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Thurs, 6 Nov 08 – Episode # 4754

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And You Think That WASN’T A Lecture? “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 6 Nov 08 – Episode # 4754]


Miles is walking along when Kristy approaches him. She tells him that she just saw Matthew & Melody near the toilet block, and is really worried about what they are planning to get up to.


Miles allbiut drags Matthew down the stirs and tells him to get out of the house.

After he’s gone, melody is NOT pleased with miles – esp. when she wonders why Jai is allowed to have Annie over here at the house. Miles insist attar that is deferent. Melody storms off upstairs – and Kristy suggest tat miles shouldn’t go after her as that will make things worse.

Jai arrives home – and tells miles taht he went back to the surf club after he took Annie home [hoping to find ,melody] but she wasn’t there =- and miles tells him what happened..

After jai head upstairs, Kristy tells miles that melody is just being a normal teen girl – testing boundaries like kirsty did. Miles tells kirsty that he is glad that she was here ti help him tonight.


things are ultra tense tween Leah & Irene as they work in the kitchen , eg Leah isn’t too keen when Irene asks her to work on the weekend when Irene knows tat Leah already has plans etc

Out in the main area, Alf talks to Bridget. He comments tat the Blaxland when rtn to the wharf [after someone’s had her out on a charter etc for a while]. Colleen observes how close Alf & Bridget are, and she come nts about this to Leah & Irene when she enters the kitchen. She also ask Leah if she can take colleen to the hospital morrow – as colleen is having a check up to see if her cancer has ve returned [in light of the cancer cluster theories. Leah aggresses to do take her.


Next day, Miles talks to melody about what occurred last night., miles tells her that he doesn’t want this to be a lecture, but when he’s finished talking [about things like melody might be rushing into this ‘ship with Matthew], melody fires back at miles by telli9mngh him that he had just lectured her [her line is my ep title].


Things are no better tween Leah & Irene that they were the night before, and colleen tlaells them that she’s had enough. She’s going on a break and they had better have sorted out their difference by the time she gets back.

After colleen bails, Irene comments that things are bad when colleen has to give them advice. Leah admits that she likes miles and that have affect that way she is behaving. Leah & Irene agree to bury the hatchet – and seal their renewed friendship with a hug.


Miles sees Ollie & kirsty nearby. indeed, Ollie ruins over to miles and mile picks him up. Kirsty tells miles that they’ve just been to the beach.

Talk turns to melody, and miles admits that this morn’s “chat” with her didn’t go well. Miles however thanks kirsty for how helpful she was last night, and the nearby colleen is very pleased when miles begins to make sandcastles with Ollie.


In the kitchen, Irene’s just finished putting together a picnic basket for Bridget & Alf. Leah thinks that it’s a great idea that she has done that form Alf etc – and after colleen enters, she is very pleased that Leah & Irene have fended their ‘ship. Colleen also commonest that it looks like Miles & kirsty has got back together as well.


The ;likes of Ruby, Anne * Geoff all try to tell Melody that Matthew is all worried for her, but Melody isn’t listening. Ruby & co then approach Matthew, warning him not to do anything to hurt Melody.


aftre the dude who has had been out out a charter on the Blaxland tells Alf how great it was, Alf tells Bridget that he is looking for to the two of them geeing aboard the boat. Irene approaches with the picnic hamper. Alf thanks her, whilst Bridget seems VERY interested when Irene tells that that Leah received today the insurance money for the old diner [$100,000]!!!!!!!!


In the kitchenm Leah talks to Irene. Leah wants to do something that’s a tribute etc to Dan with the money.

In the main area, Annie tries to tell melody that this new look etc melody isn't the right way to go. When melody trios to use that fact that Annie herself once was waaaaaaay into wearing clothes etc like Nic, Annie says that that made her realise that those clothes etc weren’t for her.

Annie is worried when melody tells her that she isn't about to wait for other guy t get bored with her just because she won’t take the next step. Melody also suggests tat jai will only wait Annie for so long before he moves on. Anie fiercely disagree and it’s clear that she is worried that way melody is behaving.


Ruby approaches Matthew in eth corridor. She & Geoff are partic offended when Matthew says that he would drop melody in a heartbeat if ruby tells Mathew that she is interested in him. Indeed, when Matthew says that he’s into any girl whos’s u fr some “action”, ruby grabs him, but when Mathew grabs ruby, Geoff steps in, and the 2 boys get into a wrestle. Kirsty thrie to break it up, but she is pushed aside and hurt her hand. Miles is able to break them out.

Soon after, in a classroom, Miles quaizzes matthew & geoff boiut aht occurred, and geioff admist that it was over melody. After miles lets Mathew leave the room, miles suggest to Geoff that fighting like that it’s a good look for that school captain.


As Leah dives colleen close to her mobile home, colleen is worried about geeing the results back form the test that she’s just had at the hospital – in case the cancer has returned.

After colleen exits that car, Leah sees miles with Kristy & Ollie. It’s clear that she is down hearted.


In the longue room, miles talks to Alf, who admits that things are going well with Bridget. Alf aulos admits tat6 he didn’t thinks that he’d ever be in this position [another ‘ship] again.

On tejh back patio, Melkody & martyew are talking when geoff arrives. Matthew goes inside when Geoff asked if he can talk to melody alone. Geoff tries to tell melody that she dervs someone so much better that Matthew, and Geoff is rally concerned when melody says tat changed her way because Geoff didn’t want her as a g/f. Mathew returns to the back patio – and Geoff bails.


Kirsty is taking in some whin when jai approaches. He tells her tat its soooooooooooo great that miles & kirsty are back together. Kirsty seems shocked – and when she asks, jai tells her that Leah told him this. Kirsty insist stat she & miles ARENLT back together. Indeed, kirsty say that she’s fund another place to stay – and will be moving out of the van park in the near few weeks.


Melody & Matthew are on the back patio. Just beefer mat yew bails, melody tells him that its sooo great tat they are together, but when she goes inside, it’s clear that she’s not so keen on Mathew anymore. Indeed, jai sounds as “down in the dumps” as melody does, although in jai's case its all about Miles & kirsty.

Miles notices something’s not quite right when neither of them responds when he tells them that he’s going out to get some mud cake at diner. Miles bails.


At the counter, bridget wonders what Leah plans to do with all that money – but Leah doesn’t give her a firm answer.

Kirsty enters, and tells leah that they have to talk. Kirsty goes off at Leah for starting a rumour that miles & kirsty are tighter., kirsty says that it will look to miles as tough kirsty started that rumour, and she canklt deal with that right now, as she knows that miles sinlt keen on her right now, but she needs him as a friend to both herself *& Ollie.

Kirsty does admit tat would be back together in a heartbeat with Miles if she could – and “shock” that Miles had heard some of Kristy’s “rant” to Leah.



Tony seems annoyed with Rachel’s no alcohol, no caffeine etc plan as they try to start a family

Bridget “borrows” Leah’s drivers licence

Looks like the boys [Alf, Roman, tiny] are giving a bet on who can catch the biggest fish

Miles gives Kirsty a letter that fell out of her bag – the letter is form Kane

Jack insists that he’s gong to do all he can to bring to justice those who are responsible or the toxic waste etc

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Irene: aqua elbow length sleeves blouse/black top/dark long pants


Leah: red low cut v neck top


Colleen: black [various colour floral] v neck top


Alf: olive green [blue check] shirt/bone long pants/white wide brim hat

Alf: white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Blaxland Customer: dark blue polo/denim jeans/two tone cap

Bridget: grey elbow length sleeves scoop top/denim jeans

Bridget: red elbow length sleeves top

Colleen: white [red floral blouse/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: light pink blouse/white long pants

Jai: grey [black splotches] t/grey scarf/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: denim jacket/black top/black & white check knee length skirt

Kirsty: pink & white vertical stripes dressing gown/black [pink floral] PJ top

Kirsty “: blue [occasional yellow & red floral motif] halter neck full length dress

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Matthew Lyons: green [light pink “fresh jive”] t/dark long pants

Melody: black [frilly red trim] spaghetti strap top/black knee length skirt/dark long pants/black [silver studded] belt/black boots

Melody: SBH Uniform

Miles: grey button up shirt/dark [black & white photo of a man] t/brown long pants

Miles: white button up shirt/ dark long pants

Oliver: black [red sleeves] top/white [blue swirls] shorts

Ruby: SBH Uniform

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