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Tues, 21 Oct 08 – Episode # 4742]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Just Want To Gossip And Make Yourself Seem Important “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 21 Oct 08 – Episode # 4742]

Note – this guide is less detailed than usual, due to various circumstances.

IADL will be adde tomorrow.

Belle is at the diner when she gets a txt form Aden, asking her to meet him at the beach house.

When she gets there, Aden tells her that he loves her and that he wants them to be together. He kisses him, but after initial kissing back, belle stapes back, insisting that this can’t happen. Aden doesn’t give up – and he kisses her once more – only this time, belle keeping on kissing him.

Soon after, they are both lying in belle’s bed [Aden with shirt off]./ Aden thinks that this is perfect, but belle tells him that she thought she heard something.

Whence investigates, she finds Angelo on the kitchen floor. He has blood pouring for a gash on the back of his head.

He is takes to hospital, and as Dr Bentos & Nurse Gloria treat him, belle thinks to9 herself that if because of that phone call, she got – threats to hurt her b/f.

Later, belle & Aden are talking on the wharf near diner. Belle admits that she tried to love Angelo, biy she knows she’s more in loge with Aden. Belle however tells Aden that she can’t break up with Angelo wen he’s in portal – and that she will wait for the right time.

Belle enters Angelo’s hospital room – just as jack exits. Belle has bought Angelo car [car??] magazines and tells him about the wthertatenhing phone call, but he tells her that it was some youths who he had a run in with last week.

Miles muchly confronts Kristy about what martin said [escort] and they have a MAJOR row bout it. Although when jai enters, and is worried bout that, miles insist that there is nothing to worry bout.

Kirsty goes to beach house and almost can’t believe it when even Irene “tears strips off her” because of all her lies.

Bear the surf club, Leah talks to miles and he tells her that martin has given him the rest of the day of [because he shoved martin]. Leah & mile start talking bout thing as the head of the diner.

Ounce there, several sbh students comet t9o miles about the incident, whilst Irene & roman talk to miles more maturely bout the incident.

Miles goes to the school an takk to martin, who say stat he won’t be submitting an incident report - because of his own action [crossing the line] with Kirsty. Martin tells miles that he didn’t think that it was his place to tell miles bout the escort work 0 that was kirsty’s job.

At the vph, Kirsty & miles clash once more. indeed, mile stells Kirsty that he doesn’t trust her on any level and that she should move out.

Jai can’t believe that this is happening – but is kinda re assured when Kirsty tells him that she has ranged to stay at Irene’s.

When jai goes to the diner, he’s annoyed when colleen asks him bout kirsty & Miles fight [see ep title]. He then ask Irene to get kirsty to contact him when she comes home form work, but Irene tells him that kirsty hasn’t spike to her at all bout moving in.

At bteh resort, kirsty is cleaning a room when Nina approaches. Kirsty tells he that she will go through with the escort job tonight – as she rally has no chalice.

Jai [vph] tell miles that kirsty lied to them about staying at Irene’s. Jai also wonders whey Miles has given up on kisrty, when he hasn’t given up[ on jai. Miles insist that it’s complicated.

At the resort bar, Tyler [kirsty’s client] comments on how she isn’t exactly being good company. Kirsty then tells her everything about her life [Kane, no place to stay etc], but Tyler suggers that at least whiles he is with him to forget bout that other stuff for a while.

Kisrty is on the phone in Tyler’s room’s bathroom. She leaves a msg for miles to contact her. She then goes itothe main part of the room. Tyler is on the bed. He pours them both a glass of champagne. they clink glasses – and its clear that kirsty is still looking muchly worried bout everything.



When Leah talks to kirsty bout miles, kisrty suggest that Leah seems VERY coincernrned for miles, esp. since Leah & miles are just friends.

Nicole’s mum tells Nic that, although her b/f denied making a pass art Nic, Nic’s mum doesn’t believe him.

Melody insist that Nic & Geoff are just friends, despite Ruby’s comments about sensing some serious sexual tension tween them

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


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