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Thurs, 9 Oct 08 – Episode # 4734

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ve Been Hanging To Learn To Surf For Years “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 9 Oct 08 – Episode # 4734]


Charlie & ruby are in the kitchen – with the party melted kettle nearby. Charlie is esp. pales that VJ wasn’t here, but she realises that this really means that they are going to have to find another place.

Charlie then wonders how ruby is coping with all of this – and ruby admits tat she is soooooooooooooooo Not coping, and that she just wishes that her dad was normal. Naturally, roses [lounge room] overhearers Ruby say that.


Rachel sees colleen – who has bought some blankets etc form Martha who is going through her 2nd round of chemo.

After colleen was slaked way, nurse Gloria ask rach about little Joe. Rach say stat she is kinda annoyed Dane hackle contracted her to tell her how Joe is hoing...

Elsewhere, colleen embers the treatment room where Martha and another male] cancer sufferer are. Morag is also in the room, and the wife of the another cancer patient. Martha is very plaed that both her aunts are here with here.

The wife of the bother cancer patient backs up colleen’s comments that Martha is young & strong and can get through this.

Morag gets a text message – about the incipient at Leah’s. Martha insists at Morag can go – esp. since colleen is her with her now. Morag bails.


Matthew is reading Ruby’s journal when she & Charlie enter. whilst Charlie goes into bthenkiuitchem, ruby talk to mat threw. She is most impressed buy his insight – when he comets that although she’d like to be there for her dad, it’s hard to deal with.

In the kitchen, Charlie comments to roman & Leah that she is seriously tiniijmng about moving Ross out of Leah’s esp., in light of the kettle incident. Charlie gets a phone call – Morag & Ross want to talk to her at Leah’s.


Colleen & marth etr, and Martha comment to jack that this 2nd round of chemo treatment didn’t seem as bad as the 1st.


Charlie, Ross, Morag & ruby all agree tat they have to difn a new place for Ross t live.

Ross however akas his daughters to leave the room – as he want like to discuss this with Morag alone at the monet.

When Ruby & her sister have left the room, Ross asks Morag to PROMISE him that she will help him at his plan to go into a place where he is properly cared. He asks Morag to make sure it happens – and she agrees that she will do so.


Its lat at night and jack wakes to fins himself in bed alone. He gets up – and finds Martha siting on the floor in the hallway. She retells him that she went bytothe bathroom to vomit, but didn’t have the energy to get back to bed. Jack is keen to help Martha back to bed – but she wants him to stay here with her aiun the hallway for the time being.


Next day, Ruby searches some drawers in the lounge, and her bag for something. When Charlie enters te room, she wonders what Ruby is up to -0 rubies says that she canlkt find her diary/journal. Charlie is more worried bout what Ross & Morag discussed whilst Ruby tells her sis ter that she is off to the diner [as maybe she left her journal there].


Martha is in bed, and she looks terrible. She is totally in tears and she comments to jack how hard this round of chemo is “hitting” her. Jack tells Martha that he will contact Rachel and her if she was any advice.


Matthew reads in ruby’s journal that this is all too much for her, and that she should try to take her mind off in by perhaps learning to surf, which she’s wanted to do for ages.

Mat threw puts the journal under some other book when Colleen approaches with the drink her ordered. She tells him that he shouldn’t stop studying because she is there.

After colleen walks away, ruby enters. Mathew asks bout her dad. Ruby tells him about how uneasy it is – and he wonders if she’d like to take her mind of this. His comets that there’s a “learn to surf” class this afternoon. Ruby thanks Matthew – and you can see that she almost can't believe how insightful he is.

[Note – I’m LOVING the irony of Ruby wanteing to learn to surf, considering the Rebecca Breeds’ most recent role before H&A was as a very talented surfer called Cassie in Blue Water High]


After Rachel speak to Martha and how chemo affects different pp in different ways, and how the more chemo Martha has, the worse the nausea etc will get, jack & Rachel leave the bedroom and talk in the kitchen.

Jack wonders to Rachel if they should change Martha’s meds. Rachel; isn’t so sure of that’s a good idea. Jack wonders how hew can help Martha – and Rachel tell him tat all he can do is been there for Martha.


Ross tells Charlie & ruby that Morag [palos in the room] has agreed to help him with him plan to move into an assisted care place that can deal with his illness. Ruby accespts the decision, but Charlie is NMUCHLY against it. Morag & Ruby back up ross when they tell Charlie that this is Ross’ call.


Charlie enters, and tells roman that she has FAILED her dad. She tells roman that she doesn’t want her dad is assisted care, as they RALLY means that this is REAL and theta he IS unwell. Charlie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cries, and she tells roman that she can’t belie that she’s fought her dad over various issue recently. Roman hugs Charlie.


Ross thanks ruby for her support of his plan. They waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hug.

As ruby heareds for her bedroom, Morag enters the longae room. She sits with Ross. Morag is all but in tears as she tells Ross that she IS going with him [to whichever assisted care place that he goes to] as the week that theylpve just spent apart has been “:hell” on Morag. Ross waaaaaaaaaaay like the idea - and they nmuchly hug.


Ruby chats online with Skye about her dead. When asks, ruby insists that if her dad is happy, then she is happy.


Skye then wonders what Ruby thinks of Matthew, but Matthew is distracted when Annie & jai approaches him and are keen to know whya he is up to online. Mathew say stat it’s none of there business. He then bails.

Annie tells jai that she is going to check her emails - but when she brings up the Net on the comp, she sees that Matthew hadn’t closed out of the Net properly – so his last screen is still up. Jai & annie see the chat tween Ruby & Skye – and realises that Matthew is Ruby’s net friend Skye!!!!!!



Martha collapses

Bridget comets that Rachel is a “switched on girl” after Rachel hears Bridget talking about herself having ovarian cancer [and not cervical cancer like Bridget has said in te past]

Kirsty waaaaaaaaaaaay isn’t sure about going through and doing this hostessing work

Ruby & Matthew KISS!!!

AND Ruby discovers that Matthew is Skye!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Ruby: black [white straps] singlet top/dark green [black zebra like stripes] asymmetric mid thigh skirt


Rachel: red top/black wide belt/ dark long pants


Matthew Lyons: yellow [yellow lion on blue shield like background] t


Annie: red wide strap top – with black scoop top beneath

Charlie: black singlet top/denim jeans

Charlie: white top/dark brown long pants

Colleen: blue [purple floral] blouse/aqua top

Colleen: red top/maroon [orange floral] blouse

Jack: black v neck t/grey PJ long pants

Jack: light brown long sleeve top/white t/ dark long pants

Jai: dark grey [dark check] t

Leah: white [dark floral] low cut neck, knee length dress

Martha: green hoodie/dark long pants/dark blue [white swirls] bandana

Martha: grey t/band bandana

Matthew Lyons: brown [old west themed motif] t

Morag: back top/brown cardigan/denim jeans

Morag: cream blouse/beige bop

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: black knee length dress

Roman: black singlet/ dark long pants

Roman: bluey-grey t

Ross: dark blue [white vertical stripes] long sleeve button up shirt/bone long pants

Ross: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] polo shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: red v neck, cross back top/denim shorts

Wife of Cancer Sufferer: baby pink blouse

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