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Wed, 22 Oct 08 – Episode # 4743

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not That Kind Of Minister “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 22 Oct 08 – Episode # 4743].

Note – below the IADL results of this ep, are the results for ep 4742


Miles enters and Leah tells him that Kirsty dropped olly off at stella’s’ house. Miles tells Leah that he is looking for Kirsty. he then gets his mobile out of his pocket and starts to call her as he exits.


Tyler & Kirsty are on the bed, and Tyler is really keen [it looks[ to sleep with Kirsty, but when he kisses her one to may times, she garbs her jacket heads for the door.

at the point miles arrives, and its clear that he’s not keen on this latest Kirsty mess. she insist that she was leaving when Miles arrived.

Tyler asks for his money back, and Kirsty does so. she & Miles bail.


Geoff talks to Nicole about them talking about idea to improve the school [being captions and all]. Nicole suggest tat it’s a great idea, and that they should do so moorw. as Nicole bails, she briefly puts her hand on Geoff’s chest.

Nearby, Ruby is siting with Annie & Melody. Ruby comments at there is some serious sexual tension tween Nicole & Geoff, but bothy Annie asn especially Melody insist that the pair are just friends.


after Miles ^ Kirsty enter, Kirsty emotionally tells Miles that she was only going through with the gig tonight as she thought that she had lost Miles. Kirsty is guttered when its clear that Miles doesn’t believe her. he does however hands her a key to one of the vans – so she has somewhere to slept tonight.


Next day, geoff & Nic talks about their idea for the school council. Geoff rads to Nicole a list of onjecvetives that he’d written down for tee role of the council and when he wants ti hear her ideas, she does tell him an idea – but although it looks like she’s reading it form her notebook, we sees that Beth page is blank.

Nicole’s mobile rings – and she goes outside. Its her on the ohone, and form the sounds of things, her mum is a huge emotional mess.

When the call ends, Nicole tells geoff that she has to go – and that they can get back to this later/

When Nicole is gone, Annie descends the stair. She asks Geoff if he’d like to come to the beach with Annie & Melody – Geoff declines.


When Melody enquires, Miles tells her tat he & Kirsty are going through a rough patch at the monet. After Melody goes upstairs [Annie will be here soon] Alf tsuhghets to Miles that seht Miles told Melody is a bit of an understatement.

Annie arrives, and she & Melody head off for the beach – whilst Miles tells Alf that he told Kirsty that he loves you, and he never thought tahty he would say that to a woman [after loosing his wife etc].

Soon after, Kirsty enters the hous.e she true to hand the key back to Miles, but he tells her that she can stay in teher as long as she wants [and pay him when she can etc].


Ruby approaches Geoff, and wonders if he is togther with Nicole. Geoff insist that theyl;ve just been spending a lot of time tighter becuse of the school, council.

Ruby then talks to Geoff bout Melody. Ruby, Like Nicole, tells Geoff that he;s got to set Melody sattright =- ie he likes her, but only as a friend..


Geoff is tying to talk to Nic as she is packing a suitcase. Nic eventually has had enough – she tells Geoff tat he should stop raving on bout boring council stuff and realise tat she is distress. She tell him that her mum phoned – and the her mum sounded terrible etc. Nic accepts Geoff offer to drive her [irene’s car][ to her mum’s place.


Geoff & Nic arrive at her mum’s kinda mansion like house. When they get oiutof the car, Natalie [Nic’s mum, played by ex “All Saints” and “Headland” satar Adrienne Pickeing] eagerly gerets them. She tells Nic tat she will tell her whata happened when they go inside. Natalie wonders if Geoff if Nic's b/f, but Nic say that they are just friends.

Soon after, inside the house, Natalie tells Nic tat she confronted her husband, asking if he’d made a pass at Nic. Natalie tells Nic that although he denied it she knows it to be true, Natalie is emotional as she tell Nic that she should have always believe Nic. Natalie adds that she has kicked the guy out of her house.


Leah & Rach having just finished exercising when Leah really tells Rach how she feels about what kirsty's been up to. Leah isn’t pleased when Rach comments about Kirsty is doing this all for Olly – and Rach even sited her own behaviour re Joe. Leah reminds Rach that Vinnie was in jail too – and the Leah didn’t go around lying to other ppl/borrowing money toy get him out of there etc. Leah bails.


Miles is in the kitchen when Melody [dining table] starts talking about how it’s weird that opposites attract, and how if theatre’s no common interest, she doesn’t know how a couple can be together.

Miles thinks that he is talking bout he & Kirsty,m but Melodyt tell him that she is talk bout Geoff & Nic.

Melody wonders bout Miles/Kirsty – and miles assures melody tat they are trying t sort treyi8ng out, and that Kirsty & Olly are still part of the family. Melody doesn’t look so convinced though


Nic tells Geoff that she’s rally liking that her mum is putting Nic 1st for a change – which is something that she’s never done. Indeed, Nic tells Geoff tat foe the 1st time in ages, Nic & her mum are in a god place.

The door bell rings and when Nic & Geoff open the door, caterers enter. Natalie tells Nic that she’s arranged party for tonight – to celebrate tat Nic is here. Nic doesn’t seem so keen when Natalie says that all Nic’s old fiords will be coming – incl Trent, her ex b/f


Leah approaches Kirsty and realty verbally “blasts” her about her recent behaviour. Kirsty however, fires back by saying that Leah wouldn’t be sooo worked up like she is if she id just friends with miles [well and truly suggesting that Leah has a thigh for miles]. Kirsty storms off.


Its night time and the party [by bthe pool] is in full swing. There’s lots of ppl there – and Natalie makes a speech about it being soooooo great that Nic is back.

Nearby, a pretty brown haired girl talked to Geoff. She asks him what he wants to do with his life. When he says that he wants to be a minister, she wonders if he means State or Federal politics. When Geoff tells her that he meant a religious minister, the girl muchly looses interest and walks away.

Trent talks to Nic. When she says stat everything is out in the open when her mum, Trent comments that he didn’t know how Nic would take the news. Nic is then bought back to earth when Trent says that Natalie is keen to have Nic by her side as Natalie’s husband left her for another woman, and Natalie will want Nic by her side to try to keep hold of the house in the divorce settlement!!!!



Ruby tells Annie that “he’s found his soul mate. We have to find our own”

Geoff assures Annie that he and Nicole are just friends – which she is pleased about as it would break Melody’s heart if they were

Melody walks in on Geoff & Nicole kissing

Jack tells Tony that he rec’d a phone call bout Bridget – who owes a man in Broken Hill lots of money

It's A Designer Label (IADL) – ep 4743


Annie: hot pink thin strap top/white [dark dots] shorts


Ruby: white lace top – with back top neath/brown skirt


Melody: brown thin strap top/rainbow colours bikini top./white long skirt


Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: yellow knee length dress

Geoff: black [green sunset & “Santa Monica”] t

Geoff: white v neck t/dark long pants

Geoff: yellow [blue tropical motifs] t

Kirsty: red [white “[something] Grizzlies”] scoop t/denim short skirt

Kirsty: black low cut v neck [white band at waist] dress

Leah: light pink zip up track top/White, pink & black sports singlet top/grey track pants

Leah: yellow [green diamond motifs] dress

Melody: cream wide strap top

Melody: cream top

Miles: blue [house with yard motif] t

Miles: olive green button up shirt/blue t/dark long pants

Minister Girl At Party: red thin strap top

Natalie: black thin strap dress

Natalie: white [black dress] satin-like knee length dressing gown

Natalie [Nicole’s mum]: white [grey & black swirls] blouse/brown & white shell necklace

Nicole: black [pink collar] jacket

Nicole: silver wide strap top

Nicole: white blouse/black sleeveless jacket/yellow shorts/gold scarf/white framed sunglasses

Rachel: dark blue [white collar] polo shirt/dark blue track pants

Ruby: silver upside down tiara necklace/black top

Trent: black button up shirt/red tie/dark blue [white check] hat

Tyler Miles: dark grey long pants/white button up shirt


It's A Designer Label (IADL) - ep 4742


Kirsty: black low cut v neck [white band at waist] dress


Belle: black [white trim] blouse/black & blue scarf/dark long pants


Leah: white jacket/yellow [green diamond motifs] dress


Aden: grey [black crest] polo shirt

Angelo: black [white crest] t/board shorts [red unknown logo] board shorts

Belle: black t/dark long pants

Colleen: 2 tone purple blouse/peach top

Dr Bentos: maroon long sleeve button up shirt

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jai: light grey [white dots] t/dark grey [white check] shorts

Jai: SBH Uniform

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [white check] tie

Miles: olive green button up shirt/blue t/dark long pants

Nina: white long sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants

Tyler Miles: dark grey suit/white button up shirt/brown [purple diagonal stripes] tie

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