going to head over for a bit. Even though Nicole and I never ended up together and I kind of hate her, she has great parties" Aden replied.

"Been too many?" Belle questioned. She shut over her locker and walked down the hall with Aden.

"Yeah, too many in fact!" Aden laughed.

He opened the main door of the school. Students and teachers surround the area outside. Belle and Aden looked at each other wondering what was going on. Geoff and Annie were still there. Belle ran over to them followed be Aden.

"What's going on?" Belle asked.

"That." Annie pointed to the front of the building.

Belle and Aden turned around. There was graffiti all of the front of the building. Many swear words along with things written about students. Many things about Nicole and her friends.

"Ok, move along guys!" Miles said as he tried to get everyone away from the school. Miles walked over towards Aden.

"Aden, could you please come with me" Miles said.

"What? Why?" Aden asked confused.

"Just please come with me, Aden" Miles replied.

"Am I being blamed for this?" Aden asked raging.

"Come with me, now." Miles answered and walked into the building.

Aden looked at Belle and whispered "I didn't do this" Belle didn't know if she should believe him or not. She walked into the school with Aden and Miles.

"Ring mum and tell her we'll be a few minutes late" Annie said to Geoff and followed them into the school.

Geoff took out his phone, called his mother and then followed them into the school also.

"Guys you need to leave. Mr Bartlett only wants to see Aden" Miles said.

"We are staying, Miles" Belle stood up for Aden.

"If you get into trouble, its not my fault" Miles whispered. He walked into Mr Bartlett's office with Aden closing the door behind him.

"Belle, I'm sorry but why are we here?" Geoff asked.

"Because Aden is a nice guy" Belle replied sitting down.

"You don't know him that well Belle. He can be horrible at times, believe me" Annie replied.

"What does that mean?" Belle asked.

"Its just that we know Aden better than you Belle. We have lived here for two years now -"

"I thought you lived here all your life?" Belle asked.

"No, we moved here two years ago because -"

"Annie! That's enough" Geoff cut her off before she could finished.

"Because?" Belle asked wondering why.

"It doesn't matter, Belle" Geoff smiled "As we were saying, Aden let class a few minutes early today so he could possibly of done it…"

"…I don't think he did it, guys" Belle was trying to convince herself that Aden was in fact a good guy underneath it all.

"What is going on out here?!"

Mr Bartlett was standing in the door of his office. He looked furious.

"Sir, we just wanted to -"

"Leave the school grounds now, please" Mr Bartlett said.

"Not until Aden leaves" Belle replied looking at him in the eye.

"Watch it young lady!" Mr Bartlett warned.

"Come on Belle" Geoff said grabbing her arm.

"No" she replied pushing away. "Aden didn't do it!"

"And you know who did?" Mr Bartlett asked.

"Not exactly but -"

"Then Aden is the suspect for now. I will not say it again, leave" Mr Bartlett said.

"Sir, he didn't do it!" Belle protested.

"He was the only student that left class early" Mr Bartlett replied.

"And for that reason he did it then? How about after lunch? How many were late then? What about during the first class after lunch? And the second class also? It could have been done at all those times also"

Geoff and Annie were shocked by the guts Belle had and how she was able to speak like that to a teacher.

"I'm have enough of this young lady! Detention! For you and your two friends here."

"What?! What have we done?!" Belle yelled.

"That. Disrespect to a teacher."

"Right whatever!" Belle snapped. She walked into the classroom followed by Geoff and Annie.

"You might wanna call mum and let her know we might be a little later." Geoff whispered to Annie.

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Thanks all for the comments.

:) Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 5

"I'm so sorry! I should have kept my mouth shut guys" Belle said.

"Its not your fault, Belle." Geoff replied "Its him. Everyone has wanted him out since he took over the school after Sally Fletcher left."

"She was the old principal. Amazing she was. Miles' sister." Annie explained to Belle.

Ten minutes past before Aden walked into the room closing the door behind him. He sat down at the desk behind Belle.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I have been accused. I swear guys, I didn't do that! I don't know why I'm getting the blame. Yeah I left class early but that was too use the bathroom and my teacher said that I didn't have to come back since there was only a few minutes left" Aden explained.

"Tell them that!" Annie suggested.

"I do that and they didn't listen." Aden replied. Just then, Aden's phone went off. He had received a message and opened it read it. It was from Nicole.

Payback's a b!tch!

"That sl*t!" Aden raged.

"What? Who?" Belle asked.

"Nicole! She set me up! It must be because we had a fight yesterday. I'm going to get her back!" Aden promised himself.

Miles walked into the room. He sat at the desk and looked at the four of them.

"Sorry to keep you in on a Friday, guys. I bet you were all looking forward to Nicole's party" he said.

"Nicole did this" Belle blurted out

"How do you know that?" Miles asked interested.

"She sent Aden a message a few minutes ago" Geoff replied.

"Show him Aden" Annie encouraged.

Miles looked at the text. "Hm…The only thing about that now is that you would get into trouble for having your phone on while on school premises. Sorry guys, maybe you could show him Monday and he will talk about the detention, Aden."

"How long did you get?" Belle asked.

"Until I confessed to doing it" Aden replied.

"You guys are going to have too be quiet. He will be coming in and out. So take out some work too do for now" Miles asked.


"Jessica!" Nicole called from her bedroom.

Jessica came into Nicole's bedroom. Nicole was looking at herself in a mirror. She was fixing her hair and doing her make-up.

"How do I look?" she asked for her friends opinion.

"Great! Stunning like usually" Jessica smiled.

"Anyone here yet?" Nicole asked when she went back to doing her make-up.

"A few have arrived, yes." Jessica replied.

"Give me a text when like forty people arrive. I can't make an entrance with hardly anyone there." Nicole laughed at the thought.

"Haha, ok" Jessica laughed and closed Nicole's bedroom door over.

Jessica went downstairs and started to mingle with the people that were there.


"I can't go, Belle. I'm sorry" Geoff said over the phone too Belle.

"No way! I was looking forward to you coming along." Belle complained.

"Yes, I know. I was too. But mum wasn't happy with Annie and I and we have been grounded for the weekend" Geoff explained.

"Again. Geoff, I'm so -"

"Don't worry about it Belle. Listen you go and have a good time. Aden said he was going, didn't he?" Geoff asked.

"Yeah, he did say that but I don't know. I mean I only started talking to him today…" Belle worried. She was lying on her bed when she realised the time, and decided it would be time to get ready soon.

"Well parties are a great place to make friends" Geoff said.

As Belle walked out of her bedroom into the bathroom, she saw Irene doing the dinner. She ran into the bathroom and turned the hot water on "That's true. But still. Maybe I wont go…"

"GO!" Geoff yelled down the phone.

"Ouch! That hurt my ear" Belle laughed "Ok, Ok, I'll go."

"Great, talk to you tomorrow then."


"Why? What's up?" Geoff wondered.

"Remember today, Annie was going to say something too you and you told her too stop? Well I was just wondering what you mean." Belle asked.

"It doesn't matter Belle. Seriously, nothing to worry about. Listen, I have too go. My mum is coming up the stairs" Geoff hung up the phone.

Belle wondered what was really going on. She felt close to Geoff. Trusted him. Found a friend in him. Annie, was different. Being younger, Belle didn't want too tell her too much about her past. It wasn't that she didn't trust Annie. She did. But Annie was young and was innocent. She didn't need to know what Belle's life was like and she wanted too keep it that way for her sack.

Belle took out her diary. She hadn't wrote in it since Monday. She began writing on the page. After a while, she finished and re-read what she wrote, surprised.

6th September 2008

Dear diary,

What a week it has been! A lot has happened to me this week, diary. I'm…I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now. Let me talk you through my week…

I made two friends, Geoff and Annie. Geoff was the boy in the diner the other day and Annie was the girl being bullied by Nicole. They are brother and sister and amazing friends. Its strange to think I made the first move, I never usually do. Many realising that I'm here for good has changed me. And if so, it was certainly a better change.

I was able to tell Geoff about my past and he was understanding. Shocked at first but understanding. I don't usually trust people since everything that has happened but I know I can trust Geoff. I think he is hiding something… Something dark. I don't know what it is though. He didn't want to tell me something today that made me wonder. Maybe in due time, he will be comfortable enough to tell me. I'd never want to force him too tell me what ever is up with him.

I began talking to Aden. It was rather a strange meeting to be honest. He came up behind me and scared me but we seemed to get on really good. Irene did warn him from him but I don't see why. He seemed like a great guy, a really great guy. He was in trouble today in school. I mean, ever adult in Summer Bay must think he is some kinda of thug, I don't know. He was the one the principal suspected and I knew he didn't do it. He was accused of the graffiti on the school building. Something inside me knew he didn't do it but them someone was telling me that he could have. To be automatically accused, told me maybe he is what everyone thinks but what I saw today was a caring person. I fought for his cause with the principal and ended up getting detention. Stupid, right?! Well that's the principal for you.

Well, I have been invited to a party so I must go and have a shower and ring Aden. Need to see if he is going. Talk soon!

What surprised Belle, was what she had said about Aden. How understanding she was with him. How she had stuck up for someone she only new for a few hours. She put her diary away and took out her phone. Aden had given her his number on a piece of paper after they got out of detention. She dialled the number and waited for an answer.


"Aden, hey! Its Belle"

"Oh, hello Belle! What's up?" Aden asked.

"Just wondering if your heading to Nicole's party tonight" Belle replied as she got a towel out for her shower.

"Oh hell yeah! I'm going!" Aden laughed

"You seem rather excited? Why is that?" Belle asked.

"Oh nothing. Just like partying" Aden lied wanting to keep what he was planning for Nicole a secret. "You want me to come over to your place?"

"No!" Belle quickly said knowing Irene wouldn't be happy if Aden came over "I'll meet you at the Surf Club at eight?"

"Sounds good! See you then"

"Ok, bye"

Belle hung up the phone. It was quarter to seven now. If she was going to meet him at the Surf Club, she'd need to leave about half an hour before hand to get there on time. She quickly ran into the bathroom and got into the shower. She was so excited to be going to her first party in the Bay. But what she didn't know was that it would be a night she would never forget…

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WARNING: Strong sexual scene. (I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say that) Also, this chapter is shorter than normal, hope you like it.

Chapter 6

Eight o' clock arrived and Belle waited at the Surf Club. She was wearing a dress she had got for her 16th birthday off the people who working in the care home. It was blue and green with diamonds going around her waist. Her silver shoes and bag went well with her dress. Aden arrived and they walked to Nicole's house. The strolled into the house. The place was packed with many people. Aden went and got himself and Belle a drink.

Nicole walked towards Belle. "Enjoy detention…" she let out a laugh and walked off, over too some guy and began kissing him.

Aden returned with the drinks and handed Belle's hers. "What is this?" she asked.

"Double vodka and coke." Aden smirked.

"Ok, thanks" Belle replied and took a sip.


Geoff was in his bedroom studying when Annie knocked on his bedroom door.

"Hey Annie" Geoff smiled continuing on with his homework.

"Sorry about today, Geoff. I should have kept my mouth closed" Annie said as she came in and closed the door behind her.

"Its ok, Annie. Belle doesn't need to know why we moved here, ok?" Geoff had now turned around to be facing his sister.

"Why not, Geoff?" Annie asked "She is our friend, surely we can tell her -"

"Annie! No." Geoff began to raise his voice.

"Ok, fine. I'm off to bed now. Goodnight" Annie smiled and walked out of the room.

Geoff turned back around to his work and continued on. He knew he could trust Belle with his deepest, darkest secrets but telling her something like this was just too difficult. He needed to be honest with himself before he could be honest with everyone else.

Out of nowhere, Geoff felt like a disappointed to himself and his family. He searched under his mattress for his blade. He placed it on the desk and stared at it for a few minutes. Thoughts were rushing through his mind knowing what he could do with that blade.

Cutting made him feel in control of himself. Alive. Protected. Safe. Understood. Cutting was how he coped with his life and everything that went wrong. He stared at the scars on his wrists. Something that would be there for the rest of his life as a reminder. A painful reminder. It made him release his feelings of self hated towards himself.


Hours past and everyone was either drunk and/or high. People were dancing, the house was getting trashed. Some were getting sick in the pool in the back. It wasn't the kinda of party Belle was thinking it would have been. She had about seven double vodka and could hardly walk. She started to feel really dizzy and sat down on the couch. Aden ran over and he saw she didn't look too good.

"Belle! Belle!" Aden said holding her up.

"Aden. Aden.. I think, I'm going to be - "

It was too late. She had vomited on the floor beside Aden. He went and go towels to clean up and get Belle some water.

"Thank you" Belle said too Aden when he returned with a pint glass of water.

Aden sat with Belle, making sure she was alright. He realised he had given her too many drinks now and would need to watch it next time.


Everything went silent. Jessica ran down the stairs screaming and shouting. Belle was trying to concentrate on Jessica but was finding it hard to deal with. Aden looked up at Jessica.

"What's happened?" Aden asked.

"It's…It's Nicole! She isn't breathing, Aden!" Jessica was now crying.

Aden heart sank. He told Jessica to stay with Belle while he and a few other people ran up stairs. Nicole was in her bedroom. It was clear from her clothes on the floor, she was with someone up here. Aden tried everything he would think of to get Nicole stable but nothing was working. He yelled at someone to call the ambulance. Within minutes, the police and ambulance arrived. They cleared the party with only a few people left as witnesses.

"Nicole has been rushed to hospital" Aden said sitting down beside Belle.

Belle had sobered up a bit and could now manage to see and understand what was happening "Oh my god! What happened? Is she ok? Will she be ok?"

"She took something dogey apparently" Aden said not looking at her.

It was at the minute, Belle knew it was Aden. Aden has done something to her. "What have you done, Aden?" Belle asked seriously.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about" Belle whispered "What did you do to her?"

"I didn't do anything!" Aden protested.

A policeman came into the living area where the reminding teenagers were. He told them it was time to leave and they headed off. Belle grabbed her shoes which she had taken off a while before and ran out of the house.

"Belle, will you wait please!" Aden begged.

"Get away from you, you b*stard" Belle shouted at him.

"I didn't do anything Belle!"

Belle stopped. She turned around to be facing him "Really? So when I rang you early and you seems very excited and wouldn't tell me why and lied it wasn't because you gave her something!"

"I didn't Belle!" Aden pleaded

"Your some piece of work, Aden Jefferies! Irene was right! You are bad news. Stay the hell away from me!" Belle yelled.

Aden gave up. Belle began running down the street and Aden couldn't catch up with her. She finally stopped after a while. Taking a deep breathe, she put her shoes back on. Something wasn't right with this, she thought to herself. She looked around, behind her, checking if someone was there. Nobody. She continued on walking, breathing heavily because she was frightened. She heard something rustling in the bushes.

"Aden I know that's you! Go away!" Belle shouted. She backed away from the bushes and bumped into someone.

The person grabbed her from behinds, wrapping his arms around her mouth and dragged her in behind the bushes. Wrapping his hands around her wrists, he held her down.

"Shut up b!tch! This will be all over soon" the man spat.

It was dark and Belle couldn't make out the person. He unzipped his trousers, pulled up her dress and pulled down her underwear. The pain was agonising. Unbearable. Belle was sobbing silently to herself. She closed her eyes and began to think about all the good things in her life hoping the ordeal would be over soon. He pushed his fingers into Belle's throat, violently. She struggled to breathe. She began choking and he finally let go.

After he was finished, he got off her. Belle couldn't move, it was too painful. The man grabbed Belle and forced himself in her mouth. She couldn't do anything. She felt hopeless. She could only kneel there in front of him as he was yanking her hair. What was only minutes, felt like hours to Belle. She was traumatised. She had never had sex with anyone before. Wanted to give her virginity to someone who cared for her, loved her. Not some monster like this. The man zipped back up his trousers. He laughed as he saw Belle cry silently on the ground.

"This is all your worth!" he grinned and through Belle one dollar. He bent down to her level, grabbing her face with his two hands and said "You'll think twice before walking home alone again late at night, wont you?" before walking off leaving her alone.

Belle pushed her knees right up to her chin and began rocking back and forward. She was lost. Confused. Terrific he would come back. Felt dirty. Ashamed. Guilty. It was all my fault. It was all my fault kept going around and around in her mind. After a while, Belle grabbed her things. She walked home, feeling numb. She just stared into space until she reached the house.

Once she arrived, she walked into the bathroom before breaking down crying on the floor. She sobbed to herself and tried not to wake up Irene. She looked at her legs. Cuts and bruises everywhere. How was she going to hide that with her school uniform on Monday, she wondered. Getting up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Disgusted was the only thing she could feel about herself. She had little cuts on her face. Her wrists were bruised from when he held her down tightly. She pulled her dressed. Blood was on the inside of her dress. She turned on the water and sat in the bath scrubbing herself until she was raw red. Belle wanted to get rid of the dirty feeling. As soon as she finished, she got into her pyjama's and lay in bed weeping, not knowing what was going to happen next…

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I've amazed myself! This fic has taken some unexpected turns. Like originally, Belle was going to become friend with Geoff while he tutored her. And at the party, it was going to be a night for Belle to remember because I was going to kill off Geoff. (Yes, that soon. :P) But I didn't, I have a few ideas for his character and things still need to be revealed about him and his past.

Anyways, here is the next chapter! Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!!

Chapter 7

The next morning, Geoff decided to call Belle. He wondered how the party went. Dialling in the numbers, he waited for an answer.

"Hello, Irene speaking!" said a cheerful voice.

"Good morning Irene. Geoff here. Is Belle around?" Geoff asked.

"Let me just check if she is awake" Irene put down the phone and walked into Belle's bedroom. Belle appeared to be fast asleep. Irene, silently closed the door over went back out to the phone.

"Sorry, Geoff. She's still asleep. Maybe you could call back later" Irene suggested.

"Ok, thanks Irene. I'll do that" Geoff replied and hung up.

In her room, Belle was wide awake. She has been awake all night, sobbing to herself. Worrying, he would come back. After a while, Belle dragged herself out of bed. She looked at her face in the mirror. She dabbed a small fragment of foundation on her face to cover up the small cuts on her face. She walked out to the kitchen where Irene had prepared breakfast.

"Hey girlie!" Irene smiled "How was last night?"

"Fine" Belle answered quietly and sat down at the table.

Irene walked over and placed a plate in front of Belle. "Help yourself"

"Thanks" Belle replied.

For the meal, Belle remained silent. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened. After she finished eating, she brought her plate into the kitchen. Walking back into her bedroom, Irene asked "Belle, is everything ok?"

"Yeah. Yes." Belle replied and walked into the bedroom.


Aden walked into the hospital main entrance. He wasn't sure if he had made the right decision to go and see Nicole or not. He walked up to the desk and asked for her room. He approached Nicole's room where she was sleeping peacefully. Aden sat down beside her waiting for her too wake. A few minutes past and he began to think about Belle and how he has screwed things up with her. Even though it had only been a few hours, Aden could see himself being good friends with Belle.


Aden came back to reality. Nicole had woken up. She sat up in her bed. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Just came to see if you are ok…" Aden replied.

"Yeah, I'm doing okay. Someone spiked my drink. I think it was that guy I hooked up with" Nicole explained. She paused for a few seconds before continuing on "Thanks for helping out last night, Aden. Jessica told me what you did."

"Its alright, it was the least of could do" Aden blushed.

"Can we just forget all this bad blood and move forward?" Nicole asked.

"That sounds like a great idea, Nic!" Aden smiled and gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry about what I did. On Monday, I'll go to Bartlett and come clean." Nicole said.

"Don't worry about it, Nicole. You just take it easy. I'll sort all that out" Aden replied.

Roman and Rebecca walked into the room. Aden stood up and left. They sat down beside Nicole.

"How are you feeling?" Rebecca asked politely.

"Like you care" Nicole snarled and turned her back to Rebecca.

"Nic, your going to have to get used to Rebecca being in our lives!" Roman said.

"I will never get used to her, dad!" Nicole yelled. She jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom door, locking herself in the room.


Aden walked to the door of Irene's house. When Belle opened the door, she slammed it back in his face.

"Belle!" Aden shouted from outside. "Please, I really want to talk too you!"

Belle didn't respond. She sat behind the door listening to what he was saying.

"I didn't do anything to Nicole, Belle. I swear to you, I didn't. What kind if person do you think I am?! Why is it that you think of me so differently now than to when we met? I never hurt Nicole, someone spiked her drink and it wasn't me." Aden explained.

Belle stood up and opened the door to Aden. "How do you know that then?"

"Because I went to see her this morning in hospital and she told me" Aden explained.

"Ok, if it wasn't you, then what were you really going too do then, Aden? We both know you had something planned for her"

"I would never harm anyone in that way, Belle. And if you think I would, your just like the rest of them" Aden spat. He turned around and walked away.

"You didn't answer my question, Aden." Belle stated.

"Fine! I had some incriminating photo's of her and was going to show them around the party! That's it, Belle!" Aden snapped "All I was going too do. I just wanted too see her face!"

Aden walked off leaving Belle feeling guilty. Belle walked back into the house and closed the door over. She walked into her bedroom and took out her diary. She needed to talk to someone about what had happened. Since she couldn't open up to a person, she knew writing it down would make her feel somewhat better.

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Thanks all for the comments. :) Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 8

Halloween was fast approaching. It was only one week before the day. The teenagers of Summer Bay has the entire week of school and had made many plans with the friends to enjoy their week off. Six weeks had past since Nicole's party. Things has completely changed in those six weeks. With everyone. And everything.

Belle and Geoff has become best friends. She never could tell him about what happened at Nicole's party nor did she tell anyone else. She pushed it out of her mind and continued on with life as normal even know deep down, it has destroyed her. Thinking back about what she went through was heartbreaking. Geoff was delighted he has become friends with Belle. He knew in time, he would be able to come clean to her about his life and his past. He just needed some more time.

Annie has stopped hanging around with Belle and Geoff. She felt she was cramping their style. Of course both Belle and Geoff assured her that she wasn't but she couldn't get the thought out of her head. However, she has become friends with a boy in her classed called Jai. And within days, they pair began dating. With Belle's help. She set them up. Geoff, being the big brother, had to talk to him before they made it official. Just a friendly reminder not too mess around with Annie.

Nicole changed her ways, slightly. Belle had talked to her about Annie and she suddenly stopped making Annie do her homework. She and Aden had become close friends also since he saved her at her party. She couldn't get used to Rebecca. And too make things worse, Roman and Rebecca were planning a Christmas Day wedding. Nicole was asked to be maid of honour but refused on the spot. She didn't want to have anything to do with the wedding and vowed to be with her mother on Christmas Day rather than the wedding.

Aden was struggling. He knew how he was perceived with the people of Summer Bay. The school bully. The bad boy. Some horrible person who didn't care about anything. Although, he wasn't really like that. He, like everyone else, had feelings. Aden didn't want to be seen as the town thug. He wasn't like that. Belle was really the only person who gave him a chance and didn't listen to the town persecution. Aden and Belle were trying to become friends. He has ditched his other friends, knowing the name he was given him. He didn't want to be seen as the bully anymore because he wasn't that person. He was crushed by his past and made him be the way he was.

Geoff called over to Belle's. The back door was open, so he walked straight in. He called out for Belle but nobody answered. He knocked on Belle's bedroom door. Still no answer. He walked in and sat on the bed, taking out his mobile in order to call Belle. He noticed Belle's diary on her bed. Geoff was tempted to take a look, but a girls diary was completely private. One look couldn't hurt, he thought. He opened up on a page and began reading.

7th September 2008

Dear Diary…

I don't know what to say really. I'm feeling lost. Hopeless. Alone. I just want to escape the pain. The pain that was whisper upon myself last night. What caused him too do that to me. Why would he hurt me like that. Why would be forced me too do that. I can't take it! I don't want to take it! I just want to end it all. Its all my fault.

While Geoff wasn't sure who Belle was on about in the entry, he knew the entry was written a day after Nicole's party. He quickly shut the diary over and placed where it was. Suddenly, Geoff heard a noise. He walked into the hall from Belle's bedroom.

"Geoff!" Belle yelled.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you, Belle" Geoff apologised.

"Where were you?" Belle asked confused.

"In your room, waiting for you" Geoff replied.

Belle ran into her room. She walked over to her bed and grabbed her diary and put it away, not wanting Geoff to notice her doing it. Geoff followed her in and sat down realising she had put the diary away.

"So there is this dress up party thing on Halloween night in the Surf Club…" Geoff started "I was just wondering if you were thinking about going?"

"Yeah, I was thinking about going for an hour or so, you?" Belle asked sitting down beside him.

"Yep! I am going." Geoff replied.

There was a silence for a few moments before Geoff interrupted it "Belle, I need to tell you something…"

"What is it?" Belle asked concerned.

"Its about me…" Geoff began.

Just then Belle's phone rang. "Sorry, Geoff. Give me a second" She walked out of the bedroom and answered the phone. It was Aden.

"Just seeing what your up too" Aden said.

"At home with Geoff. Why?" Belle asked.

"Wanted to know if you wanted to come over to my place for a movie later?" Aden inquired.

"I'd love too! See you about 8?" Belle suggested.

"Sounds good and its my pick this time!" Aden laughed.

"We will see, we will see" Belle replied.

"Ok, well I better go. See you at 8!"

"Ok, goodbye"

Belle hung up the phone and walked back into the bedroom where Geoff was. She sat back down on the bed "Ok, so what's up?"

"Who was on the phone?" Geoff asked.

"Oh, Aden. Just invited be over for a movie. So what's up?" Belle repeated her question.

"It doesn't matter! I have to go Belle. See you later"

Geoff stood up and ran out of the room. Belle raised her eyebrows wondering what was going on with Geoff and why he finish what he was saying. She rang his mobile but it went straight to voice mail;

"Hey, Geoff. Its Belle. Listen, is everything ok? I'm here for you if you would like to talk. You know where I live and have my number. Please, call me back. I want to talk to you"



Nicole walked out of her bathroom, looking scared. She sat on her bed where Jessica was reading a magazine.

"What's up?" Jessica asked looking at Nicole.

"… I'm late."

"For what?"

"What do you think?!" Nicole snapped "I'm 3 days late, Jess"

"Holy sh!t!" Jessica was speechless

"What am I going too do?!" Nicole began to cry. She didn't want to be pregnant at 17 years old.

"Have you taken a test?" Jessica asked.

"No. Not yet. I think I should wait for a few more days. Maybe stress is making me late, I don't know." Nicole wondered.

"Maybe you should see a doctor. Dr. Armstrong lives down the road…" Jessica suggested. She sat up near Nicole and comforted her confused friend.

"I don't even know who the father is!…Or could be" Nicole wept. "There has been so many guys in the past few weeks… I just can't deal with any of this."

"What do you mean?" Jessica asked.

"Dad and Rebecca! She tore my family apart and I will never forgive her and now this!" Nicole explained.

"Your father has been with Rebecca since your parent split up, Nic. Maybe you should give her a chance" Jessica suggested.

"He cheated on my mother with her, Jess! What do you not understand?! How am I meant to accept her into my family?!" Nicole yelled. She stood up and paced up and down the bedroom.

"Sorry, Nicole but its just what I think. Its time to move on" Jessica said honestly. "I'm sorry to leave you in this state but mum wants me home early today. I have to baby-sit tonight"

Jessica stood up and put on her jacket. "Listen, you can call me later on if you like and we can talk or call around to my house tonight"

Jessica left Nicole's room and went home. Nicole was at a loss what too do. She could be pregnant. A teenage mum. Something she didn't want to be. She wasn't ready for a child, yet. She sat on her bed, wishing she wasn't pregnant. Hoping and praying. Although, that wouldn't do anything. She'd know if she was pregnant in a few days.

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Chapter 9

Geoff was sitting on the beach and has been since he left Belle's house. He was ready to tell her. Ready to come clean. But something stopped him. Something in his head made him thing that she wouldn't accept what he was going to tell her. Belle walked out of the surf club and saw Geoff alone on the beach. She made her way down to him. She sat beside him while he continued to stare into space.

"Its funny really…" Belle laughed at herself "How when you have got all the courage to speak up and come clean how something just makes you stop"

Geoff turned and looked at her. He knew exactly what she was talking about "When you told me about your parents, were you scared I'd judge you?"

"Of course, Geoff. Its something that hardly anyone knows about me. I really have to trust someone and I knew from day one I knew I could trust you, Geoff" Belle explained. "…And of course you can trust me, Geoff" Belle assured him.

"I know I can, Belle. It means a lot knowing someone if there for me" Geoff admitted.

"So, would you like to tell me what's really going on?" Belle smiled and looked at him.

Geoff took a deep breathe and thought about what he was going too do. He put his mobile on the sand and pulled up his sleeves to reveal his scars. Belle was shocked. She had never imagined it would be something like this. She didn't know what too say. She hugged him tightly as he began to sob. After a few minutes of silence, Geoff spoke;

"I started when I moved to Summer Bay about two years ago now. And I have wanted to stop for so long. Wanted someone to listen to me. My parents are deeply religious, Belle. I can't tell them…"

"Geoff, I'm sorry. I'm kind of confused…"

"I'm gay Belle." Geoff admitted "I just haven't be able to admit it to myself until now. And I can't tell my parents"

"Your parents will love you know matter what, Geoff. I promise you that!" Belle assured him

"How can you say that when you told me that your parents hate you?"

"No, Geoff. I know my parents love me and always will. However, they love their habit more than me." Belle explained.

"You know what people are like around here. Nobody will accept me. Everyone will look at me differently. Everyone will judge me. Why am I like this?! Why am I some sort of freak?!"

"Geoff, stop! Don't be thinking your some kind of freak, because your not. You're a kind, caring human being."

"We moved to Summer Bay because of it…"

"What do you mean?" Belle asked.

"Where we used to live, I met this guy. And when I told some friends from church, they want behind my back and told my parents. Although, my parents always believed like it was just a rumour….It was almost like they couldn't accept it. And moving away was the best idea."

"Oh, Geoff! I'm so sorry!" Belle replied sympathetically.

"It was more a good idea for them rather than me. I hate them!" Geoff raged. "Why did they have to do this too me?!"

"I'm here for you Geoff. We are going to get through our problems together." Belle smiled. "We are going to get you help for your cutting....But you must tell your parents"

"Belle, your such a great friend. I'm so glad I have you" Geoff replied.

Geoff wanted to ask Belle about what he had read, but couldn't do it. He didn't want Belle to hate him for invading her privacy. Belle sat with Geoff for about and hour before driving him home. She walked him into his house and left them to talk. Belle made her way over to Aden's house to watch her movie.


When Belle arrived, she noticed another car in the driveway. She didn't know who's car it was. She parked outside the house and got out of Irene's car which she borrowed. Aden opened the door.

"Hey Belle!" he smiled "Come in"

"Hey. Who's car?" Belle questioned walking into the house.

"Oh, my fathers. He will be leaving soon, I hope" Aden whispered.

Belle walked into Aden's house and into the living room. She looked around and liked what she saw. His house had a homely fell to it. Belle walked over to look at the pictures on the fireplace.

"Who is that?" Belle smiled as she pointed to an old man.

"…My grandfather." Aden gulped.

"Oh ok." Belle didn't say it but she didn't want to ask why he reacted in the way he did.

Belle sat down on the couch and Aden sat beside her.

"What movie have you got then?" Belle asked.

"The all time best movie ever!" Aden replied "Forrest Gump!"

"Awh, my favourite movie!" Belle laughed.

Aden turned and looked at Belle "Mine too" he smiled.

Aden walked over to the DVD player and put the movie in. He turned off the lights and sat back down beside Belle.

"Ok, now! Don't get too scared" Aden joked.

"Oh yeah! Because Forrest Gump is really scary" Belle rolled her eyes and grabbed some popcorn from the bowl.

They both sat there, silently watching the movie. This was great, Belle thought to herself. It was great to have someone she could do this with. It was sort of strange. She liked Aden, then hated him and liked him again. She couldn't help but worry about Geoff and how his talk with his parents went. She wanted to step out of a moment to give him ring but thought that would be rude. Suddenly, Belle heard a massive bang from upstairs. Aden heard it also.

"Stay here!" Aden said as he rushed upstairs.

Belle waited in the living room. She was worrying. She didn't know what it was. After a few minutes, Aden returned.

"Sorry, Belle. Your going to have too go" Aden said breathless "Its dad, he isn't well. Vomiting everywhere"

"Is there anything I can do?" Belle asked.

"Oh no! I wouldn't want you getting sick, now" Aden laughed trying to hid what was really going on.

"Aden!! Aden!!" Larry shouted from upstairs.

Aden rushed back upstairs. Belle ran up behind him. Aden stopped her on the landing.

"Belle, please! The best thing you can do -"

Belle pushed him out of the way and stormed into Larry's bedroom. Larry was on his bed. He was muttering to himself. The room stunk of alcohol. Belle was nearly getting sick from the smell. Belle turned around to Aden who was standing in the doorway ashamed of his father.

"He's drunk!" Belle whispered confused "But, what? What is going on?"

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Sorry guys for the late update! My internet has just stopped working on my laptop. So I couldn't get the chapter up. I was not going too retype it onto my house computer well because I'm just lazy. :P But then I decided too do it. :) Enjoy!

Chapter 10

Belle walked out of Larry's room and closed the door over. Aden walked into his bedroom and Belle quickly followed.

"What is going on, Aden?" she asked.

"You need to leave, Belle…" Aden replied

"But, Aden! - "

"Please, Belle. I can't explain." Aden pleaded with her.

Belle looked into his eyes. She knew something wasn't right here. However she wouldn't question him. She gave Aden a hug and walked down the stairs, leaving Aden's house.

Once Belle arrived home, she walked straight into her room without saying a word to Irene.

"Belle, you alright?" Irene asked opening her door.

"Yeah, Irene…I just need some time alone" Belle smiled.

Irene walked over too Belle's bed and sat down "Are you sure you don't want too talk about it?"

"Yes, Irene" Belle was getting slowly irritated. All she wanted too do was be on her own.

Irene sighed. "If you say so."

She walked out of the room, leaving Belle alone. Irene was unsure what was up with Belle but knew if she wanted to talk, she would talk.


Geoff was lying on his bed thinking about the days events. He couldn't believe he was able too come clean about everything too Belle. He was never able too trust someone in his life due too what happened with his old friends where he used too live. But Belle was different. Geoff thought about the conversation he had just had with his parents.

Geoff has just got out of Belle's car. As he opened his front door, he took a deep breathe. Inside, his mum and dad were on the couch watching the television.

"Dinner is in the mic, Geoff" his mother smiled at him.

"Hm, thanks mum" Geoff replied. Geoff walked over too the armchair and sat down.

"You alright son?" his father asked looking concerned.

"Yeah.. Yes, I'm alright" Geoff replied "I'm just going too go and get my dinner"

Geoff chickened out. He couldn't tell his parents he was gay. They wouldn't understand. They would pack up and move once again. He walked into the kitchen and turned on the microwave too heat up his dinner. His father walked into the kitchen.

"You sure you're alright, mate?" his father asked once again.

"Yes, dad. I'm fine" Geoff answered. He took his plate out of the microwave and sat at the breakfast table and began eating it.

"I know what its like too be a teenage boy, Geoff. I was one, you know! Now it was a good few decades ago" his father laughed as he stood next too Geoff.

"Yeah, dad. I know. Everything is fine" Geoff was getting restless. He just wanted too be left of his own right now.

His father looked into Geoff's eyes. He knew it was time too leave his son alone. He remembered back when he was a teenager. When something was wrong, he didn't want his parents too be pestering him too talk about what was wrong. That was the last thing me wanted too do. He walked out of the kitchen.

"Actually dad!" Geoff called out.

From the sitting room, Geoff's mum was calling for her husband "John!* Where are you?"

"One second, Mary*. What is it son?"

"I don't know how too start…" Geoff said quietly. "I need help, dad…"

"About what?! What is going on?" his father asked worrying.

"Dad, it was true…Everything was true…" Geoff whispered. He looked at his father.

"What was? I'm a bit confused, Geoff"

"Everything the church group said..."

Just then, Mary walked in from the living room. "What did you just say?"

Geoff turned around. His mother was standing at the door with her arms folded, not looking pleased.

"Mary, don't say anything you will regret!" John pleaded with his wife as he walked over too her.

"Stop this carry on, Geoff. You're not!" Mary snapped.

"Mum, yes I am!" Geoff replied calmly "Why can't you get it into your head that not everyone is like you! There is nothing wrong me mum! Why can't you just accept me! Why can't you just love me for who I am?! I'm your son and always will be -"

"Stop it now Geoff! Go too your room." Mary roared.

Geoff stormed out of the kitchen. Why couldn't she understand? He walked upstairs where Annie was on the landing.

"What is going on Geoff?" Annie asked.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter, Annie. Go back into your room" Geoff said to his sister.

He walked into his bedroom, slamming his bedroom door behind him.

It has been two hours since Geoff had fought with his parents. He could hear the shouting and screaming from them in the kitchen. The noise was unbearable. He just wanted too escape. He just wanted too run away from the world. He lifted up the sleeve of his jumper. He rubbed his fingers softly over his scars. He became lost in his thoughts.

Suddenly his bedroom swung open. Geoff jumped with a fright. He tried quickly too pull down his sleeves but it was too late. His father has seen them. John walked over too his son and hugged him tightly. Geoff began sobbing on his fathers shoulders. Something inside of him knew his father understood him. More than his mother did or ever would.

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