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Wed, 05 Nov 08 – Episode # 4753

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Road Matilda Travelled “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 05 Nov 08 – Episode # 4753]


Charlie urges Roman to reconsider – but he thionks that they are just too different. Charlie despondently bails.


Miles, Alf & Jai are concerned that Melody once more knock back an offer to do something other than study, but Melody is adamant that she has work to do, so she can’t watch a DVD etc with them.


Charlie is in her car. she’s waaaaaaaaaaaay crying.


Nicole approaches Roman, and he tells her tat he broke up with Charlie. Nicole is worried that he did that so he & Natalie can get back togther, but Roman assures her that that’s not the case. Nicole tells Roman that she is going to get the both some ice cram – the perfect tig for a time like this.


Ruby ent5rs and sees Matthew Lyons there with his mates. When she comments bout how his time suspends form school is almost over, he say stat he’s still going to get back at Ruby for what she did. Ruby reminds Matthew Lyons bout the journal incident, but he insist that that wasn't enough.

Ruby enters the gym, where she finds Charlie putting on some boxing boxes. Whilst using the punching bag, Charlie starts ctring. After she starts punching the bag, she wonders to Ruby how she managed to stuff things up [agins] having found a GREAT guy. Ruby consoles Charlie.


Next day, Annie aives, and when Jai & Annie ask Melody if she wants to walk to school with them, Melody [who is wokeing on the ckmputer] denies the suggestion.

Jai & Annie bail, and sifter Melody goes upsotrs, Miles wonders if a woman’s touch [like Kirsty] might be the way to go with Melody.


Miles sees Kirsty in the corridor 0- and asks her to have a word to Melody. Kirsty agrees to do so.

Nearby, Nicole rounds to corner of the coriro [with Geoff, Annie, Jai & Melody with her]. She sees Ruby annsd wonders of they are enemies now because of the break up. Ruby can tell that Nicole is just kidding through.


Roman talk to Natalie. He admit tat it was something tat she said [the whole “if you feel for Charlie, The way you do for Martha] that convinced him to end the ‘ship


Melody is reading in a classroom with Annie & ruby enter. They wonder if she what like to join tham for lunch, but Melody comments that she is too busy. She also doesn’t like the suggestions of trying to hook her up with another guy. Indeed, Melody comments that ppl donmlt like the “old me or the new me”. Melody leaves the room, leaving both Annie & Ruby worried.


Geoff &* Nicole talk bout Roman & Charlie. Nicole insist that its bnetter for Charlie in the long run. Nicole comments that it’s better to find the perfect guy for you – which she has with Geoff. They waaaaaaaaaaaay kiss – and because Melody enters when they are doing so, she bails form the diner seconds later.


Melody enters a classroom, and ask Miles if she can go to yabby creek after school today, to but something etc. he tells her that it’s totally ok.

Melody goes into the corridor where she encounters Kirsty, who comments that Ollie’s been asking after Melody. She wonders if Melody would leik to come to the van this afternoon. Mel says tat she would like to, but has plans already.


Natalie tells Nicole that she is pleased that Nicole is with Geoff, and warns Nicole not to corrupt him.

Natalie suggests that Nicole should come and live with her in her “dingy” flat but Nicole says that the flat is bigger than Roman’s house – eps. With the flat’s ocean views. Nicole & Natalie hug before Natalie exits the house.


Mile talk to Alf about the Melody satiation, and about how Kirsty agreed to help. Alf tells Miles that this just reinfoverc that maybe Miles/Kirsty are supposed to be together.

Alf. Miles, Annie & Jai all get a shocked when Melody enters carrying lot of shopping bags. Looks like she’s majorly been clothes shopping – but6 she tells them that she won’t give them a fashion parade and that she will unveil new look at the scurf club tonight. After Melody goes upstairs, Miles & jai agree to Jai being home form the surf club be just before 9pm tonight.


Roman hugs Natalie beefer she gets in her car. He then says goodbye and walk away. Of course Charlie saw the hug and charges over tri the car and suggests that Natalie only said what she did to Charlie last night because Natalie wants to get back tiether with Roman. Natalie assures Charlie that they aren’t geeing back together – esp. since it was a goodbye hug as Natalie is leaving town.


Annie, Jai, Geoff, Nic & ruby are all there – and are surprised that Melody isn't here yet. They are VERY shocked when she does arrived – completed with a sexy new look.

Matthew takes an interest in her, whichj Melody likes. Geoff is keen to suggest to Melody that she’s making a mistake hanging out with Mathew, but Nicole insist tat sometimes ppl just have to learn to hard way.


Roma & Mile stlak bout there ‘ship woes – and both admit that they are pretty hopeless at that game at the moment.

Kirsty arrives at the side, and she tells Miles that she’s found another place to stay – and she’ll be moving in the next day or so.


With Mathew & Melody getting closer, ruby insists tat she never taught Melody’s any of the moves that she’s displaying tonight.

Jai & anrie are worried about Melody, esp. because they have to head for home. Ruby says that she will stay here and ensure tat Melody doesn’t do anything stupid.

However, soon after Annie & Jai bail, Ruby is distracted – by the fact tat Charlie is next door [at Noah’s] and it’s clear that chalioe’s had a “tad” to much to drink.

Whilst ruby convinces Charlie that they should both head form home, Matthew suggest to Melody that they should hang out in one of the currently not being used vans. Melody ups the ante by suggesting that matthew can come into the house itself – since everyone is out tonight.


Melody & Matthew enter, and almost immediately, Matthew kisses Melody. She backs away, but Matthew insists that he’s not like axel. Melody kisses him – and he suggest tat he’d like to see her room. Melody seems a little reluctant, but leads him up the stars all the same.



Whilst Geoff & Miles have a go at Matthew Lyons for using Melody, Melody tells Annie that she’s naïve if she thinks that guys aren’t into girls for just 1 thing

Looks like Miles & Kirsty are getting close again

Kirsty warms Leah bout spreading rumours about Miles

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: yellow strapless knee length dress/white belt/black headband


Ruby: white [brown mosaics on bust] singlet top


Melody: black [frilly red trim] spaghetti strap top/dark long pants/black [silver studded] belt/black boots


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt

Alf: white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: apple green spaghetti strap top

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: dark grey spaghetti strap top/dark long pants

Charlie: red sports singlet top

Charlie: white thin strap top/denim shorts

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [black “803”] t/dark long pants

Jai: grey [black splotches] t/grey scarf

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: yellow t/dark long pants

Kirsty: red v neck shirtdress

Mathew: green [white crest] t

Matthew Lyons: green [light pink “fresh jive”] t/dark long pants

Melody: peach cardie/mauve top/white knee length skirt

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: olive green button up shirt/blue [house * yard] t

Miles: olive green button up shirt/brown t

Miles: white button up shirt

Natalie: silver [black ^ white floral?] knee length dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: white [pink trim] singlet top/white shorts

Roman: black singlet/dark shorts

Roman: brown [red collar] t/denim jeans

Roman: dark t/dark long pants/black leather jacket

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white [brown kinda floral pattern near “collar”] thin strap top – with matching knee length skirt

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