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Thurs, 2 Oct 08 – Episode # 4729

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s Casey Mitchell All Over Again !!!!!!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 2 Oct 08 – Episode # 4729]


The slightly drunk Ruby is comparing how muscly she is with guy at the party when Matthew Lyons app and suggestat he should walk her home. Ruby eventually agrees – but only after Matthew Lyons agree to a sies of conditions form Ruby, incl not being within 10 metres of ruby as he walks her home.


Leah is worried when she sees that Melody isn’t eating any orf the food she ordered. Christine insist to Leah that tings are fine, and when Christine suggests that Melody should eat, Melody eats a chip or two that are on his plate.

Martin app 0- and Christine wonders if Melody could get some schoolwork so she can catch up. Martin insist that keen on the idea, as he suggers tat Melody should be enjoying her hols, but Christine is adment, so Martin suggers that she should speak to Miles about the extra work.


Ruby & Matthew Lyons arrive [back patio]a nd she has a go at him for being within 10 metres of her. when he suggested she is kidding about all that, she well & truly informs him that the way she is talking to isn’t friendly banter and they she doesn’t like him. Matthew Lyons suggest tat he should have just left Ruby at that party. He bails.


Kirst is in bed – she looks at Kane’s latter, but she hides it when Miles enters. He comments about the outsits tat she is thinking of wearing to the job interbow morrow, before he climbs into bed beside Kirsty.

Next day, miles thanks jai for being home on time after the party.

Kristy gets of the ohjen, and tells miles that the resort has just rung., they want tio to do a trial shift at the bar today,. She is worried that she lied about being able to make cocktails on her résumé.

.after Kristy goes upstairs to change clothes, melody & her mum arrive. Mel’s mum asks mile for the Cath up work for melody. Miles tyeinjk that melody is gong very weal since she came back to school, but melody’s mum is adamant, so melody’s mum goes with miles when he gets some catch up work for melody.

Whilst they do that, melody asks jai to pass on msg to Geoff


Ruby & Matthew are suiting back to back at tie computers, she is annoyed when he ask her about Ross and his illness.

Annie, Geoff & jai enter, and Ruby has a go at Annie for Annie’s comments about Ruby’ behaviour last night, i.e. ruby suggest atat if Annie wasn't so judgemental, she’d have more friends. Ruby bails.

Jai then tells geoff that melody asked him to come over this arvo – as melody’s mum won't be home.


Kristy is behind the bar with woman who appear to be her boss. The woman points about that the male customer approaching ten counter always has a latte. Kit sty commends statb although she’s not made coffee in a place like this for a while, its like riding a bike.

When the suited male customer pays, he comments that Kristy short changed him – and he gave her a $50 notes, not a $20 like Kristy claims., the bar manager approaches., and settles things [in customers’ favour]. Hne the customer has walked away, the woman comments that the customer is one f other best, and that $30 isn’t going to make a fdierenence when her conferences etc being in lots of money to the resort.


Melody tells Geoff tight she rally needs professional help, and that now, her mum won’t even let her leave the table until every little bit of her meals are eaten. Geoff insists tat he will think of something.


Mathew approaches ruby who is in the pool room. She immediately walks way – into Noah’s but he follows her.

Matthew insist tart he knows what she is going though, tanking that no none understands her. Ruby insist tat she wants Mathew to leave her alone – but the look on her face when he is hone suggest tat keeping Matthew at arms length in a bit of a game to her [and that maybe he can help her].


Kristy tells leah about what happened in her 1st shift at tee resort.

Martin approaches kisrty, and wonders what she needed tat money for. Kristy is kionda evasive – insisting that its not, say, needed because ollie is very ill.


Jai tells, who expresses her concern for Ruby, that Annie should back off a little – and let ruby come to them for help.

Kisrty enters – and jai tells re tat there is a letter for her.


Ruby, once more, unknowingly chats with Mathew online. He [as her netfirnds] actually wonders what she thinks of Matthew. Ruby type stat she thinks that although he is kinda ok, he’s still a loser.


Kirst rads another letter from Kane. He is sooooooooo grateful that she got bteh money for the lawyer, and that he KNEW that she would come through for her.


Melody’s mum is surprised to see Geoff in her house, but she does like it when he suggest that the best way to help melody is for her to talk to a priest. Indeed,. Its clear that melody’s mum has a plan already [ base on Geoff’s thoughts] form the look on her face.


Ruby & her net fiend chat once more online. Ruby sends her friend a pic of herself, and it IS actually of pic of Ruby [not like the false pic that Mathew sent of a girl to ruby recently online].

Ruby tells her online firnmd that she is looking fwd to meeting in person soon.


Father Bryant enters, and after melody’s mum takes him aside, he can’t believe that plan that she is suggesting, i.e. he says that its EXTREME.

Father Bryant bails, and melody is concerned, but melody’s mum insists that she knows what’s best for melody. Melody all but screams that her mum DOESNLT know what’s best for her. Melody storm of into her room.

Soon after, with melody in the next room, melody’s mum shocks Geoff when she insist that she has to drive whatever is inside her daughter out – by performing an EXORCISM !!!!



Dane insist to Rachel tat Joe needs his mum more that medicine right now

Miles & Geoff have to crash through a locked door to try and stop Christine form performing tyeh exorcism

Kirsty tells a colleague that she has money woes, which prompts the other girl [on phone] to say that they may have another girl

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: blue velvety jacket/blue scoop top/ dark [yellow floral] knee length skirt


Ruby: leopard print top/blue [yellow circles] sleeveless jacket


Leah: royal blue singlet top


Annie: red, orange, yellow & white horiz striped singlet top

Christine: black long sleeve v neck top/white top

Christine: white blouse/brown top

Father Bryant: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Geoff: white [black “fortitude” and lion like motif] t

Jai: grey [black & yellow lighting bolts] t

Kirsty: white nightdress

Kirsty: white blouse/balck tie/dark jacket

Kirsty’s boss: white bkouse/balck tie/dark jacket

Leah: black scoop t

Martin: brown button up shirt

Martin: burgundy button up shirt/bone long pants

Matthew Lyons: green [light pink “fresh jive”] t

Matthew Lyons: white [multi colour dragon] t/denim jeans

Melody: peach top

Melody: purple cardy/brown top/dark long pants

Miles: white t/dark button up shirt

Miles: black [black & white pic of a man] t/white button up shirt

Muscles Dude: maroon [white sleeves] t

Ruby: white [kinda ruffled] long sleeve top/black asymmetric mid thigh skirt

Sands Bar Customer: dark grey suit/grey button up shirt/silver [grey diamonds] tie

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