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Wed, 1 Oct 08 – Episode # 2728

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ No Hippy Chick“

[screened in Australia on Wed, 1 Oct 08 – Episode # 2728]

Note - due to computer issues, this guide is less detailed etc than usual.

I’ll add IADL tomorrow.

At diner, Irene notices that Belle isnlkt answering her phone. She suggests that Belle needs to deal with this, and insists that she should take a break a talk to Angelo.

As bell is about to bail, a 70-ish yo woman named Enid approaches her, and says that she's heard about Belle’s opposition to the new development. Enid tells Belle that her husband Arthur would like to talk to Belle.

Belle goes to the hospital with Enid, and speaks to Arthur. he tells her that he was a mbr of the council in the 1960s. He says that they weer in huge financial strife, so when a comp may offer that lots of money to deiump that waste, they agreed. Arthur tells Belle that if she looks at council archives, the transactions wall be listed as for general landfill [so to not raise suspicions]. Arthur agrees to give an official statement to the police.

Belle meets with Angelo at Noah’s and he’s not that keen that the only raon she met with him id so he can get the statement for Arthur. Belle insists though that this thing [the toxic waste] is bigger than their 'ship.

Hen Belle & Angelo get to t5eh hospital, Enid tells them that Arthur has suffered form a massive stroke. The doctors don’t except him to live for much longer [less than a day]. Belle is clearly affected by this.

Belle & Angelo enter the beach house. Angelo suggests tat they should go out to dinner to take their minds of things. Bell tells Angelo that he's the only thing keeping her sane. they kiss - but the look on belle's face with tyh kiss ends is one of unease. They decide against going out to diner.

at Leah’s its clear that Ruby's not all that keen on her dad staying here for a few days. Leah is also a tad surprised when she comes home, and Charlie wonders [rhetorical question] if Ross can stay. As soon as Leah does age, Charlie comments about starting to rearrange thing in the house toy make thing easier for Ross.

Next day, Alf talk to Morag at Romans'. He is surprised that Ross is now staying at Leah’s but Morag emotionally explains that it’s not up to her. She admits tat she wasaaaaaaaaaay missing Ross, but that he told her that he needs some space.

At Leah’s, Ross and his daughters is having breakfast with his sighers when they realise that they are out of milk. Charlie says that she will go and get some but ruby makes it clear that she doenlt wnat to be left alone with Ross. Ruby also insists tat she is busy and cannot go and get the milk from the shops herself.

After ruby leaves the room, Charlie’s day doesn't get any better when Ross tells her that they are out of milk [after trying to pour some from the empty carton. Charlie suggests they go to the diner.

Once there, Charlie tells roman that she is thinking of finding a new place for herself, ruby & Ross to live, and Charlie doienlkt take to kindly to roman firmly reminding her that Morag is Ross' wife, mad should be involved in such matters.

At Noah’s ruby expresses, to jai & Annie, her annoyance at the way Charlie demands things form her these days, rather than asking. Talk turn to a party being held tonight on the beach. Its organised by some oif the year 11 students. Ruby is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay keen to go.

Morag eneytrs Leah’s house, and comets to Charlie about how the latter has already labelled many jars in Leah’s kitchen, in ligjht of how Ross will only be here for a few days.

Ross enters the room, and when asked, Charlie does bail for the room. Morag emotionally tells Ross that its waaaaaaaaaay weird these days to be alone in bed at night. she tells ross that she muichly misse nhim and they hug.

After Morag bails, Ross wonders what ruby is up to. She tells him that she is choosing what to wear to this party tonight. Ross enquires about the party, and when he hears ruby’s answers, he FORBIDS her form attending the party.

Later, ruby tells jai about how Ross won’t allow her to go.

Soon after, ruby is online chatting to her net friends when Ross comments that he thought she was going to a party tonight. Ruby clearly thinks about commenting about their earlier chat [that she can’t go] bout she doesn’t say antytuythinhg.

After Ross leaves the room, tears begin to well in ruby’s eyes. Charlie enters the room, and wonders what’s happening. Ruby tells her tat she was actually pleased when Ross told her she couldn’t go - as he was REALLY being her dad, and how he doesn’t rem that chat now. hen Charlie insists that they’ve got to take care etc of ross now, Ruby is in even more tears when she insists tay she can’t deal with this, as Ross is the parent, not her. Naturally, the monet that ruby makes a comment about Ross being a burden on them, Ross enters the room. Ruby bails, and Charlie is clearly NOT impressed with Ruby’s actions.

At the beach, there's lots of teens partyiying, jai & anie are surprised when they see that Ruby IS here. They are even more surprised when she swigs form a bottle of alcohol that one of the boys gives her - and when she is keen to play spin the bottle with several of the others. Indeed, Ruby ends up kissing 2 boys during the game.

Annie & jai try to get her to leave the party with them but Ruby isn’t going anywhere. Jai & Annie give up, and bail.

[note - there may have been other instance of spin the bottle on H&A, but the most memorable previous case -for me - in when Sally and a bunch of kids were all at te van park house in hippie like, very 1960s, clothes, with Pippa & Michael looking through the kitchen window] !!!



Looks like Christine is planing an exorcism on Melody!!!

Ruby tells Annie that she'd [Annie] have more friends if she wasn’t so judgemental

Matthew Lyons comments to Ruby that, just like ppl with her, he fels that ppl don’t understand him.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white [kinda ruffled] long sleeve top/black asymmetric mid thigh skirt


Belle: black, dark blue & aqua t


Annie: red scoop top – with black top beneath


Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark grey t

Angelo: light blue police uniform shirt

Annie: off white [dark floral trim] thin strap top

Arthur: dark blue dressing gown

Charlie: dark grey spaghetti strap top/dark long pants

Charlie: red knee length skirt

Dude who kisses Ruby At Party: red [dark check] button up shirt

Enid: brown [white floral] long sleeve blouse

Irene: orange elbow length sleeved blouse

Jai: blue [hot pink & yellow triangles] t

Jai: yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t

Leah: dark spaghetti strap dress

Morag: black blouse/white top/bone long pants

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t

Ross: green t/dark shorts

Ross: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] polo shirt/brown long pants

Ruby: white [zebra stripes] t/denim shorts

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