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Fri, 31 Oct 08 – Episode # 4750

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Why Should Kids Have All The Fun !!! “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 31 Oct 08 – Episode # 4750]


Ruby talks to melody bout the Halloween party tonight. Ruby says that she is gong to go to the party as an American Indian girl – she was thinking of going as Juliet, but there’s no Romeo in her life right now.

Melody isn’t sure what her plan is – but that changes with Colleen complains about how Nic shows off her costume – a red devil type deal – in the diner earlier that day.


After Nic & Geoff talks bout how Nic seem to be liking that her mum is actually making an effort to rebuild their ‘ship, Geoff & Nic kiss. Tony then reminds Geoff & Nic that he’s supposed to be helping with setting up of the party.


As Annie applies ghoulish type makeup to Jia’s face, Jai wonders if miles is gong to the party – and if so, what’s his costume. Miles say stat he is going – but that Halloween isn’t rallying his thing.

Ruby netrs, and since the make up job is done, jai bails. Ruby talks to Annie about Jai/Annie – and Annie admits that Jai’s been kissing her a lot lately. Ruby sys that bt6hat’s different form most guys, who arenmlt into the public display of affection. Annie tells Ruby that she’s not so keen on all the kissing etc.


Both Murray & belle are siting in her car. There seem to be nothing happening at the site. Belle refocuses ion the tasks at hand – kolokig for any sign of life in the life at the site -0 after Murray suggest that her mind is elsewhere.


Tony [zombie outfit] wonders what Miles is supposed to be, but Miles sus that he’s not really into9 Halloween. Alf is then annoyed when those two can’t easily tell who he is suppose to be [with his totally black, incl hat, look].

Leah & Colleen [both in costume] arrive – and both she & miles are surprised that the other is there.


Murray is keen to go – as there seem to9 be nothing happening tonight, but belle hears a loud nice coming form the site. She & murray sneak inside the site, and see a bunch of men, lead by Tim Coleman, removing steel barrels form the ground. Belle comments that bathe barrels are corroded, so it’s clear that some of the toxic waste has leaked out. Belle takes lots of photos of the removal of the barrels sofm the ground etc.


With the Halloween party in full swing, Nicole comets on how Geoff isn’t dressed up as anything, so he say tat he doesn’t believe in Halloween. He also suggests that Anne doesn’t wither, but then she & jai [bOTH in costume arrive]. This surprised Geoff, and he kinda gets in the spirit by putting on an old Scholl life guard cap.

Melody arrives – and Nic is most annoyed that Melody hea ESXACTLY same costume.

Indeed, Nic tells Melody tat there’s NO WAY that it’s a coincidence theta this has happened.

When Melody walks away form Nic, Ruby approaches Melody – and when Melody cryptically refer to her plan for tonight, Ruby warns melody against doing whatever she is planning.

Meanwhile, Leah & mile stalks about the whole Howden thing, they both suggest that why should kids have all the fun [with the trick or treat thing] but than both realise that adults going round that streets sking for free chocolates etc isnlkt the best look in the world. They seem to be getting on well here, but tuta kinda bought to a halt when, beacuse they are talking bout kids, miles mentions of how much Ollie is enjoying all of this stuff.


Belle is rally please than she’s got the proof she needs pwth the photos].

Angelo then phones her – he tells her that Murray can’t be trusted, as the payment that went into9 Murray’s back acct was form a company that’s links to the developers.


Belle, once the call ends, tells Murray that they have the proof that mined and can go. She asks him gto give her back her camera, but then Tim & some of his men see them. Belle gets in his car, but it won’t start form so runs into the bushes Belle fall’s over and cuts her hand, but she avoids detection by Tim & his men.

Belle sees a poice car approaching. She is plead that Angelo is here – and whilst he is ken ti take her to hospital for the cut, she tells him that they nee to find Murray.


Miles and some of the others try to guess who Alf has come as – and Alf is annoyed that they can’t easily guess that he’s come up as Johnny Cash.

Jai kisses Annie -0 and she is esp. annoyed when one of the teen boys at the pay suggest for them to get a room.

The lights go out – and someone depressed in red kisses Geoff.

When the lights come back on, Melody reveals that she just kissed Geoff. To say that Geoff and esp. Nic are annoyed is an understatement.

Melody tells Geoff that she is adamant that Geoff & Nic just aren’t right for each other, Nic then proudly boats tat her & Geoff slept together. Melody is shocked, and Geoff doesn’t seem too happy that Nic’s just revelled that to the world.


Tim sees Bel & Angelo pull out in the police car, and after Angelo wonders if he can investigate Belle’s claims, Tim “suggest” to Angelo to get a warrant.

Belle asks Tim where Murray is, and Tim responds “Murray who???” before tim diorves off.


Melody tells Nic that there’s no way that she loves Geoff more that melody does, but Nic insist tat they are in love. Geoff backs her up on this – whilst Annie admits to jai that she thinks that Nic isn’t so good for Geoff.


After Annie & jai, Annie comments att she can’t believe how Nic has corrupted Geoff. Jai then wonders if this is what Annie isn’t soo keen on kissing. Annie tells Jai that she thinks that if he’s way into kissing, he’ll want to sleep with Annie and she’s not ready for that. She wants to wait til she’s married. Jai tells her that he’s sooooo not ready for sex either.


Melody enters and tells Aden what’s happened [kenoining that they slept together]. Aden then surprised melody when he tells her that he’s only slept with 1 girl. He adds that once you do, it changes everything.

Aden tells Melody that that best thigh to do if to move on.


Belle & Angelo talk bout the development site, belle tells Angelo that she’s knows that Tim & the others are needing to be reckless [quickly remiobgving the drums of toxic waste lat at night] so she know that needs to act now.

Belle is all kinda shaky so Angelo suggests that he should stay here the night – with the police car outside that house being a good deterrent if Tim & his mob try anything. Belle however declines the offer.


Belle sees Aden and approaches him. she totally in tears, and tells him that she is soooooo worried right now. They hug – and angelo, in his car, sees it all.



Sounds LIKE Martha is [temporarily] leaving town

Rachel urges Colleen not to cause a panic by spreading the word bout the cancer [before they have proof]

Angelo “suggest” to Aden that be should stay way form Belle

Matthew Lyons appears to be waaaaaaaay interested in the new look Melody

Natalie tells Roman that she thinks he has stronger feelings for Martha that he does for Charlie

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: purple [black trim] very 1920 or 1930s dress/purple feather boa/dark necklace


Ruby: American Indian costume [incl brown headband]


Jai: blue [hot pink triangles] t


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark jacket

Alf: black suit/black wide brim hat

Angelo: light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/dark blue jacket

Annie: grey [black lightning bolt etc] scoop t/yellow shorts

Annie: skeleton costume

Belle: black [red “Norton” logo] t/dark long pants/black [pink stripes on shoulders] jacket

Colleen: bright multi colour floral blouse/aqua top

Colleen: witch’s hat/purple [yellow stars] cloak/silver scarf?/long skirt

Geoff: white [dark check] button up shirt/red [with yellow & blue stripes] lifesaver’s cap

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t

Jai: black t/dark long pants

Jai: grim reaper costume

Melody: green thin strap top/orange knee length skirt

Melody: red devil costume [incl red horns & mask]

Miles: brown [black unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Murray: olive green long sleeve shirt

Nicole: red devil costume [incl red horns & mask]

Nicole: white [red floral] dress

Ruby: dark top

Tim Coleman: denim jeans/olive green button up shirt

Tony: dark zombie like costume

Tony: red t/dark shorts

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