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Mon, 27 Oct 08 – Episode # 4746

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Christian Boyfriend ! Oh My God !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 27 Oct 08 – Episode # 4746]

Note – this ep guide is, for various reasons, done in a storyline by storyline style

With Belle slumped at the wheel of her car, the police & ambulance officers arrive. Angelo is kinda frantic when his seas that it’s Belle [who appears unconscious].

Aden & Irene are both working at the diner when Irene wonders if Aden could take Murrays’ order [as he’s been her for ½ hour without ordering]. When Aden approaches Murray, the later sys that he is waiting for Belle.

Nearby, Irene answers the phone – and it6s clear that she’s just got the news that Belle is in hospital. She tells Aden before bailing.

At the hospital, the likes of Rachel & Nurse Gloria get to work treating Belle. Meanwhile, when Angelo sees that Aden is at the hospital tope, he “suggests” tat there is no reason the Aden needs to be here.

Ken Harper & another policeman are working ait the scene of Belle’s incendent. Murray approaches Belle’s car, and Harper stops him. Murray says that Belle asked him to get some documents form the car for her. Haeper say that he will have to check on that, but when the other officer calls out to hAper, it looks like Murray is about to take those docs.

Rachel [hospital] talks to Irene & Angelo about Belle. She tells them that although there isn’t anytiking serious wrong with Belle [a few cuts & bruises] they will keep her in for observation overnight. Rachel agrees to Irene’s request for her to go in to see Belle.

In Belle’s hospital room, Belle says something about another car running her of the road, but it only after she says it that Irene enters the room.

Next day, belle isn’t that pleased that Angelo doesn’t seem to believe her when she say that she was run off the road – and her stress intensifies when Angelo tells her tat there is no sign of the documents [she’s collected 7 signed consents forms yesterday] in her car. Angelo tells her that he will interrogate.

When Angelo constants Murray [Noah’s], Murray denies taking the docs, but Angelo says tat he will be keeping an eye on Murray.

At hospital, Irene talks t9o Rachel bout Belle. Irene is worried about Belle – but rach thinks that belle’s mood swings are due to the concusioion she suffered.

Irene goes into belle’s room and talks to her about things, uncl that she saw Murray is the diner. Irene hopes that Belle isn’t still into this toxic waste stuff, but Belle changes the subject [kinda] but insisting to Irene that she needs to speak to Aden.

Irene aggress to pass on the msg – and she does so when she talks to Aden at Roman’s.

Belle [hospital] tell rach that she rally doenklt know how Rachel copes with all this ppl and all the bad news that hear etc is hospital. Rachel insists that it never gets easier. Belle tells Rachel that the stories of these ppl that she spoke to is all she can thinks of – and that she’ll NEVER reveal that it was Rachel that gave her the list.

Aden enters the room – and when he wonders when Belle is going to dump Angelo, she insists tat its not the right time – as Belle could need his help [with Angelo being cop sand all].

Angelo arrives and he’s concerned that Aden is there.

After Aden bails, belle insists tat its only natural fore Aden [a friend] to cist her]. She’s then annoyed when Angelo tells her that the lock of evidence [no tyre marks for braking suddenly etc] suggest the accident was form driver fatigue. Angelo then ads that the consent forms are missing but he doesn’t know if Murray has them on not.

After Aden arrives back at roman’s he teak to roman bout belle – admitting that he MUCHLY loves her.

Later, Angelo enters belle’s hospital room, and he apologises for being “a big, dumb bloke”. He tells her that when he saw her slumped behind wheel of her car, he panic’d etc. Angelo asks Belle to slaty away form this toxic waste investigation, as he doenlt went to loose her. It’s clear that Belle isn’t cool with that idea [of stopping her investigation].

At Romans’, Aden gets a txt msg form Belle – its say that she can’t break up with Angelo right now, and for Aden to be patient.

Its night time of in their police car at side of road, Angelo wonders to Charlie if she thinks that someone’s has gone out with her just because she’s a cop. She says no – but it’s clear that Angelo is thinking that of Belle.

At roman’s, Nic, her mum & Charlie are in the kitchen. Charlie has just cooking something [eggs etc] and Natalie suggest tat maybe Nic should learn to cook. Nic all but ignores her – and then leaves the room.

Nat then balk to Charlie 0- and is surprised hen Charlie suggest yet she isn't that only HOT women in the bay. When Charlie comments about Martha, Nat seems please that Charlie & roman haven't been together long.

Later, in langue room, Nat ask Aden questions about Nic and her finds, and when Nat says that its clear that Nic is VERYT pretty, Nat then suggest to Aden that that it the moment that he should have said that Nic gets those looks form her mu.

It’s after school time, and Nat is waiting for Nic to9 get home. Roman suggests that Nat should stop treating Nic like a child, and moiré like an adult. This gives Nat an idea,

Soon after, she sees Nic in the diner, and suggest that they have a coooooooool girls night [esp. she Nat’s been shopping].

That night, Nic & Nat at at the bar of the sands resort [i think] Nat is surprised that Nic is acting very responsibility and isn’t drinking etc. btw; the same can’t be said of Nat. She aloe comments about Nic’s religious b/f [see ep title] which [the comment] prompts a fit of laughter form both.

Nic likes it when Nat suggest that head out onto the dance floor, but Nic isn’t keen when Nat dumps the girl’s night idea moments later when she sees a hot guy.

Later, ion the car park of the resort, it caler that Nat is drunk, but Nic isn’t keen form them to satay the night here [as Nat will probably try to hook up with that guy again], so Nic decises to diver herself & Nat home.

In their police car at the side of the road, Angelo & Charlie sess a car approach. Charlie gets out of the police car and gets the driver to stop. Nic is shocked that it’s Charlie who has pulled her over – and Charlie is equally shocked that Nic is driving the car.



Charlie “suggest” to Natalie that she should stop acting like Nicole’s friend and start being her mum

Nicole is stripped of the school captaincy – “shock” that it’s Melody who dobs on her

Irene & Leah clash over Kirsty, whilst

Leah vehemently tells Miles that she thinks he’s too nice a person and that he will let Kirsty back into his life

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: emerald green [jewel encrusted] low cut v neck thin strap dress/white jacket


Natalie: royal blue [white “collar”] knee length dress


Rachel: red v neck t/grey knee length skirt


Aden: black [white numbers on left chest] v neck t/dark long pants

Aden: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t/ dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: white [raised white crest?] t

Belle: dark v neck long sleeve top/white t/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: red thin strap top/grey long pants

Dancing Guy: dark [various colour verity stripes long sleeve button up shirt

Irene: grey long sleeve top

Irene: red blouse/dark long pants

Ken Harper: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Murray: black t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Murray: dark brown jacket

Natalie: black low cut v neck thin strap dress/gold chunky necklace/olive green jacket

Natalie: off white [white collar] blouse/dark long pants/pearl necklace

Natalie: white [black dress] satin-like knee length dressing gown

Nicole: black [with silver sleeves] long sleeve dress

Nicole: SBH uniform [with “school captain” badge on collar]

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: grey [white & black swirls] wide strap top/dark long pants

Roman: bluey-grey t

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