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Tues, 28 Oct 08 – Episode # 4747

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ An Enemy Of MY Enemy Is A Friend “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 28 Oct 08 – Episode # 4747]


Roman waaaaaaaaay has a go at both Nicole & Natalie for what’s happened, and comments that they are lucky the it was Charlie that pulled them over [sounds like she let them off with a warming]. After Natalie goes upstairs, Nicole suggest to Roman that he shouldn’t have overdone tigs with them jus them – as, for the most part, it was a good night of bonding tween mother & daughter.


Miles is trying to do some work and Melody banging & crashing the dishes as she washes them isn’t helping. He suggest tat she should stop doing so, an Melody expresses how she & jai are messing Kirsty & Ollie. Melody then goes upstairs.

Alf talks to Miles about the situation. Miles insist that he doenl;t know what to tell that kids as he doesn’t rally know how to deal with the situation [all of Kirsty’s deceptions] himself.

After Miles goes upstairs, Kirsty enters the house – looking for some of Ollie’s toys. As eh finds them, Alf tell Kirsty how much she is being missed – which Kirsty takes heart in. she then bails – with the toys.


Next day, in the kitchen, Roman gives Nicole another seve about what happened – and once more “suggest” that she should have called him [to pick them up] last night.

Natalie enter the room, and [having heard Roman’s “chat” with Nicole just then] suggest that she’s too hung over to deal with a lecture right now.

Natalie is keen to talk to Nicole, but the feeling isn’t mutual – i.e. Nicole accepts a lift form Roman – and those 2 bail


Nicole tells Geoff bout how annoyed she is at Natalie, but when he suggest that she could ten her mind of that subject by thin inking of ideas to do with the school [since they are the captains], Nicole is less than impressed.

Meanwhile, in the kitsch, Irene enters and speaks to Leah & Roman about how “down in tee dumps” Kirsty is. Irene isn't impressed when Leah syathat Kirsty is getting what she deserves.

Charlie enters, and is annoyed that Roman hasn’t at last thrown Natalie out of his house. She insist that she could have been a LOT tougher on Nicole & Natalie last night but she thought it best to let Roman handle it. Charlie now thinks that that decision was wrong. She storms out.


Charlie isn’t that keen to see Nicole not in school – but6 Nicole insists that she has a free period. Charlie [like she just did with Roman at diner] expresses to Nicole how annoyed ahse is with how kinda lightly Roman, Natalie & Nicole are taking this.


Art the lockers, Ruby comments to Melody & Geoff about how everyone is talking about Nicole’s run in with the law lat night.

Martin enters the corridor, and suggests that Geoff & the other get to class. Melody approaches Martin – and tells him about what happened to Nicole last night.


In the kitchen, Irene expresses her concerned for Kirsty, but Leah once more vehemently tells I that she doesn’t think that Kirsty deserves ANY sympathy because fo the wee she treat Miles.

They get into a MAJOR verbal row about this – during which Irene tell Leah that if Leah bans Kirsty form the diner, they’ll muchly be “having words” again.


Nicole is talking to Geoff when Britney approaches – antig to talk bout last night.

Martin sees Nicole and tells her that he’d like to speak to her in private. She tells him, as the y enter a classroom, that she has lots of great idea as shool,captin.

When they are in the room, Martin tells Nicole that he’s heard about aht happened last night – and that he has no choice but to strip her of the captaincy. He removes the “captain” badge form her collar as he says this.

When Nicole goes into the corridors, she comets to Ruby & the others bot what’s just happened, and whilst ruby looks shocked, there’s a subtle grin on Melody’s face.


Leah is talking top Miles when Irene “suggests” that a customer might starve if Leah doesn’t serve them.

Despite this, Leah still asks Miles to accompany her to dinner at the resort [as she won a dinner for 2 in a raffle and the used by date is all but up]. Leah is please when Miles accepts.


Charlie arrives and she all but immediately has a go at Natalie beacus eof what happened. Charlie is partic annoyed when Natalie suggest that she a& Nicole were having a friends night out, i.e. Charlie “suggest” that Natalie should be Nicole’s Mum, not her friend.

Nicole arrives home, and immediately [especially in light of the lecture she copped form Charlie earlier] takes Natalie’s side. Charlie is annoyed at that – given that she was lenient on them – but she bails.

Soon after, Nat enters and Nic all but immediately tells her that because of last night, Nic has lost the school captaincy. Nat tells Nic that last might was actually a way form her to try to work up the courage to really talk to Nic [once they’d re-bonded over a great night etc]. Nat admits that she couldn’t see what husband roy was doing because dhe was blinded by love. Nic responds to that by “suggesting” that Nat should start acting like and adult – but Nat fires back by saying that whilst most of her [same age as her] rinds are only just having babies now, Nat is the mum of a teen daughter. Nat adds to that comment that she doesn’t for a second regret having Nic. Nat ask Nic to forgive her – and Nic holding her mum’s hand brings a tear to Nat’s eye.


Miles ent5rs that kitchen and talks to Irene, as he wants for Leah. Irene makes him well aware of the clash that Irene had with Leah about Kirsty earlier, although Miles seems quite oblivious when Irene comments that the clash was based around Leah & kirstyu;s feelings for Miles.

In the main area, Roman sees Nic & Nat enter. Nat comets to Riemann that tings are looking good tween mother & daughter. She also comments bout the “serve” that Nat & Nic cop[ed for Charlie. Nat adds to that they she understands why Roman is going out with Charlie – who Nat thinks is sexy when she’s angry.


Roman approaches Charlie and when he comments about how Nat commented bout what Charlie sais, Charlie is expecting a “blast” form Roman. However, roman thnaks her, as Nat & Nic seem to have bo9nded over it. He does suggest that Charlie should back off she that situation now, before he thanks her for what she did. They kiss.


Leah &* miles are at the restauraiynt waiting for their meals. When Miles comets bout Kirsty, Leah wonders if Kirsty is working tonight – as she sys that, Kirsty does enter the restuatuinbt [its clear that she is doing her housekeeping job] but as soon as Kirsty see miles & Leah she exits the room. Leah etc don’t see her btw.

Talk turns to Leah’s clash with Irene, and Leah admits that she DOES that the miles is too good a person for Kirsty. Its clear hat miles isn't that ken that she’s said that – so Leah bails.


When <Miles catches up with Leah, they have a MAJOR row over Leah’s comets that she thinks that Miles IS too good a person and that he will let Kirsty wangle her way back int9o his life.

Indeed, the verbal exchange is soo heated that by the end of it, miles & Leah’s friendship is OVER!!!!!!!



Martin offers Kirsty her old job back

Martha tries to stop her chemo mid treatment

Kirtsty tell miles that she thinks Leah is in love with him

Looks like Alf gives Bridget the $5000!!!! she asks him for

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: white kinda low cut v neck top/silver knee length skirt


Leah: royal blue singlet top


Nicole: emerald green [jewel encrusted] low cut v neck thin strap dress


Alf: white [blue & red check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Britney: SBH uniform

Charlie : red singlet top/white zip up jacket/black [red vertical stripe on each leg] track pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: grey long sleeve BLOUSE/dark long pants

Kirsty: blue & red floral low cut v neck knee length dress

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse

Leah: flesh coloured spaghetti strap top/white knee length skirt

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow check] tie

Melody: green singlet top/denim knee length skirt

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: dark brown button up shirt/grey long pants

Miles: white button up shirt/grey [black unknown text] t

Miles: grey [green & orange rainbow] t

Natalie: grey [yellow & balk diagonal kinda splotches] knee length dress

Natalie: black low cut v neck thin strap dress/gold chunky necklace

Natalie: white [black dots] satin-like knee length dressing gown

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: white & black wavy vertical striped dress

Roman: black [white “analog”[ t

Roman: bluey-grey t/dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

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