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Tues, 14 Oct 08 – Episode # 4737

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Ours Must Have Been One Of the Strangest Of Pairings “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 14 Oct 08 – Episode # 4737]


Some male SBH students are laughing & kioking bout THAT video forage of Mathew when he approaches them. Matthew startts physically fighting with the 3 boys, but when Charlie sees this, she intervenes. She’s not impressed when Mathew tells her about Ruby’s video.


AS marg & roses pack thri clothes etc, Ross gets a text msg – from ruby seeing that she won’t be coming here tonight.

Aden& Nic enters, and after roman makes a comments about school, Aden insist that he has rally concentrated on school this yare, as there ais no way that he is repeating yr 12 a 2nd time Nic however tease Aden and suggest that he is soooooooooooo into his school because he trying NOT to thinks bout Belle. Naturally he scoffs at the suggestions.

When Roman finishes using the laptop, Aden checks his bank balance on it – but he tells Nic that he appears to have been underplayed this week.


Aden enters the site office and talks to Jody [pay clerk] about whales happened. Whilst she goes onto another ffom in the office, Aden notices on the wall a plan for the site whoosh incl a shaded area – with symbols etc that look they are where the toxic waste was dumped. He also notices that there are several a4 size copies of the toxic plans.

Jody re netrs the room that Aden is on = abd tells him that the person she needs to speak to about his pay on curtly on the phone, Aden bails.


Aden tells Nic about the shaded areas on those plans. Aden insists that he needs to talk to belle about this – but Nic simply thinks that Aden is using this a way to talk to Belle. Nic then comments about she knows that she doesn’t know when to shut up.


Ruby & Charlie enter the longue room form the kitchen. Charlie is REALLY annoyed that ruby launched such a revengeful attack on Matthew.

Charlie wonder how ruby is coping with their dad‘s decagons to move away. Ruby gets way all teary when she tells Charlie that she thinks that Ross somehow read her mind, as she is thinking that she wanted him to go away, so she didn’t have to see him deteriorate. Charlie terries her best to comfort ruby – who is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay feeling guilty about all of this.


Angelo IS in belle’s room. He puts the blankets etc ion top of belle who is asleep.

Angelo [dressed only in a towel] goes into the kiycthem and he is sfrprioesd to se Aden at the back door. Aden wants to speak to belle, but Angelo in its tat Aden should go home as belle is Angelo’s g/f now. Aden bails.

Btw, Angelo was being WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY smug when he spoke to Aden.


Next day, Ruby sees Matthew on the beach. She tells him that she tried to stop the vid form, being put online when she read the letter. She tells Matthew tat they really do have theism weird connection, and that the next move is up to Matthew.


Aden is in the kitehnand is being rather noisy. Morag antes the kitchens and comments that she is glad that she didnklt want to sleep in.

Aden tells Morag that he is a much better person that he was when Morag met him – and it’s all because Morag beloved in him. At this point, both are in tears – despite Morag hoping that this chat wouldnklt get too mushy.


Belle telak to Angelo – and she is intrigued when he tells he that Aden came around lat night.


Belle enter, and wonders why Aden wanted to see her last night, he tells her about the differ et palc that he saw – the ones with the shaded areas and the symbols. Belle is keen to get her hands on those plans =- and as she says that she places her hand on Aden’s arm, and it’s a bit of a weir moment tween. Indeed, Aden insists that she doesn’t have to do anything for belle =- eps. when she’s going out with a loser cop b/f. Belle takes that hint and bails.


At Morag & Ross’ farewell, angelo talks to Charlie. He sees that bracelet that she in – and is impressed when she says that roman gave it to her.

With the likes of Irene, roman, ruby, Alf & number of niother at the farewell party, colleen gives ,morag & Ross a hamper “for the road” ahs halos comments on how much she’ll miss Morag.

Spooking of whom, Morag talk to roman about how they’ve been interesting housemates for each other = and god friends.

Ross sass that ruby seems way upset – so he hugs her and suggest tat they talk a walk.


Ruby tells ross stat she wills awls love him – and as they hug, Ross talks ruby the same [love forever] thing.


Morag & Ross st there goodbye to Alf, ruby ^ chalie before getting in the car, and [as Alf & co wave them goodbye] drive off.


Aden enters the site office, and wonders if Jody has had any luck with her pay issue. When she goes into the other room, Aden “borrws” one of teh a4 copies of the palns whiththe shaded ares. He folds that plans and pouts them in back pocket,

When Jody comes back intitheroom, Aden is pleased that the pay thing has been resolved. He then exits the office.

Memento later, Tim enter and asks Jody for the 5 a4 copies of the plans. He is wired that the cabinet that are in isnklt locked. When he realises that one of missing, he realise stat it much have been Aden that took it.

Tim exist the office, and phones someone – telling them to keep a close eye on Aden.


Angelo hands belle a small gift box. When she opens it she sees a pair of beautiful earrings. Angelo tells her that they are a family heirloom. Belle puts them in her ears – she seems to rally like them.


Annie, jia & nic can't believe in when they see the Mathew had plastered copies of ruby’s journal all over part of the lunch area. Ruby approaches and as nic & co try to remove the pages, matte commented about how that pages which tell of ruby’s crush on Mr Coplend are a classic. Ruby charges ait Matthew, who tells e that they NOW are even. Ruby [with her face almost touching Mathew’s] tells Mathew that he is the scum of the earth. Ruby storms off – but Matthew responds to all that by contuiinng to laugh.


Belle netrs the house via the front dor. Her comets to Irene that exercise are over rated. Irene tells bell that she must be hearing thing – as she thought that she heard someone in belle’s room.

Belle goes into her room – and find on her bed the copy of the plans thet Aden “borrowed”.


Tim approaches Aden 0a nd tells him that he’s been fired. Tim insist that it’s a business thing – lat person hired, 1st person fired etc – hut as Tim walks away, he get the felling the Aden isn’t so sure of that reasoning.



Miles is very keen to spend time with Kirsty, esp. sink they have the vph to themselves, but miles can’t believe it when Kirsty accepts a shift at the resort instead

The toxic plans are stolen from the beach house

Belle receives a threatening phone call

Tony has to catch Rachel after she all but faints when she hears bad news from Dane

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Nicole: white [red floral] thin strap top & matching knee length skirt


Charlie: mauve top


Ruby: cream [red floral] halter top/brown long pants


Aden: dark blue singlet/ dark long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/dark long pants

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/wide brim hat

Angelo: yellow [black “Henley’s NYC Lions”] t/dark long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black leather jacket/black top

Belle: black singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Belle: blue singlet top

Charlie: silver shimmery singlet top/dark shorts

Colleen: green floral blouse/hot pink top

Irene: red blouse

Jai: SBH uniform

Jody Craig [Development Site Pay Clark]: orange long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jody Craig [Development Site Pay Clark]: white [pin stripe] long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Matthew: SBH uniform

Morag: dark blouse/tan top

Morag: beige jacket/dark blouse & long pants

Morag: brown dressing gown/cream [floral] PJ top

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: grey t

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t/denim jeans

Ross: blue polo shirt/dark grey long pants

Ross: black button up shirt/dark brown long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tim Coleman: Olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

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