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Wed, 8 Oct 08 – Episode # 4733

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’d Rather Be Taken Out That Back And Shot …. “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 8 Oct 08 – Episode # 4733]


AS Belle drives along, Aden wonders where they are going, an bell syuas that she is driving him home. Aden insists that she should stop the car – which belle does. Aden insists that it was a 2 way kiss that they had. Belle tries to deny that she still has felling for Aden, so he insist tat he is going to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home – which he does.


Belle enters and she is ken to talk to Irene, but Angelo is there. He’s made one of his family’s fave desserts. There are 2 plates full – so Angelo suggests that belle can share his – with Irene having the other one. When Irene ask, bell tell her yht what she wanted d to talk about can wait.


Its waaaaaaaaaaay late at night [beyond midnight I’m guessing], when Leah is surprised to find roses in her kitchen. She’s even more surprised that he’s just made stack of pancakes which he tells her are for breakfast. Leah tells him that breakfast is hours away – and at this poit ruby enters the kitchen. Ruby takes roses back to his room, whilst Leah begins to clean up.


In the lounge room, Charlie expresses her concerns to Roman for her dad, and what they will do when his illness gets worse. Roman responds by being their for here [goood listener and all] and by hugging her.


Ruby returns to the kitchen and she is keen to help Leah clean up against the coking that her dad has done, but Leah insist tat she is almost finished, a nd that ruby should go back to bed.

Ruby however goes into the lounge room, and goes online. She is pleased that her Net friend is also online.

Next day, Charlie arrives and Leah tells her bout what happened with Ross.

After Leah bails, ruby tells vahelie that after the icident, chatting online helped her. Charlie, whoever, responds by suggesting that ruby should also talk to Annie & Jai [the whole real life friend’s thing] about this.


Aden isn’t exactly impressed when belle seem to be ignoring him, so he goes after here into the kitchen.

Aden insists that belle that, whether she likes it or not, they are both under each other’s skin.


Ruby isn’t that keen when Charlie puts some post it notes on the cupboards in the kitchen – to stop Ross form doing what he did this morn with the pancakes.

Charlie tells ruby that she is foing out for an hour or so, and ruby insist tat she will be ok looking after Ross whilst Charlie is away.

Amoemets after Charlie leaves, Annie enters. When Annie tries to talk to ruby about Ross, ruby insist that Annie & jai can't understands what she is going though, only her Net friend can. Annie inset that she and Jai can try to understand – if ruby lets them in. ruby hugs Annie.


In kitchen, Roman tells Leah that chalire is determined to constantly keep an eye on ross.

Belle enters, and she is annoyed by the customers’ complaints. Roman suggests that this might have something to do with Aden also being angry. Roman & Irene suggest that Belle should end her shift early so she can deal with her issues.

When belle goes into the main area, she sees Angelo, but says that she will catch up with him later.


Annie & ruby talk about the beach party. Ruby admits that it made her feel good – for about 10 minutes. Ruby then promises to never EVER again fight with Annie & Jai. Moment later, she gets a text. Its form jai – wondering if ruby & Annie have made out yet. Ruby says that she can’t join Annie & jai at the beach as she has to stay here and look after Ross, but Ross enters that room and says that ruby should go out with her friends.

He then sees the post its notes that Charlies has put up, and he take them down. He is annoyed that shells done that, and when ruby insist on staying home, Ross ANGRILY tells her that he’d rather be taken out the back and shot like a sick dog rather than be treated like this. To say that ruby is shocked is an underatatment, and she & Annie DO bail.


Ruby & Annie tell Jai about what happened, and they all agree to find Charlie and tell her bout this, but as Ruby picked up her bag, she doesn’t realise that a book has fallen out of it as when walks away.

Matthew lyons picks up the book – and rads part of it. It’s clear that what dropped out of ruby's bag is her journal.


Belle arrives and talks to Aden. She insitnatht the timing for a ‘ship tween them is all wrong now, and that she gave him every opportunity to express his feeling about her after the court case but he didnl;t. Aden insets that they both keno that they belong together, but bell insist atta its not the case anymore. Aden tehnralises something – and bell doesn’t deny that ashe & Angelo have slept together. Aden “suggest” that bell should leave.

Soon after, Aden is in the room next to the lounge when he hears noises in another room. He finds Ross in the kitchen, who is confused at why the kettle isn’t boiling. Aden has to reminds Ross stat he doesn’t live here at the the moment. Aden suggests tat they should go to Ross’ current abode, and they bail.


Matthew knocks on the door. It looks like he is going t give back to journal but that he heard the smoke alarm and enters the house. He removes the plastic [now partly melted] kettle form the stove.


In kitchen, Leah talks to Irene about how maybe it’s too much for her to have the 3 Bucktons in her her house.

In main area, charlie tells to Roman about further options for Ross – maybe getting him a full time carer etc, when Ruby, Annie & Jai enter.

Charlie immediately attacks – wondering why ruby has left Ross alone in the house. Ruby insist that she thought that Charlie was going t be an hour, and its Annie who tells Charlie about Ross’ “sick dog” comets to Ruby. Charlie apologise to ruby for leaving her to have to deal with that. Charlie hugs Ruby, and they bail


Matthew is trying to get the smoke alarm to stop beeping when Ruby & cahelie enter. He tells ten what happened.

Aden & ross arrives – and ross apologise to ruby for going off at her earlier

Ruby thanks Matthew for helping, and she rally likes it when he says that she understands what she is gong through – indeed, Matthew’s lines was a slightly amended vaeuion of smooth that he rad in ruby's journal.

Matthew then bail – keeping the journal of course.


Belle & Angelo are sitting side by side, and belle admits tat she is an emotional wreck right now. Angelo inisttat she can tell him anything, but all bell can do is hug him.

Naturally, Aden [who is walking nearby] sees them – whilst belle, but not Angelo sees Aden.



Looks like Martha is hit hard by her 2nd round of chemo

Ruby realises tat her journal is missing

Annie & Jai discover tat Mathew is Ruby’s Net friend

Sounds like Charlie is WAAAAAY against Ross’ plan to deal with his illness

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Ruby: red v neck top/denim shorts


Annie: purple singlet top/white [dark dots] shorts


Charlie: silver satin nightgown


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark long pants

Aden: red [white “Desala [something]”] t/denim jeans

Angelo: black [white crest] t

Angelo: white [silver floral?] t

Belle: black [white crest] scoop t

Belle: white jacket/white (black sunglass wearing dude motif) t/grey mid thigh skirt/black leggings

Charlie: black singlet top/denim jeans

Irene: orange long sleeve blouse

Irene: red elbow length sleeves blouse

Jai: yellow [dark dots] t/dark shorts

Leah: white [blue floral] night gown

Leah: white [dark floral] low cut neck, knee length dress

Matthew Lions: brown [old west themed motif] t

Roman: bluey-grey t

Roman: denim jeans

Ross: maroon long sleeve button up shirt/bone long pants

Ross: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] polo shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: grey extra long [mid thigh] t

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