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Fri, 17 Oct 08 – Episode # 4740

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Like Colleen, Flynn And Martha [And Vinnie & Kane] “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 17 Oct 08 – Episode # 4740]


Nic approaches Geoff and tell him about what Melody said to her in the school grounds. Nic suggest that Geoff should set Melody straight now [if he doesn’t actually ant to be her b/f], unless he ants that already slightly unstable melody to completely loose it.

Melody approaches Nic & Geoff and comets that she’s got lots of ideas for both the final day of campaihggining and to make the school better.


Kirsty & Oly enters and as they talk to Belle, Kristy’s phone ring. The screens say that it’s Trish, but Kirsty lets it go to message bank.

Angelo is nearby and is keen to chat to Belle, but she tells him that Irene isn’t here right now, so belle is working here by herself and has customers to tend to etc.


Annie is geeing book out of her locker when jai comes up behind her. When she tryunrs around, he kisses her. Miles nearby suggest that they should get a van!!!

Elsewhere min the corridors, Melody talks to Geoff. She definitely thinks that he will be a great chose for school captain – and she also hopes that she is voted onto the student council.

When melody & Geoff have walked way, Nic ask Miles if she can still run for school captain – even though the vote in the afternoon. Miles syua tat she can – but wonders why she’s left her run so late. Nic insists tat she’s bee swept up in the spirit of the campaign [note – there are poster for another of the captian candidates, Vanessa Morgan, behind Nic.]


Aden & Melody are in Noah’s and they agree to help each other with some homework. Melody also comments tat its annoying that Aden can’t vote for the representative for Melody’s year oinbrto the school council. Melody comments that she knows that aden would vote for her if her could.

Speaking of the election, Vanessa approaches Aden *& Melody, hoping they will vote for her – but Aden’s bort exactly keen on her “vegan tuckshop” like ideas.

In the pool room, Belle & Angelo are playing pool. He natives that she isn’t weing the earrings he gave her. She tells him that she thks its best if she only wears then on special occasion.

After Angelo heads off, Belle goes iunto Noah’s where Aden asks her about the whole development thing. She insists stat she’s just going to let police deal with it.

Nearby, Melody tells Geoff that she’s heard tat Nicole is running for school caoptiun. Although Geoff is rather surprised at the idea, a dark skinned male student tells them that he will vote for Nic [because she’s “hot”].


Nic isn’t that keen when Roman doesn't sound so supportive of her decision to run for school captain, or more to the point, what she hasn’t previously expressed any desire to be involved. Nic explains why she is supposedly [she doesn’t mention Goeff or melody] doing this, and she must’ve convinced roman as he tells her that she has his TIOTAL support.


Martin is in a classroom – reminding the a class that incl jai & Annie to vote for school captain etc before the end of the day. He also tells them to head out of the room so they can go on their science field trip.

In the corridor, Nic is habinfoindg out free muffins and asking ppl to vote for her. Geoff approaches and wonders why she is doing this – and it sounds like he’s not so sure that her intentions are pure either. Martin however sees them and suggests that they should get the class unless they went to be on detention.


Martin tells the group of students to ,m, in pairs, spread out throughotyut the bush land near the van park and to get 3 plant specisms each.

Anni & jai head off together –m and when they are far enough away from the others, jai kisses Annie – and does so again moments later. Annie slightly pushes jia away – suggesting they should be working. At that point, Martin approaches – wondieng what they are up to. Jai quickly suggest that they were around to take a simple of a nearby fern. Martin likes that suggestions, and walks away.


Jai, Annie, Melody, Miles, Oly & Kirsty have just finished having dinner when the phone rings. Its for Kirsty, and the moment tat she knows that it Trish, she teks the phone into the room where the stairs are, she tells Trish that she doesn’t want to be involved in the whole hostesing game again. Kirsty, before she ends the call, “suggests” to Trish that she shouldn’t ring Kirsty on home phone any more.


Colleen tells Belle that she Is off to give Martha some food. She comets that it’s that only food that she could keep down whilst she has cancer so I’m gusing that its jelly or that sort of thing.

Nearby, Aden & Nic are chatting and Nic admits tat she is all steamed up about melody’s interest in Geoff as Nic REALLY likes Geoff again. Nic also, Hwover, coments tthat she shouldnlt be taking any ;’ship advice from aden – giving that its sooooooo clear that he’s bot over Belle.


Next day, with golden lightning that makes it clear that this is a dram sequence, bell is on her bed when a shirtless Aden enters her bedroom. She gets up off the bed at they kiss.

Cut back to the real world, and belle [lying in bed] is deep in thought – with Angelo asleep beside her.


Many students gather in one of the classrooms form the announcement of the election results. With martin also there, Miles anoucenses that several student, incl Melody are now on the student council. Miles also that announce that result for the school captains election – Goeff in male captain, and ,.,…. NICOLE is female captain.

[Note – why am I thinking when Gypsy got the most votes for school captain, but the principal Judith Akroyd wouldn’t allow her to be captain, because of Gypsy’s questionable background???]


Kirsty goes online and sees that Martin has deposited money into her account [for the hostessing gig.

Oly more than a few times tell Kirsty that he nis hungry and then he spills his drinks, so Kirsty tends to that.

Jai & Melody emmer and tell Kirsty about Melody bouing elected to the student council – and Kirsty selectrs that they should have a special diner5 tonight to celebrate.

All the while, Kirsty’s bank details are still up on the comp screen,


Nicole shows Aden her school captain’s badge, but he wonders if she even knows what she is in for. Nic tells/shows Aden that Martin a folder full of info about it.

Nic also tells Aden that things aren’t so great – as although she & Geoff are captains, Melody is on the student council.


Annie tells Belle that she’s not so keen on Jai’s public displays of affection. Belle tells Annie that this in perfectly normal for a teen boy, but that Annie should set some boundaries if she is uncomfortable.

Talk turns to Anne’s science field trip. Belle’s interest in partuc piqued when Annie comments tat the fern that they collected had a high level of arsenic in it. Annie adds that Martin said that the plant picks that up form the soil/nearby surrounds.


Belle tells Aden that what Annie told her has re-invigorated her quest to discover the truth bout the development site. Indeed, belle tells Aden that arsenics are a carcinogenic which causes cancer. She surmises that, because many ppl in the bay use the path the is next to the fern that Annie took the sample of, maybe that’s why the likes of Colleen, Flynn & Martha got cancer !!!!!!!


Miles arrives home and Kirsty tells him that she is coking a roast diner – beaus of Melody’s success today.

He goes over to the computer – and sees the screen with Kirsty’s bank details still on it. He asks Kirsty why Martin has deposited about $350 into her account. The lost for words Kirsty doesn’t respond before the screen fade, and we see the preview for next week.



Look like Rachel gives Belle some medical statistics [local cancer patients???]

Miles clashes with Martin – and “suggests”: that Kirsty should move out of the VPH

When Kirsty tires to get out the hostessing, Trish insist tat she’ll loose normal [housekeeping] shifts if she does.

Melody tells Ruby tat Melody/Goeff are meant to be together – I’m guessing she says tat BREFORE she walks in on Nic *& Geoff kissing!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Melody: mauve thin strap top


Nicole: dark [predominantly yellow & blue peacock’s tail motifs] knee length dress


Colleen: blue tropical motifs blouse


Aden: black singlet

Aden: black t/dark long pants

Aden: dark shorts

Angelo [white [raised white swirls] t

Annie: off white [dark floral”] top

Annie: SBH Uniform

Belle: dark singlet top

Belle: mustard long sleeve top/white [black check] scarf

Belle: white [brown check] flannelette shirt/grey long sleeve top

Belle: black crop jacket

Dark Skinned Student: SBH Uniform

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Jai: off white [black splotches] t/dark long pants

Jai: SBH Uniform

Kirsty: black thin strap top/dark long pants

Kirsty: apple green [brown dots] v neck knee length dress/white t

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/red [black diag] tie

Melody: SBH Uniform

Miles: brown jacket/dark blue button up shirt/ black [house with yard motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t/dark blue button up shirt

Nicole: SBH Uniform/black plastic bow in her hair

Oliver: red & black polo shirt

Oliver: red t/black [white vertical stripe] long pants

Roman: olive green t/black watch

Vanessa Morgan: SBH Uniform

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