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Mon, 6 Oct 08 – Episode # 4731

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Two Way Street “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 6 Oct 08 – Episode # 4731]


Nic & Aden enters, and n whilst Aden loves that cmapping trop that they’ve just come back form, Nic is “little less enthused [as she spends the night trying to sleep on rocky etc ground. Aden suggetsytaht she shouldn’t junkmen about a jail cell being better than camping.

Talk turns to Belle – and Aden insist that he didn’t delib take to development sit job to spite belle – iutrs just tat the site is is far away form the diner.

Morag enters the room, and Aden asks bout Ross – Morag say that things are fine.


Next day, Tony is concerned that Rachel is still oh so worried about Joe’s wellbeing [not trusteeing dane to be a good enough parent].

Morag enters and she asks Rachel if she can talk t0op melody. When Rachel & Tony wonder why, Morag tells them about Melody’s plan to divorce her parents. Rachel & Tony are a tad surprised – but Rachel agrees to help.


Belle asks s if he knew Arthur Clay. After alfs response that he is going to Arthur’s funeral, belle tells Alf that Arthur told her about the toxic waste, and that records do exits about it. Alf tells belle that if Arthur said that it happened, then he believes that it did.


Melody tells Kirsty & Miles that she’s got things al work eked out – she’s got a place to stay, with a sensible adult [a teacher no less – Miles].

Melody;’ mum enters and urges melody to come home – but melody resists. Christine insists that she IS gong to fight for melody’s soul, even if melody won’t.

Rachel arrives, and “suggest” that melody’s mum should go. She isn’t that happy, but complies.


Belle has her camera and is taking pics, whilst Aden arrives for her 1st day at bteh site. One of his new co workers say that nod of the tyres of one of the big piece of equipment has sprung a leak. The dude says that is Aden tastes water then its ok, but if there traces of hydraulic fluid, that’ big trouble. Aden touches the fluid on the tyre and smells his fingers – and comments to her co worklsres that its urine that he can smell. They agree that he has passed the initiation test.

All the while, Tim Coleman keeps an eye on belle.


Rachel talks to melody on the back patio. Melody thanks Rachel for helping her, and for suggesting a counsellor that can help her.

Rachel bails and we see Kirsty & miles talking arty the button of the stairs. Both aren’t so sure that they can take on melody at the t moment [as they know that it’s them that melody wants to live with]. Of course, melody overhears them – and is distraught.


Melody tells Geoff about what she overhears.

Irene approaches – and melody tells her bout how Rachel helps her this morn – eps. Convincing her mum to bail form the vph.

When Irene has walked way, melody tells Geoff that she REALLY likes it at the vph – such a happy, normal family life.

Melody tells Geoff that she is going to go for a walk – and insists tahts he wants to go alone when he asks if he can join her.


Belle speaks to one of the council workers. She wants to get hold of the documents about the 1965 waste, but he insist that she’ll have to submeuit a form, and that she will receives copies of the info in several week times. The dude doesn’t budge, despite Belle trying to convince him to shorten the process -0 as she is werting an article for the newspaper.


Irene well & truly says NO to Geoff’s request for melody to stay permanently at their house.

Belle embers, and tells Irene bout how inflexible the council was – but Irene compensate that bells shouldn’t have expected them to role out the red caper for her.

Nic telask to Belle – and well & truly tells her about how Nic & Aden went camping, in a cosy tent. Belle says that she doesn’t care – but Nic sens e that belle is kinda jealous.


Alf talks to Morag about Arthur, but Morag gets a phone call form miles, and she wonders if they [she & Alf] can talk later].

Geoff telask to Rachel about the melody situation. He comments that [like the bible says] children should respect their parents, but Rachel covenants that ust a 2 way street. She comments that if a child needs medical treatment and isn’t getting it, maybe the child should be taken away form the parents. [Note – I dolt need to tell anyone that that spiel is all about Joe].


Miles talks to Morag about why has to happen for get way legally from her mum. Morag tells him all then legal things that needs to be set up, and insist tat whoever take Melody on, it will be on full on commitment – right up until the teiom that she is legally an adult.


Edward meets with Christine. She insistbathat they must present a totally united front if they are to get melody to come home etc.

Belle enters the room, and talks to Alf. She tells Him about how she’s not gone so well with the council so far. She suggests that she should talk to Gary Rogers, who workers nib archives. he suggest tat she can tells Gary6 that she knows etc Alf if that helps her. Bell thanks Alf.


Its tat end of Aden’s 1st day at they site, and Tim tells his that he did well today. Tim also tells Aden that if bell keeps on hanging around, Aden could loose his hob.


Melody approaches her parents, and Edward tells her that he & Christine are getting hack together. Melody srspionmds by telling her dad that the only time she’ truly respected him is when he left her mum and now that he’s gone back to Christine, melody thinks that Edwards is gutless.

Mel's mum responds to that by back handing her daughter across the face. Melody is shocked and walks away. Christine is also knida in schlock – not rally believing that she has just hit her daughter.


Rachel enters and talks to Tony about the psychological trauma that melody has endured.

To9ny is concerned when Rachel use the Melody case is a springboard to once more talk about her concerns for Joe.


Belle etlask top Gary Rogers and comments about heo she knows etc Alf, but Gary doesn’t budge.

Belle however telakes advantage of Gary satiyng that he’s about to9 go on a break – and she enters the archive room. She sees that archive boxes for 1963, 1964 & 1966, with a big gap on the shelf where the 1965 [the year the toxic waste was dumped] should be. Gary catches bell ion the room – but she comments tat she was just trying to find the ladies bathroom but got lost. He allows her to leave.


Miles & Kirsty talk about the possibility of legally taking on Melody. Both have doubts but they seem positive that they can.

However, Geoff enters, and tells them that melody overheard that mealier – saying they couldn’t.


Belle enters the kitchen, and tells Irene how she fast talked her way out of there.

In te main area, Nic tells Aden how she told belle about their camping trip. Aden insists tait he doesn’t care – since belle is with Angelo now etc.

3miels enters the kitchen looking for Melody, but Irene doesn’t know where she is.


Melody is walking along the roadside when Christine pulls up in her car nearby. Geoff sees melody’s mum garb Melody and throw her into the car and drive off. Geoff tries to give chase on foot but it’s a hopeless cause.



Geoff gets hit by Christine’s’ fast moving car!!!

Looks like Kirsty’s new job on the side, as an escort, begins!!!

Aden’s dad asks Aden to forgive him

Looks like Aden kisses Belle – as a way to stop her form being ID'd when she is on the development site at night

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: gold & silver horizontal stripes [waaaaay metallic looking] halter bikini top/grey, off white & red knee length dress


Rachel: aqua v neck t


Melody: mottled blue [with wide white straps] top


Aden: apple green v neck t

Aden: dark blue singlet * long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/brown long points

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: black [silver unknown motifs] top/apple green [dark green spots] scarf\dark blue jacket/dark long pants

Belle: blue singlet top

Christine: dark blue elbow sleeve top – with grey long sleeve top beneath/dark blue long pants

Council Dude: blue [white check][ button up shirt/dark [white zig zag lines] tie

Edward: bone button up shirt/dark long pants

Gary Rogers: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long oats

Geoff: dark blue tracksuit [incl zip up jacket\grey t

Initiation Dude At Development Site: marron [white check] button up shirts/grey t/olive green shorts

Irene: dark purple blouse

Kirsty: black & red [black on the front, red on the back – with multi colour floral each side] low cut singlet top

Miles: white button up shirt/grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t//denim jeans

Morag: blouse blouse/black long pants

Morag: plum v neck top

Nicole: red thin strap top/lime green halter bikini top/white scarf

Rachel: red low cut v neck, knee length dress

Tim Coleman: olive green button up shirt/ dark long pants

Tony: black [with grey sides] SB gym t

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