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Mon, 3 Nov 08 – Episode # 4751

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Call THAT An Attack “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 3 Nov 08 – Episode # 4751]


Belle is waaaaay stressed out by what’s occurred. She is especially annoyed that she had the pics to prove what she says is right, but now Murray has the camera. Aden offers to stay the night. Belle say that she knows that she should say no, but she can’t. Belle ads that she’ll definitely break out with Angelo tomorrow,

Angelo watches etc on of this [undetected] at t7eh kitchen window.


Next day, Charlie talks to Angelo. She now is quite sure, after what he’s told her, tat what’s Belle’s been saying appears to be right. Charlie however suggest, given that Angelo kooks Very run off his feet, that he should go home and get some rest.


Belle talks to Irene bout what’s happened. Irene is worried what Murray might fo to Belle, given that he’s already run off with her camera. Belle insists that Murray isn’t the kind for physical violence.

Irene & Belle that talk about Belle’s suspicions about the cancer cluster – and Irene wonders if all this [the numerous ppl, like Kane, Coleen erc] could have been avoided.


Charlie talk to Roman is the kitchen about her belief that Belle is actually onto something about these toxic chemicals causing cancer. Coleen enters the kitchen, and she makes his presence known to Roman & Charlie when she accidentally drops a piece of cutlery.

Colleen immediately goes into the main area, and tells Tony about what’s she’s just heard. Charlie adds that they they can’t be certain bout this.


Tony tells Rachel what Colleen & Charlie told him. Rachel goes to bail – she tells Tony that she has to get to Martha before Coleen does. Rachel bails.


Rachel’s too late – colleen has told JnM what ahe’s heard. Rachel, however, insists that Colleen camlet spread this further or she will cause a panic, eps. To those suffering from cancer right now [like Martha].


ANgelo enters, and Belle emotionally tells him that she thinks they should brake up. She insists that its all about her, and the that has noting to do with anytng Angelo has done. Angelo isn’t exactly taken back, but he doesn’t say anything bout Aden & Belle either.


Jack & Charlie have a go at Angelo for a partial report that he’s done on the investigation into the development site. Jack is most annoyed that the other 2 seem to leno bout this without informing him. Both tell him that they weremlt prepared to tell Jack without definitive proof that the waste on the site cause the cancers. Angelo adds that they went t Lara to get permission to get the medical records, but that request with denied.

Charlie tells JACK that they’ve received the warrant to search the site – so she & Jack bail.

After they do, Angelo makes a phone call – asking to access some phone records.


Charlie & Jack notice freshly dug up soil near the sitter perimeter fencing. Tim tells the that that area will be landscaped etc. Charlie asks if Tim’s seen Murray lately – and he tells them that he’s not seen him since the protests. Tim is then questions about Belle’s missing camera and then Jack almost threatens Tim – claiming that if there’s even a trace of toxic chemicals left in the soil, then Jack will throw the book at him. Jack & Charlie bail.


After Angelo highlights some of the numbers on those phone records he wanted, he rings one of the numbers – and gets Aden’s answering machine.


Angelo arrives and speaks to roman. Angelo is looking for Aden, but he’s not home. When Angelo mentions belle/Aden, roman tells him that he’s sure that roman’s the only one that Aden has told about them. Roman adds that he doenlkt think Belle has told anyone that she is back with Aden.


Charlie & jack eneter and Charlie has a go at jack for going in too hard with Tim. He then tells jack that the company who deposited money into Murray’s bank account are both linked to the development and Murray’s new job,

Tim arrives. He gives them Belle’s camera – he tells them that they found it at the site after one of the heavy pieces of machinery ran over it. When Tim leaves, both Jack &^ Charlie agree that the camera is wrecked.

.Soon after, Belle and confirms that the wrecked camera is here. She’s annoyed – and as she leaves she encounters Angelo, who quizzes her about last night. He tells her that he saw her hugging Aden – and bell is forced to admit that she did sleep with Aden last night. She insists that it was a one off. Angelo looks way menacing, but doesn’t say anything bout the phone records. belle bails.


Belle tells Aden bout her encounter with Angelo, and what she told him. Both are kinda concerned, but also pleased that they’re ;ship is out in the open.


Roman phones Aden – as leaves a msg that Angelo dropped by the house looking for him.

Roman then sees Martha leaves against the fensing – looking into the site. Martha tells roman that she can’t believe this place [the bay] that she loves could be the thing that has made her sick.


Many residents in the town are at a public meeting that the police have called about the develop manet site. The likes of Aden, belle, Alf, Rachel & Irene are in attenmdance3, along with Jack, Charlie & angelo who are hosting the meeting.

The ppl are concerned bout the cancer cluster, but Rachel & the police trey to get the ppl to underfgstabnd that there’s not a proven link tween the site *& the cancers.

In the middle of all of this, Jack answers his phone – and leaves the room.

At the meeting, Aden wonders what the police are doing about the situating where bell was run of the road, and Aden waaaaaaaaaaaay challenges Angelo when he says that the police are doing all they can. When Aden claims that Angelo &* co are hopeless, Angelo tells Aden that he not so hopeless – as he’s discovered that, through phone records that he has in his hands] that Belle & Aden has been sing each bother for weeks !!!!! Angelo leaves the room 0- pleased that he publicly humiliated Belle!!!

[note – if Angelo thought the whole phone records etc attack was good, I don't think it was even close to the GREATNESS of when Belle told everyone in the diner of how Amanda will sleep with anyone – incl teenage Drew and REALLY old guys like Beth’s dad, Graham].


Angelo confronts Aden. He tells Aden that he [Angelo] is a sore looser, dnbd that Aden better watch his back. Angelo than pushes Aden over and storms off. Aden gets up – and wonders what on earth just happened.


Mat gets in jack’s police car, and after roman walks away, jack tells Martha that he will hunt down the toxic wastes ppl if its proven that they are to blame for this [her cancer].

Martha tells jack that she has to get away form this place – to recharge her batteries, and to gain n strength for the battles etc to come. When jack says that he’ll probably have to take leave without pay, martha insists tat she has to go ALONE when she does this.



Looks like Angelo turns to the bottle

It appears that Jack brows money form Roman to pay for the retreat that Martha goes to

Nm tells Roman “if you cared for Charlie the way you do for Martha, you 2 might actually get somewhere”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: aqua v neck t/dark long pants/white zip up jacket


Belle: black [red “Norton” logo] t/dark long pants/ black [pink stripes on shoulders] jacket


Rachel: white [red floral, black straps] wide strap top


Aden: black [white swirls?] t/tan shorts

Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark jacket/denim jeans

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Belle: grey t/black vest/dark shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: hot pink top/dark green leafy short sleeve blouse/red floral long skirt

Irene: red elbow length sleeved blouse/dark long pants

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Martha: grey bandana/white t/brown cardigan/denim jeans

Roman: grey t

Tim Coleman: olive green button up shirt

Tony: black [with grey sides] SB gym t/dark [wide grey vertical stripe] track pants

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