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Thurs, 16 Oct 08 – Episode # 4739

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Face Your Fear. Eat The Chocolate “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 16 Oct 08 – Episode # 4739]


Kirsty & matin both voice their shock at the other being involved in this – and both also insist that they don’t usually do this sort of thing.

When Martin asks, Kirsty insists that miles doesn’t know about the hostesing work – and she’d mike to keep it that way.


In the kitchen, Leah is about to head for home. Irene notices how kinda flustered that Leah is – and suggest tat Leah should take advantage of those ball tickets that Rachel gave Leah to go to the ball.

In the main area of the diner, Nic speak to Geoff. She is keen for them to do their English assignment together – and he suggests tat she should come over to the beach house in about ½ hour so they can.


Melody arrive home and when Miles asks, she tells him that counselling went pretty well [i.e. a lot of talk about her mother].

Talk turns to the school election – and melody insist tat Geoff would be a GREAT school caption.

Miles then offers melody some chocolate – and she tells him that he mum would NEVER allow such things tween meals. Miles tells melody to be daring and eat the chocolate.

He then wonders if she would tlike to join him watching some TV, but she insists tat she has study to do.

After melody leaves the main room, the phone rings. Miles answers – its Leah, and he tells her that he has no plans for tonight, and that going to the ball with her sounds coooool.


Kirsty makes Martin well aware that she is amyl doing this [hostessing] because Kane wants an appeal of his sentence, and barristers don’t come cheap.

Kirsty is ken to bail already – but martin concnvrs her to stay til diner is over.


Geoff seems surprised when melody aribes – and can’t believe it when she shows him that very professional looking campaign poster that she has done for him.

Nic arrive – and like Geoff is surprised that Melody is here.


After Martin finches his speech [to the crowd], Kirsty tells him that she thought that it was a good speech. She also tells him that she thinks it best if she heads off now, but as she attempts to bail she the room, she sees miles & Leah entering the room. She hides form them.

Soon after, Kirsty tries to the leave the ball room but miles & Leah see her. Kirsty tells them that her boss let her come down to the ball room and enjoy thins for a shirt time – and that the dress is her boss’s. Leah & miles comets that it’s cool that Kirsty & her boss are same size.

Kirsty tell miles etc that she has to get back to her housekeeping as she is only supposed to be at te ball for a short time.

Miles goes after Kirsty, and is one of the corridors she insists that there is nothing wrong – its just that she is surprised that miles is here. Kirsty also insists tat she has no issue with miles being here with Leah.

When miles has walked away, martin approaches Kirsty and ask her about her chat with miles. Kirsty tells Martian that miles seems to believe her = and that martin definetiotly can’t tell anyone about Kristy’s hostessing work


As Nic & Geoff try to go their English assignment, melody constantly interrupts wit suggestions for Geoff’s speech for the school elections. It’s very clear that Nic is MOST annoyed by this.


Miles & Leah waaaaaaaaaay has a great time dancing together at the ball.

When the song finishes, they see martin – and he tells them that his hot date had to cancel at last minute [her mum is ill].

Miles asks Martian about how Kirsty seemed to him tonight, and martin thought that everything seemed normal to him.


Alf & Tony are talking about joe when JnM enter the room.

Martha tells Tony & Alf that hearing about Joe changes things for her, i.e. what happened to him, could happen to her.


Nic & Geoff are in the kitchen and Nic voices her opinion of Melody behaviour tonight. She insists t melody is all but throwing herself at Geoff, i.e. it would have been more subtle if Melody had taken her top off and done a pole dance. Nic tells Geoff that she is going to bail – as they achieved nothing tonight [no assignment, or alone time], Nic bails. Btw, Melody was in the bathroom during the scene [Nic commented].

Soon after, Geoff & melody watch some TV. Melody competed that he mum always said that TV brainwashes you – and melody adds that it couldnbkt be awy worse that the brainwashing that he mum did to her.

Melody then ads that she likes Geoff as he”gets” melody, esp. Since they’ve been through similar experiences – with Geoff & Annie mobbing ormthe farm to the town last year.

Melody then tells Geoff that she is glad that things are starting to get back to ho they used to be – and at this point, it looks like Geoff realises that everything Nicole said about melody’s intentions is true.


In one of the corridor, miles tells Leah that he noticed that lots of single guts were admiring Leah as they dance together. Leah mocks this suggestion. Both agree to head for home.


When Miles arrives, Kirsty has a glass of wine in her hand. Miles comments that the ball was great, but then he comments to Kirsty that she must think that he’s a jerk for going t the ball with Leah. Kirsty muckily disagress – and hen miles suggest that the head upstarts to bed, ki8rsyth tell him that she will be up there shortly.


Next day, Kirsty enters a classroom where martin is. Kirsty can’t believe it when martin hand her a cheque [i’m giving for a lot of money]. She doesn’t accept – insisting that she needs to work things out for herself.

When martin comments tat things could go very badly is Kirsty continues doing this sort of work, Kirsty suggest the martin that if he says everything to miles etc, she’ll tell everyone want sort of services that he uses [which won’t go down well with the P&C committee etc]


Rachel enters the ropom, and she apologise to Tony for going off at him about not supporting her enough. Tony tells Rachel that all this has made him think. He now REALLY badly wants to start a family, as there rally should be someone in this world who calls Rachel “mum”. Rachel is a tad concerned that it makes take a lot for this to actually happen, but Tony insists that they will do whatever it takes.


Melody approaches Nicole and muchly thanks her for sensing what was going on last night, and bailing, so Melody & Geoff could be alone. Nic is more than a tad concerned when melody says that things are getting back to the way they were – and that Melody & Geoff are meant to be together.



Nicole ask if it’s too late to run for school captain

Annie tells Jai that she’s not so keen on them having public displays of affections

Belle is encouraged when Annie tells her that she’s found high levels of arsenic

Kirsty phone the resort - and says that she doesn’t want to do hostessing work anymore

Miles ask Kirsty why Martin has deposited money in her bank account

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: white [gold swirls] low cut v neck thin strap dress


Nicole: black [silver trim] thin strap top/dark long pants


Rachel: red singlet top/dark long pants


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Geoff: white [black wave and red & yellow sun motifs] t

Irene: red blouse/ dark long pants

Jack: white long sleeve button up shirt

Kirsty: apple green [brown dots] v neck knee length dress

Kirsty: white [red floral trim] top

Kirsty: apple green [green floral] thin strap dress

Leah: flesh coloured thin strap top

Martin: black suit/white shirt/black bow tie

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/red [black diag] tie

Martha: brown [white lining] long sleeve blouse/marron & grey bandana

Melody: brown [white floral] dress

Melody: SBH Uniform

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Miles: 2 tone blue vertical stripes button up shirt/ dark [black & white photo of a man] t/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Tony: blue t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

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