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Mon, 13 Oct 08 – Episode # 4736

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Both Buckton Girls Jump The Gun “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 13 Oct 08 – Episode # 4736]


Ruby outline her plan to get revenge of Matthew – and it involves filming him, but she tells jai & annie that I will have to9 be morrow afternoon as Morag & ross has akded both Ruby & Charlie over to Romans;’ morrow morn.

Jai is concerned stat ruby won't be able to get Matthew to do what she wants, but ruby insist that guys are stupid and that thus will be easy. All the while, Annie voices his disproval of the plan.


Morag talks to Alf about what’s happening. She tells him that she will tell Martha morrow morning before the bucktons girls are told. Morag asks Alf to tell colleen about what’s happening – as that way the whole town will know very quickly.


Charlie is siting withy roman. She still feels like she has failed her dad, but roman insists that he knows that she hadn’t. He also remnudsmn her that she should be thinking of roman & Ross’ feelings in all this.

Charlie that comments about how she will be at Romans place morrow morn – as Ross & Morag has some been announcement to make.


Next day, Mora tells Martha about the “move to the city” plan, and apologising foil not being her for Martha’s treatment.

Ruby & Charlie arrive, just as Martha is about to go. Moments after Martha bails, roman leaves that house to go after her – as he could se that she would looking well at all the she left.

In kitchen, ruby & Charlie wonder what Ross’ big announcement is – and he & Morag tell the girls that they are moving to the city. Both Charlie & ruby are shocked.


Roman catches up with Martha, and wonders if she is OK. Martha vomiting seconds later “slightly” answers the question. Roman says stat he will take her to the surf club.


Ross tree to explain why he is doing this [moving away] without much luck, but that Morag suggetsbtyaht he should explain in the way that he told her. Ross s that tells that girls that he wants that to remember the REAL Ross – and not what he is now, is becoming.

Ruby is sway upset – and bails. Charlie wonders when Morag 7 Ross are leaving town – Ross tells her that it will marrow or the nest day. That [short length of time] rally “hits” Charlie.


Jai catches up with Ruby and tells her that he has just got to get one more computer cable before his is all set for pat of ruby’s revenge plan.

Jai ask ruby about the meeting this morn, and she tells him about how Ross & Morag are leaving town.

Annie approaches, and she is excited bout the upcoming school elections. Ruby doesn’t share that level of excitement, but Annie responds by telling ruby that Geoff is ruining for school captain.

Ruby sees Matthew – and wonders if he is keen of the two of them to do soemnt8ing this arvo. Mathew is, whilst Annie is concerned that ruby is still pushing ahead with her plan, despite this news about Ross.


Martha tells roman that she is glad that the anti nausea pils that she took recently seem to be working.

Alf enter tehroom and telak to Bridget who is working at shift at the bar. They talk about the sausage sizzle dn then Bridget suggests tight Alf should allow local businesses, for a fee of coutr5se, to use the dinghies that he hire out form the bait shop as a mobile billboard. Alf doesn’t seem that ken on the idea,

Alf wonder how Martha is going – and she yells him that she is much better that she was this morn. She also tells him that she & roman are going to yabby creek.


Charlie is bear the counter when she gets a text message form roman – seeing that he is with Martha. Colleen comments that Charlie is rally lucky to have such a caring etc b/f – as he’s been so good with Martha, Morag & Ross. Charlie seem under whelmed – its like she’s thinking “he’s there for everyone else except for ME”


It looks like its lunch time, and in the school grounds, run buy approached Matthew. Her comets to him that she is keen for him to join her this afternoon, so she can live out a fantasy of hers with someone special. Matthew is all to keen to joining her, and ruby is esp. pleased when she can sees jai [near one of the buildings] showing her that he’s ghost that cable that he needs.


With Jai & Annie with a video cameras hiding on the dunes near the rosed side of the beach, ruby & mart hew are about mid way tween the water & the dunes. Ruby tells matthew that the is her fauve part of the beach – as no one rally comes her. Her ads that it’s her fantasy to go skinny dipping with a boy that she REALLY likes. Mathew looks VERY keen, and agrees. Ruby inits tat Mathew strips off 1-st, so she can trust him.

Mathew does strip off and heads for the water, whilst Ruby grabs his clothes & bag and takes off, and jai gets all of this on film!!! Annie urges him to stop flim – and she tehks that have enough, esp. When Mathew turners around and realise that his clothes [and ruby are NOWHERE in sight!!!!!

Soon after, as mart thew looks for her clothes, ruby pus his clothes & bag done in the dunes. A piece of paper fall out of the school bag, and the curious ruby rads it. She is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY affected when she reads it – as the letter [form Matthew to her[] ravels that his gran rally DOES have Alzheimer’s and that he like stat he doe have someone that he can talk to this about.


Jai is uploading the “Matthew naked” video to the Net, and is annoyed that Net is soooo slow.

The nearby Alf wonders what jai & Annie are up to. Tye tells him that its homework, but all that whispering tween the 2 teens leaves Alf far form convinced.

After Alf bails, the video finally uploads – just moments before the frantic Ruby enters the house. She is distraught that it has. She tells jai & annie about the leetr and REALLY wishes that she hadn’t done all of this.


Ross enters – but hn he asks colleen, she tells him that she’s not seen Ruby today.

Nearby, Alf approaches Bridget -0 and tell her that he’s thought bout it,m and likes some of her idea [incl the mobile bill boarding one] Bridget kisses Alf.


Roman netrs, and Charlie tells him that Ross & morag are out looking for ruby.

Charlie then launches into a spiel about how roman must have got sick of Charlie being such a high maintenance g/f, but he tells her tight he was sooo long with Marta today, because the went to yabby creek so roman could buy Charlie something nice, as he said that, he shows her a small gift wrapped box.

Roman suggests tat they should only talk again when cahelir has calmed down. Roman bails – to go to work.


Charlie enters the kitchen – with the new bracelet that roman bought her today on her wrist. Charlie tells roman that she feels lost right now – with everything that’s happened to her parents. An emotional Charlie tells roman that she doesn’t deserve him – with all that she’s put roman through. Roman responds simply by hugging chalice.


Several unknown SBH students [male & female] are laughing at THAT naked video of Matthew when he exits that diner aadn see what the are laughing about..

The nearby Annie comets tat she knew they shouldn’t have done this, whilst ruby approaches Mathew ans tells her that she is sorry esp. m since she red the letter that he wrote to her. Matthew tells ruby that he wrote that letter to “get in her pants” and that he is SREIOUSLY gongs to get revenge on her !!!!!!!



Aden finds some evidence at the development site which looks like it will help Belle’s case

Angelo reminds Aden that Bell is Angelo’s g/f now

Looks like Matthew plasters copies of the pages of Ruby’s journal all over the school

Ross tells Ruby to NEVER forget that he loves her

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Charlie: silver shimmery singlet top/dark shorts


Ruby: SBH uniform


Colleen: black [multi colour flors;] blouse/white [dark band just beneath shoulders] top


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white [dark horiz stripes] t/green mid thigh skirt

Bridget: mauve v neck long sleeve top

Charlie: red thin strap top/bone knee length skirt

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: yellow fluor t

Martha: maroon & white mosaic like long sleeve top/denim shorts

Matthew: SBH uniform

Morag: dark blouse/tan top

Morag: white top/cream [light brown horiz stripes] jacket

Roman: black [white “analog”[ t/olive green shorts

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t/denim jeans

Ross: blue polo shirt/dark grey long pants

Ruby: apple green [dark floral] mid thigh dress

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