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Kyle Harris

Guest standbyme

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title - kyle harris

t.o.s - long fic

cast - mostly the harris boys

rating - A

spoilers - no at least i don't think so

plot - Romsan's brother arrives but Roman doesn't know why and is determend to know but Kyle is keeping secrets


"Hey big bro" Roman heard a voice say behind him at the diner

"What's wrong" Roman asked looking at him

""Yeah it's really nice to see you too" Kyle replied sittin g at a table.

He went to put his feet up on the table

"If you put your feet on that table i'll bend you over my knee pull your pants down and smack your bare ass in front of everyone" Irene said walking past

"I didn't do anything" Kyle replied putting his foot back on the floor

"So what's wrong" Roman asked again "You only come to see me if you're in trouble or if you need money"

"I just thought i'd come visit that's all but if you're gonna carry on like a bitch then see ya later" Kyle yelled and got up to leave

"Wait" Roman told him

"Do you have a place to stay or has dad kcked you out again"

"Yes but that's not why i'm here"

"Wait here i'll get my keys and we'll go back to my place". Roman told him


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"Get up" Roman told Kyle hitting him over the head with a pillow

"I'm asleep" he replied in a croaky voice

"I just got a call from dad" Roman told him

"That would be an intelligent conversation" Kyle said and sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes

"He said you've been missing for 5 months"

Kyle gave a slight laugh

"Like he'd care"

"He doesn't but mum and everyone else does"

"Did you tell him where i was?"

"Yes, he also told me the reason you left"

"And what was that?

"What were you thinking? Candice is your step mother"

Kyle shrugged

"Please tell me it was not some sad pathetic attempt to get back at dad"

"Maybe, just maybe, beside you can't talk you haven't been able to come to christmas dinner since 1995. By the way why is that?" Kyle shouted walking down the stairs.

What they never told"

Kyle lowered his voice

"We're not aloud to say your name let alone talk about it"

"Then you don't need to know"


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Nicole walked in the and frowned when she saw Kyle at a table sleeping

"What's Kyle doing?" she asked walking into the kitchen

"I gave him a newspaper and told him he has to look for a job" Romn replied

"Well there is a newspaper on the table but he aint reading it" she told him

"What?" Roman said walking out and seeing Kyle sleeping

Roman walked up to Kyle and took the newspaper wraped it up and hit him over the head with it

"Wake up" Roman told him

"Sorry, there are only two jobs vacant a secratary job at the school and a personal trainer at the gym and i got bored" Kyle told Roman

"Kyle you're 23 years old, grow up and i'm pretty sure Tony would love to have you at the gym"

"Roman it annoyes that i'm nothing like you. You are the perfect guy daddies favorite and i'm the biggest screw up you've met".

"Please don't be difficult Kyle"

"Screw you Roman"


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"Kyle" Roman called running uo his brother on the beach.

"Wanna tell me what that was about?"

"It just seems everyone doesn't want me around them Amy, mum, Caitlyn, dad but that's a completely different story all together and now you" Kyle told him almost crying.

"What, ofcourse i want you around. It's just my duty as a big brother to get pissed off at you sometimes and no offence but yoou do deserve it most of the time" Roman said putting his arm around him.

"And this town needs a guy like you"

"Well it could do with a little edge" Kyle said smiling

"So go see Tony, i'm sure he'll give you a job".

"And Kyle" Roman calleed as Kyle walked away "Every family has a rough, tough, black sheep and your ours" he finished

Kyle smiled and walked away. He heard his phone ring in his pocket.

He got it out and saw there was a text message that said

"Hey babe where are you been missing you call me back"


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Kyle walked into the diner

"Hey, Roman, i got the job" Kyle said happily as his phone rang.

"See, told you Tony would be happy to have you" Roman replied watching Kyle hang up his phone

"Who was that?" Roman asked

"Just a guy i partied with in perth, not really important" he replied putting his phone down

"Well if it's a friend you haven't seen in a while, shouldn't you answer it"

"We've talked recently" Kyle told him "Anyway i'm gonna get air. I'll be right back"

Kyle was outside and walked up to a sexy blonde girl sitting on a black '67 chev with her legs crossed wearing black singlet with bitch printed on it and a skimpy denim skirt with black hooker boots and putting lipstick on.

"I was starting to think you weren't going to show" she said putting her lipstick and mirror down and getting off the car and walked closer and brushed up against him.

"What are doing here, and how'd you know where to find me" Kyle asked pushing her back.

"I have my ways" she whispered in his ear.

"Kyle go away from this bitch" Roman said angrily walking up to them.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, big brother Roman so tough trying to protect his little brother" she said

"Leave him alone and crawl right back under the rock you came from" Roman told her

"Well when i get what i came for, i'll go" she replied

"You're not getting your claws on him. I'll make sure of that"

"You can't stop us from being together if that's what we want. And it is" she with a smartass grin on her face

"Candice, if you were a guy you'd be dead by now so consider yourself lucky"

"Is that a threat?" she asked smiling

"Roman can we go, it's not like i want anything to do with her anyway" Kyle interupted


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