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Wed, 15 Oct 08 – Episode # 4738

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ve Seen You Dance “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 15 Oct 08 – Episode # 4738]

Note – MANY, many thanks to ppl you upload eps of H&A to the Net, as last night a thunder-lightning storm in Brissie meant that I couldn’t watch or tape this ep. That meant that today I’ve done my ep guide after having accessed the ep via the Net.


Belle is lying in her bed with her mobile rings. The unknown male person on the other end of the phone tells bell that Aden’s been involved in an accident of the development site and the he has been asking for her.

Belle bails form the house as soon as the call ends.


Tim Coleman is chatting with a colegeiue when Belle rushes towards him. She asks about Aden, but Tim has no idea what she is talking about. Indeed, he tells her that he fired Aden yesterday.


Belle that house and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hugs Aden as soon as she sees him. She tells hymn about the phone call.

When belle wonders, Aden tells belle that he didnlkt tell anyone that he knows about the other [toxic] plans, but he admits that he thought that Tim was a tad cagey when he fired Aden.

Aden then comments about Belle’s new earring – he the;l;s her that he doienlkt think that suit her [note – whether that’s juts because they were form Angelo or another reason, im;’ not sure]. Belle takes comment like that as a hint that maybe she should bail – so she does.


Tony sees that Rachel is on the phone nearby. when she is off thenpyhone,. Rach tells Tony that nurse Julie can’t make it to the emergency services ball at the resort tonight and has offered Rachel her tickets. Although Rach isn’t that keen on the idea of going, Tony convinces her that they should [even after Rach makes the comment that Tony isn’t the best of dancers]


Miles is on the ohen with Kirsty enters the house. She tells him that she’s glad that she is home [after a long day at work] whilst he tells her that Matthew has been suspended form school because of the journal stunt that he did against Ruby.

Mile then tells Kirsty that they have the place to themselves tonight – as everyone else is elsewhere [eg Alf’s taken several of them bowling]. After a bit of a joke around, both are keen to just head upasturas and be together.


Rachael talks to Leah about the ball, i.e. what dress that Rachel should wear etc. when rach does decide, Leah comets that a clutch purse that Leah has at her house would go per4ecrt with Rachel’s choice of dress. Leah hands Rach her housekeys and Rachel bails [after thsnbaking Leah].

Moments later, martin enters [carrying some clothes in open of these big clothes protector bags]. She is surprised that he is here so early this afternoon, and adds that the ppl of the diner call ppl like that dedicated to their work [not ppl who live for it]. Martin say stat she is off the the ball tonight and that he is going with a friend form the city [as he is there representing the hospital board and it wouldn’t like right not to be there with a partner].

Martin is over to atable and his phone rings. Sound like his date can’t make it, soy he makes another call [to make new arrangement for tonight].


Irene talk to belle. She wonders why the development site called bell, rather that roman etc when Aden was supposedly injured.

Bell goes into her room, and realise that the toxic plan has gone. Irene hears belle’s frustration and enter the room. Bell tells her that the plans has gone, and that she can’t go to the police bout this, as Aden “borrowed” them in the 1st place.

Irene thinks that bell should drop this matter, but belle so isn’t ken to do that.


Kirsty &^ miles are siting on the couch when the phone rings. Miles tells k8irtstyy to ignore it but she answers it. Its clear that it’s the resort, and Kirsty agrees to help Trish etc out tonight.

When Kirsty is of the phone, she tells miles that its crazy at the resort, and theta she needs the money. When he say that he will lend et her the money she needs, Kirsty tells miles that she is not comfortable with him doing that.


Belle tells Aden that the stolen plans mean that she was right all along. She wonders if any of his workmates know anything, and wonders if Aden could ask them. And however suggest, that bell should get Angelo to do his job and investigate this. Aden also comments unfavourable ounce more about those earrings. And suggest that bell should leave = and she does.


Belle is walking along, and form the look of the scene, it appear that she is being watched.


Aden meets up with Deano, who works at the development site. He wonders if Deano has heard ajthging dodgy. Deano says that he hasn’t and this lead rto them talking about the prank phone call that bell receive. When Deano laughs bout it, Aden grabs him and insist that deno MIUST tell Aden anything that he hears regarding Belle ertc at the site. Deano agrees to do so.


Kirsty finishes putting on her lipstick, and when she goes ontthe lounge room, she tells mils that she will be home as soon as she can. Miles hopes that all these extra shifts doesn’t tire kitsy out. After Kirsty bails, its all totally quite [bar the sound of the TV show that miles is kinda watching]


Both Leah & Tony comments on how GREAT Rachel looks [all set for the ball]. Rachel; asks Leah to choose tween 2 clutch purses that Rachel is undecided about. Leah chooses one – and then Tony & Rachel are surprised to see the Dame has just entered.

Rachel wonders where Joe & lee are – and its clear that Dane has bad news by the way that he is behaving. He tells Rachel that he did everything he could – but Joe is DEAD !!!!!!

As Dane exits the diner, Tony has to catch Rachel is she stumbles backwards out of total shock !!!!

Soon after, Rachel insisted t0o toy that this is all her fault for not pusinmhg harder to get Dane to keep Joe here whilst he went to QDLs. Rachel then blames Tony for not backing her up enough.

She then gives Leah their tickets for the ball – as Rachel; need to know form Dean exactly what happened to Joe. Rachel & Tony bail.


Rachel & tiny find Dane. And Rachel asks him to tell her exactly hat happened. She is at first totally annoyed that Dane didn’t actually locate lee, but she is more sympathetic when Dane tells her that he didn’t miss giving Joe even one dose of his meds. Dane tells Rach that as so as Joe get a fever he took Joe to the hospital, like Rachel told him to. Dane said dytat he stayed by Joes’ side, but he went downhill quickly. A very emotional Dane tells Rachel that she wasn’t the only on who loved Joe, as although Joe wasnlkt [biologically] Dane’s son, he waaaaaaaaaay loved Joe.


Belle is on the couch when she gets a phone call. We see the mysterious male’s lips & mouth only a he tells Belle that she better back off, or the latch on her bedroom window won’t be the only thing that gets broke. The mystery man also tells belle that belle AND her b/f will be targeted is she continues to investigate this. The person on the other end of the line abruptly end the call.


Belle talks to Aden bout what’s happened. He tells her what Deano said – and he adds that he knows that he can trust Deano. When Aden offer st9o speak to the guys at the site once more, Bell tells him not to do that. Indeed, belle says that she is going to drop her on investigteion,and that she is going to the police with all the info she has [as its what they get payed for etc]. Aden is perplexed by bell’s actions, but agrees to go with her plan.


Kirsty enters the function room when the ball is being held. There’s lots of ppl there already, and then she sees the perron she is to be with tonight [with a red rose behind their back]. Kirsty approaches the man, and after she introduces herself, the man turns around, and Kirsty is SHOCKED that its Martin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Miles & Leah see Kirsty at the ball

Tony tells Rachel that he is keen for them to start a family

Nicole picks up on the fact that Melody is keen to get back together with Geoff, i.e. she tells Geoff that it would be less subtle if Melody took off her top and did a pole dance for him

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: black shimmery low cut v neck dress


Kirsty: yellow thin strap dress


Miles: 2 tone blue vertical stripes button up shirt/ dark [black & white photo of a man] t/dark long pants


Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t/denim jeans

Belle: black leather jacket/black top/balck & white check knee length skirt/black leggings

Dane: black &* grey check flannelette shirt/black [white rockbnand? Motif] t/dark long pants

Deano: dark singlet/white [brown check] button up shirt

Irene: red blouse/ dark long pants

Kirsty: black jacket/white long sleeve blouse/black knee length skirt

Kirsty: green jacket/purple top/yellow [brown wavy lines] skirt

Leah: flesh coloured thin strap top

Martin: black suit/white shirt/black bow tie

Martin: black suit/white shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Rachel: purple blouse/black vest/dark knee length skirt

Tim Coleman: Olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Tony: dark suit/white button up shirt/maroon tie

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