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Mon, 20 Oct 08 – Episode # 4741

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ It’s Just A List Of Names. What You Do With It Is Up To You “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 20 Oct 08 – Episode # 4741]


Miles confronts Kirsty about the money that’s been deposited into her account by Martin, buy Kirsty is able to evade Miles – thanks to Jai’ arrivals, and then a further interuption when Martha [who wasn’t feeling the best] dropped in.


Belle & Aden show Rachel a [hand drown it looks] map of the streets/houses near the development site. She has put in red the houses of the ppl that she knows have had/are scuffing form cancer. Rachel suggests tat it just might be a horrible coincidence, and that she isn’t ken to believe that there’s a cancer cluster in the bay. “Shock” the Belle isn’t so pleased that Rachel hasn’t been more helpful.


Irene is soooo not please with Kirsty, after Kirsty informs her of what Miles saw. Irene suggests tat Kristy should tell Miles everything, but Kirsty insist that she doesn’t want to hurt Miles.


Aden suggests to Belle that she should take her theories to the police, but Belle insist that she wanted to give Angelo some hard evidence.

it obvious that Belle is keen to get out of there ][due to her suppressed feelings] as she looks at Aden school book, and suggest tat he should be studying and that she shouldn’t be taking up all his time. Aden suggest to Belle that since he’s helped her wit this info etc. that he is passed his used by date.


Rachel talks to Leah [kitchen][ about Belle’s suggestions. Leah ads a few more name to the cancer list that Rachel wasn’t aware etc of, like Vinnie, Fisher’s son Byron etc. Rachel comments tat if there’s a problem, surely Alf would be affected, and Leah tells Rachel that Alf did have a brain tumour about 5 years ago,

This news does seem gto affect Rachel, as she tells Leah that she will look into it 0 but she urges Leah not to meaton any of this the JnM, as she rally doesn’t want to stress Martha at a time like this.


Kirsty tells Miles about the whole “need to money for Kane’s appeal” ting, and they have a Massive verbal fight bout it. Hearing all of this [as he sits at the bottom of the stairs] is Jai.


Miles teak to Leah bout what’s happened. He also comments tat that’ now 2 woman that he trusted etc that things have gene badly with [Jazz & Kirsty]. Leah insist that both took advantage of Miles’ nature – how he always sees that best in ppl. Miles thanks Leah for listening to him etc, and before he leaves there’s an awkward moment tween them. It looked like that were both thinning if hugging the other, but neither did [so doubt because of how Miles was interested on Leah a few month back].


Jai tries to talk to Miles about tehfuight he overheard. Jai doesn’t look very re-assured when Miles tells him that Kirsty & Miles will sort things out.

Next day, the an icy silence as Alf, Kirsty, Miles, Jai & Oliver are all sitting at the table. Jai dieced to bail [to school] and he takes Olly with him [but not before Olly gives Kirsty a kiss].

Kirsty goes upstairs, and aeon Alf ask, Miles say tight he & Kirsty are working through something.

After Alf leavs the room, Kirsty enters,. She gets a text msg – and Miles think that it’s form Kane, but Kirsty reminds Miles that Kane wouldn’t have access to a mobile phone in jail. The txt was form Trish – she wants to meet Kirsty urgently at scurf club. Kirsty bails.


Kirsty tells trish that she totally wants out of the hostessing game, but Trish tells her that if Kirsty does that, she can say goodbye to any housekeeping shifts. Trish see tat she was lined Kirsty up with a guy tonight and if she doesn’t have an answer by this afternoon, she’ll know that Kirsty is out of they game. Trish bails.


Belle & Aden are in the kitchen and Aden is keen t9o help Belle with her enquires, but belle suggest against it. When Aden keeps insisting, Belle tells him bout the threatening phone calls that she got. Aden is pleas that she is so concerned for him.

There’s knock at front door. Belle knows that its Angelo [beacons eof the the time][ so Aden bots into Belle’s bedroom. After Angelo enters, Belle mushlty hugs him – but you can see her mind is elsewhere.

Soon after, Belle Is encouraged when Angelo tells her that he’s mad a request to get hold of the medical records of locals that have had cancer over the years, but he knows that that might be a slow process. Belle thanks him all the same. Angela tells her that he has thing to do so he bails.

Belle immediately goes into her room, where she sees that Aden has exited via the window.

She then goes back into the longue room, and when Annie aentrs the house [back door] moments later, Annie is NOT happy when belle asks her for a favour, i.e. if Angelo asks,. Annie [and not Aden] went with belle to the hospital today when Bell spoke to Rachel


Rachel talks to Martha and Martha’s fears, apprehensions about what’s been happening to her withy the cancer aper to affect Rachel.

As soon as Martha was walked way, Rachel goes ontoteh computer at the nurses station and appears to vehemently searching for info.


In the kitchen, Miles talks to Irene who tells him that Kirsty just can’t help herefelf – as she’s been lying to ppl about Kane for ages now. Irene says its like Kane has this hold on kirsty. Irene urges miles be a little understanding of Kristy’s sitatuoipn, but it doesn't look like Miles has taken that advice to heart.


Belle talks to Rachel. She is hoping that Rachel can assist her – and speed up the process of the med records etc search that the police will be doing. Rachel takes offence when Belle wonders of another little kid like Joe will have to get sick because of this.

Rachel insist that they’ve got to legally get the consent of all the ppl whose files will be accessed, and Belle sired back at Rachel that although Rachel is legally in the right, she is morally in the wrong.


Belle is on the phone – sound like to the health department, and she’s giving whoever she is speaking to a good “blast’.

When the call ends, belle is surprised to see Rachel at the back door. Rachel hands her a typed list of name. Belle wonders if they;re are all the cancer patients for over the years who’ve lived near etc that new development site. Rachel insist tat its just a list of names, and what happens next is up to belle. Rachel makes it clear that she shouldn’t even be giving bell this info, and Bell mucghly thanks her.


Mils approaches martin and confronts hymn bout the money that he’s lent kirsty. Miles even grabs Martin, and because miles said that “I know everything that’s happened”, when martin memyiomns Kristy’s hostessimg work, it comes as a total shock to miles.

Btw, Jai was one of the several students to witness this clash in one of the corridors !!!!



Miles” suggests” to Kirsty that she should move out

Jai wonders why Miles has given yup on Kirsty, when Miles didn’t give up on Jai

Angelo gets attacked

Sounds like a hostessing gig of Kirsty’s goes badly

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: aqua long sleeve blouse/dark long pants


Rachel: red low cut v neck knee length dress


Oliver: Superman costume


Aden: grey [black crest] polo shirt

Aden: black t/dark long pants

Alf: light blue [brown check] button up shirt/bon long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap

Annie: SBH Uniform

Belle: black singlet top/grey shorts

Belle: black v neck top/black & blue scarf/dark long pants

Belle: white [brown check] flannelette shirt/grey long sleeve top

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Jai: SBH Uniform

Jai: yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t/dark long pants

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

Kirsty: black thin strap top/dark long pants

Leah: white wide collar top/dark long pants

Martha: dark blue [blue circles] bandana/grey t/dark long pants

Martha: grey hoodie/denim jeans/blue top/dark blue [blue circles] bandana

Martin: black suit/white button up shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Miles: olive green button up shirt/blue t/dark long pants

Miles: white t/dark long pants

Miles: blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t/dark blue button up shirt

Rachel: brown brown/black vest/grey knee length skirt

Trish : purple blouse/black top/dark long pants

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