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Wed, 29 Oct 08 – Episode # 4748

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Bridget Used To Get It, But Now She Has NO Idea “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 29 Oct 08 – Episode # 4748]


Miles enters, and Jai & Alf are well aware that he is earlier that they expected. When Jai tripe to ask Miles about what happened, Miles immediately wonders about an English assignment tat Jai has. When Jai sys that he hasn’t finished it yet, Miles “suggest” that he should.

after Jai goes upstaters, Miles sits in the longue – and when Alf kinda stares at him with an inquisitive look, Miles asks Alf not to do that right now.


Next day, Rachel is a little suppressed when Bridget suggested that when Martha’s had her 3rd round of chemo tomoorweo it will be plain sailing for her. Rachel “suggests” that this round of chemo is the worst of the lot. Bridget tries to suggest tat Rachel misinterpreted what she said, but Rachel isn’t “buying it”.

Nearby, Coleen approaches Martin. After he yawns, his comet to colleen about how the school is deficient in several admin potions at the moment, so he’s had to do more of that stuff.

Colleen then talks to Leah about Miles & Kirsty and how she hopes stat they can get back toigther. Leah, after a bit, has had enough – and “suggest” that colleen should get back to work.


Annie arrives, and Jai bails with moments later. He doesn’t even take the lunch that Miles named for him.

Alf suggest to Miles that Miles should tell jai what’s going on [tween Kirsty & Miles] so jai can understand. Miles says tanh he himself isn’t sure what’s happened. Alf then suggest that Miles should at at least Jai that he is there for jai anytime. Alf add that the occasional smile for Miles wounmdnlt hurt either.


With Bridget beside her, Martha is stressing bout her white ceil count – i.e. if it’s out of the right range, she can’t have the chemo morrow. Rachel approaches – and tells Martha that he cell count is good and that she can well & truly come back here morrow for the chemo.


Trish & Kirsty are walking down one of the corridors, and Trish suggests that Kirsty should stop whinging bout her job. Trish also wonders if Kirsty is keen on hostessing again. Kirsty waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay says no to that.

After Kirsty knock on a room door, and gets no answers, she enters. She is making the bed when a bearded dude called grag exits the bathroom. he tell he that he’s heard that Kirsty is a good looker for another mbr of his staff, and that he would be V pleased if Kirsty accimopainined him tho dinner. Kirsty waaaaaaay makes it clear r to9 the way that she is not interested.

When she exits the room, she tells Trish bout cheapened. Kirsty also tells Trish tat that was the last straw – she is quitting her job here at the resort.


Kirsty enters and Martin sees that she is a tad distressed. Kirsty tells him bout what just happened atb the resort – incl how she just quit. Kirsty looks forlorn – wondering what she will do now. Martin doesn’t respond – but he looks as tough he is thinking of a solution.


Miles talks to Jai. He tells jai that he hasn't talked to jai bout things as Miles himself isn’t exactly sure wart’s going on. He does assure jai that he only went to diner as a friend of Leah’s. Miles admits tat he deoenlt know if he wants to be together with Kristy 0 but jai is at leat pleased that Miles has bought him up to speed with what’s going on.


Leah talk to Rachel about hat’s hopped. Indeed, Leah suggested she’s a crazy person for what happened lat night [her fight on beach with Miles]. When Leah tells Rachel that she just knows that Kirsty isn’t right for Miles, Rachel wonders if Lehn thanks that SHE [Leah] is the right person for Miles. Leah doesn’t give herl a definitive answer.


Martha & Bridget arrive home form a shopping tri[p and whilst Bridget is keen to show Jack what they bought, Martha tell Bridget that jack isnklt keen on shich things. Martha also doesn’t like it when Bridget is dismissive of how tired wetc Martha feels right now.

After Bridget take stat hint and bails, Martha tells Jack that she can’t how things are, i.e. Bridget used to know what Martha was thinking before Martha did, but now, Martha & Bridget are soooooooooooooo on different pages so to speak.


Kirsty enter and sits with Martin, who offers Kristy her old job back. He tells her that they’ve been through 2 temps since Kirst left, and that although Kristy wasn’t perfect, she got beetr each day that she was there.

Martin makes it clear that he’ll only hire her if she isn’t doing any other hob, and he suggests her that once she has this school job, she can apply for a bank loan to ply for Kane’s appeal. Martin also wonders if Kane would like it if he knows just how Kristy was paying fio the appeal [with the hostessing etc].


Rachel enters, and medially checks Martha out. She tells Martha tat she thinks, because all Martha’s vital signs etc are normal, that the sickness that she is suffering in du to stress about the chemo session. Rachel suggest some meditation techniques etc.


Its night time, and when Annie & Miles taste test somet9ig Jai is cooking. They are both impressed.

After Annie & jai head upstairs, Alf comen st tat its good that Miles & jai are talimjg to each other once more. Miles then tells Alf that he is gogh for walk.


Miles visits Kirsty in her van – and he apologised ro his behaviours recently. He then Kirsty that she is welcome to come to the house whenever she likes, whilst Kirsty tells Miles that Leah has been saying all those ethikgs to him [about Kirsty etc] bveaus Kirsty thinks that Leah is in love with Miles. Mile insists that he doesn’t love Leah. Both are please that tags em trop be back on track [friendship wise] tween the two.


Next day, Leah tells colleen that VJ is at that age where he is rally pushing his limits. Colleen rems to when Lance was that age.

Miles enter and talks to Leah. He tells her that he thinks that he’s been leaning on her waaaaay too much and that they should spend some time apart. Although she’s no doubt thinking otherwise, she tells Miles that his plan is a responsible one.


Kay tells Kirsty that she needs Kirsty to give the firm moor money to pay for better staff to0 help with Kane’s case, but Kirsty tells Kay tat she can't afford it right now. Kirsty suggetstaht she may pick this up in the future, but right now, she doesn’t want to be in contact with etc Kane.


Miles * jai are both surprised when they see Kirsty at the school she tells them that Martin offered her the old job back. She ads that she didnklt tell Miles last night as she only decide to take the job this mourn, Kirsty also tells Miles that she’s not going to in contact with Kane, or fund his appeal.. Jai looks VERY pleased.


With Jack beside her, and Rachel nearby, Martha is hooked up top the chemo machine =- by Nurse Sue. However, almost immediately, Martha true to rip the chemo drip out of her arm. She’s waaaaaaaaaay emotional when she says that she just can’t do this!!!!!



Martha tells Rachel that the chemo is her safety net – and she doesn’t think she can fight the cancer without it

Murray tells Belle about what happening at the development site

A man form Bridget’s past arrives in town

Angelo tells Belle to stop this toxic waste investigation, whilst

Aden wants Belle to come clean [and tell Angelo that she is more into Aden than him]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: yellow wide collar knee length dress


Martha: hot pink scoop t/marron & grey bandana/old denim jeans


Rachel: red low cut v neck t/grey knee length skirt


Alf: green [black check] button up shirt/bone LPs

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Annie: light blue [check] scoop top

Annie: SBH uniform

Bridget: red [yellow floral] Asian style top/dark long pants

Colleen: red [yellow native floral] blouse/white typo/

Colleen: red floral blouse/purple top/light orange long skirt

Greg [Resort]: white dressing gown

Jack: black long sleeve top/white t

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: white & mauve v neck t/dark long pants

Jai: yellow t

Kay [lawyer]: black jacket

Kirsty: brown jacket/black top

Kirsty: white kinda frilly singlet top/red knee length skirt

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

Leah: blue wide strap top

Martha: green hoodie

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark [white dots?] tie

Miles: 2 tone blue horizontal stripes button up shirt/light blue t/dark long pants

Miles: grey t/dark blue button up shirt/denim jeans

Miles: dark brown button up shirt/grey long pants

Nurse Sue: purple scrubs

Rachel: green singlet top/black knee length skirt /green small beaded necklace

Trish: white long sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

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