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Fri, 3 Oct 08 – Episode # 4730

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Enjoying The Chaos “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 3 Oct 08 – Episode # 4730]


Kirsty is stressing that she was sooooo many bills to pay, and that she doesn't want to keep relying on Miles.

The phone rings, and when off the phone, Kirsty tell miles stat she HAS scored a job at the sands. She tells mile stat the job is in housekeeping, not bar work that she did today. They waaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss.


Geoff tries to stop Melody’s mum form performing the exorcism, but she is able to push him out of the room and lock toe door. Melody’s mum pins melody on the bed as she reads form I’m geeing] the bible to perform the exorcism.

Geoff reins out of the house.


Just after Miles insets that Kirsty can tell him anything about what’s happening in her life [and she doesn’t tell him about Kane’s later] Kirsty tells Leah tat she landed a job at the Resort.

Geoff rushes in. she ask Leah if Irene is there, but she’s not, so Geoff asks miles for help. They bail.


As Melody’s mum continue the exorcism, mile s& Geoff bust through locked door, and miles is able to convinces melody’s mum that she is terrifying Melody [so kinda ironic tat she would listen to a person that she had a grudge against elaier that year, rather than her own daughter].

Miles insist tat melody isn’t the problem her – its melody’s mum, and melody agree with miles suggest tat he will take her to his place for the moment.


Tony is worried about Rachel, whose got it ain her mind, it seems, that Dane isnlkt going to come back. He also comments tat jack & Luc were as messy with their toys as Joe is.


Miles, Geoff and Melody enter, and miels insist to Kirsty tat melody needs their help.

Melody suggests that she just wants to lie down, so Geoff foes up with her to the bedroom. Once there. Melody tells Geoff that she should have never broken up with Geoff and that she would do tunings differently if she could do tings over.

Soon after, melody & Geoff enters the main room. Miles wonders what melody plans to o about her mum. Melody doesn’t want to do anything, but miles insist tat melody’s mum needs to know that she did something wrong.

Melody does tell miles tat she doesn’t want to go home – so Miles agrees, for time being to let her stay here.

Melody seems to really like the playful banter tween alf, Kirsty & Miles – incl when Alf suggest atya miles is so bad a cook, that he can’t even get boiling water right.


Next day, Rachel tells Tony tat she is worried about Dane Turing up [as they will will have to go the Joe’s latest appointment soon].

Dan arrives and Joe is really paled to see him. Dane tells rach that the school holiday traffic held her up. Rachel “suggests” that they should go to the appoinmetment.


Whilst Kirsty stressing about being ready on time before they 1st day up her new job, and Leah arrives with Vj [to paly with Ollie], Melody seems to once more enjoy that happy chaos that’s going on around her.

She then tells miles hat she want to talk to him about her mum.


Melody’s mum is siting on the bed, with the bible in hand. She prays that she hope she can be forgiven.


A dark short haired woman called Trish & Kirsty enter one of the rooms. Trish run Kirsty though that room cleaning schedules, before “suggesting” that Kirsty can clean the bathroom whilst she makes the bed.

Trish comments about the trouble that Kirsty ghas at the bar, and insists that Kirsty can make those kinds of errors in her new job.


After joes’ appointment, Dane surprise Rachel when he say that although he will stick to the appointment et schedule that the doctors have arrange, he won’t be doing it here in the bay – as he is taking Joe up to QLD to his mum. Rachel doesn’t like that idea, but Dane insists that Joe needs his mum right now.


Before Dane & Joe bails, Rach hands Joe his fave toy [a plush lion]. Dane thanks Rachel for all she has done, and Rachel is a tad concerned that Dane almost left some of Joe’s medication behind.

Rachel hugs Joe and is only just hanging back tears when dane & Joe bail.


Kirsty is at the bottom of the stairs and we hear a voice over of Kane of the lat bit of the 2nd leetr tat he send Kirsty.

Kirsty then goes into the back patio, wiher miles, Vj & Ollie have just finished building a billy cart. They take it inside to officially show Kirsty, but as Alf enter, he is annoyed someone appear stgo have stole that wheels of the rubbish bin [the bin wheel are no the fronts on the Billie cart]. Miles & the others keep quiet about the wheels, but when Alf leave sto room, Miles suggests that the boys that they should remove the bin wheels for the cart, and use the wheel from the mower [that is hardly evert used].

The phone rings, and when Kirsty [who answered] gets of the phone, she tells miles that she’s been offered another shift right now. She rushes out of tyeh room – to get ready for work.


Melody’s mum opens the door – she is pleased to see melody ho is accompanied by Miles & Geoff. Melody’s mum thinks that her daughter has decided to come home, but melody shocks her mum when she says that she is gong to DIVORCE herself from her parents.


Kirsty talks to Trish about her money woes.

When Kirsty levees the room, Trish makes a phone call. She tells who ever she is talk to that she thinks that she has another girl [Kirsty] who is perfect - as she is gorgeous and desperate for money!!!!



Geoff hits hit by a car – I can only guess that Christine is involved

Trish suggest to Kristy that Miles doesn't need to now about [speculating] kirsty’s new job on the side

Annie tells Ruby that she is really missing not having Ruby as a friend.

Looks like Aden stops Belle from being recognised a the development site – by KISSING her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: hot pink spaghetti strap top/white [blue & orange floral] long skirt


Leah: white predominantly yellow & blue peacock’s tail motifs] knee length dress


Leah: black v neck [kinda sparkly] top


Alf: white [maroon check] button up shirt

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Christine: black long sleeve v neck dress/twin toon red horiz striped top

Christine: black long sleeve v neck top/white top

Dane: dark jacket/olive green t/denim jeans

Geoff: white [grey diag stripes] t

Geoff: white [black “fortitude” and lion like motif] t

Joe: green [white trim] t/red shorts

Kirsty: red [black check] thin strap dress

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse

Kirsty: white long sleeve blouse/black knee length skirt

Melody: purple cardy/brown top/olive green dark long pants

Miles: green t/dark button up shirt/dark shorts

Miles: black [black & white pic of a man] t/white button up shirt

Oliver: royal blue long sleeve top

Oliver: red [white unknown logo] long sleeve top

Rachel: grey [white & black swirls] wide strap top

Tony: royal blue t

Tony: green [apple green stripes across chest] polo shirt

Trish [sands Resort]: white long sleeve blouse/black knee length skirt

VJ: red & white horizontal striped [black kinda tropic motif] t

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