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Tuesday, 4 Nov 08 – Episode # 4752

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Natalie and THAT Hug “

[screened in Australia on Tuesday, 4 Nov 08 – Episode # 4752]


Belle is in tears on the store room when Irene enters. She suggests that Belle should head for home, as she’s not really going o be up for working today.

Roman is in kitchen when Charlie enters, wondering if they’ve seen Angelo. When Belle & Irene go from the storeroom to the kitchen, Charlie immediately lets her feeling known [that she is on Angelo’s side]. Belle tells Charlie tat she never meant to hurt Angelo, but Charlie doesn't care. She is however intrigued when Roman suggest at she should go easy on Belle.


Jack, Rachel & Tony talk bout what’s happened. Jack is totally all steamed up, but Rachel insists tat there’s no official proof that the toxic material has caused Martha’s cancer or any of the other ppl to get cancer.

talk turns to how Martha must be feeling right now, and Rachel think that it’s a good sign that she Martha has a plan to deal with what she is going through, i.e. thins whole getting way form the bay/recharge the batteries thing.


Aden enters, and Belle’s in tears. She’s totally blaming herself for all of this, and yet Aden insists that it still doesn’t give Angelo the right to publicly humiliate her like this.


Angelo enters anmjd ask for a bottle of spirits. Alf suggest that drinking isnklt the answer – and they the bar isn’t allowed to seel alco drinks for another 156 minutes. Angelo tells Alf that he’ll just take his money elsewhere then. Angelo storms off.


Charlie arrives and she is muchly worried bout Angelo. She is also VERY concenersd that both Nicole & Roman knew about Aden/Belle. She wonders if Roman thinks that cheating on your partner is OK, but Roman insists stat the situation is more complicated than that. Charlie bails.


Next day, JnM talk with Colleen & Alf bout how the cancer cluster story is front page news of the paper and how Martha’s had phone calls asking for interviews. Alf & Colleen are pleased that Martha is doing whata she wants and getting way form this.

after Coleen & Martha head for the house to speak to Miles, Jack asks Alf for a loan to pay for the retreat that Martha is going – as jnM’s credit cards are already maxed up because of the medial bills already form the cancer treatment. Alf said that he can’t but he will endeavour to help JnM is some way with the money.


Angelo arrives, and he’s still not quite over his hangover form last night. Charlie makes it clear to Angelo that she is totally on his side bout what’s occurred. She suggests that he should go home and get some rest.


Charlie & Roman verbally clash over the differing view of the whole Aden/Belle/Angelo, and when Charlie walks away, Natalie comments to Roman on how much “fun” fighting with Charlie must be.

Alf approaches Roman – and wonders I he has help Alf with a certain situation.


Belle is in bed with Irene enters the room. Irene suggest that Belle should get up -= but when Belle suggest tat she can’t face all those ppl at the diner, Irene suggest that Belle is beating herself up more than anyone else will.

As Irene leaves the room, Nicole enters, with a gift bag form Aden – full of chocolates and DVDs. She also invited Belle over to Roman’s tonight [as Natalie is cooking].


Roman catches up with Jack, and tells him that Alf has spoken top him about JnM’s plight. Roman offers to lend Jack the money. Roman insists that Martha doesn’t even need to know. Jack insists that he will pay the money back – with interest.


JnM exit the house - Martha with suitcase in hand. Jack comments arhat with all the pampering etc at the retreat Martha probably won’t want to come home. He also tells her that it was Roman who is paying of this, but Martha assures Jack that its jack who has got her through all of this.


Aden enters the kitchen, about to start a shift, but Irene suggests that it’s best that he is taking care of Belle right now.

Aden agrees and when he goes to exit, he encounters Nicole, who tells him about this morning [the gift bag] with Belle, and how Nicole has invited Belle to dinner.


The likes of Alf & Colleen say their goodbyes to Martha before her head of to the retreat. Martha hugs Roman and thanks him for the money. The nearby Natalie & Nicole see the hug – and Natalie finds it partic interesting.


Its night time, and Aden, Belle, Nicole, Roman and Natalie are having diner when they hearer a knock at door. Roman answers it - its Charlie and she’s bought a bottle of wine with her. However, things go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay south when Charlie enters the kitchen and sees Belle & Aden sit8ing side by side. Charlie can’t believe that this is haping, and Belle “suggest” to Aden several time stat launch an attack on Charlie isn’t the way to go. Charlie bails – in disgust.

Soon after, Roman is sooooooooooo not impressed when Natalie makes the comet that if he felt for Charlie anywhere near what he feels for Martha, that maybe Charlie & Roman just might work. Indeed, Roman doesn’t like that comment etc sooo much, that he tells Natalie to pack her bags – he wants her out of the house tomorrow morning!!!!!


Natalie enters, and she sits with Charlie. She tells Charlie that roman wants her out of the the house waaaaaaaay early morrow morn.

Talk turns to Roman/Charlie and Natalie is rather surprised when Charlie tells her that, despite her tiffs with Roman, Charlie believes tat she & roman belong together. Charlie tells Nat that she is going t go over to Roman’s and apologises for what happened, and they’ll be ok after that.


Nic talks to Roman about what’s happened [Nat getting her marching orders] Nic admits that she &^ her mum are actually close that they’ve ever been, and most of that’s down to the way that Nic now is [having lived with Roman for these past few months].

After Nic heads upstairs to bed, Roman answers the door - its charlie. She apologises for opening her mouth tight before she thought about what she was saying. She hopes that they will be as good as veer – but Roman tells her that he thinks that they AREN’T working and that they should break up!!!!



Melody reveals her sexy new look

Nicole is worried that Roman & Natalie will get back together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: dark grey spaghetti strap top/dark long pants


Nicole: black [white floral?] spaghetti strap top


Rachel: white [red floral, black straps] wide strap top


Aden: black polo shirt/dark long pants

Aden: black [white swirls?] t/tan shorts

Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t

Alf: white [dark blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants/white wide crim hat

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Belle: black singlet top

Belle: red elbow length sleeved top

Belle: grey t/black vest/dark shorts

Charlie: black top/bone long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Coleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse/aqua top/red long pants

Irene: black elbow length sleeved blouse/ bone long pants

Irene: red elbow length sleeved blouse/dark long pants

Jack: aqua v neck t/denim jeans

Jack: white long sleeve top

Martha: grey long sleeve top/blue t/denim jeans/black bandana

Natalie: cream wide collar top

Natalie: white [red floral?] low cut v neck dress

Natalie: grey [yellow & black diagonal kinda splotches] knee length dress

Nicole: off white strapless top

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: brown [red collar] t/denim jeans

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Tony: brown t

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