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Tues, 30 Sept 08 – Episode # 4727

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Looks On Their Faces “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 30 Sept 08 – Episode # 4727]


belle thinks the its Aden who smashed the car windscreen, but Irene isn’t so keen on Belle’s plan to get the screen fixed without Angelo’s knowledge that it even occurred – especially since it would mean Belle going out of her way to protect her ex b/f form her current b/f.


Morag tells Roman bout how Ross called her that name of his dead wife.

Aden enters the room, and Roman tells him that Morag has agreed tobe his lawyer. Aden knocks the offer back, but Roman & Morag are able to convince him to change his mind and accept Morag’s help.


Rachel & Tony are about to have a meal with Jack, who they hear Joe cry. Whilst Rachel goes and see what’s up, Tony comments that jack has similar [cry at meal times] timing.

Talk turns to how Joe will have to undergo chemo becaswue of his cancer. Tony espressos ho difficult he thinks it will be for someone as young as Joe. Jack comments that it’s difficult for all ages, i.e. Martha.


Next day, Tim [the head development site construction dude] talks to Aden about his court case. Tim insist that he’s all in favour o the innocent until proven guilty, and he hopes that Aden was being successful in hi court case.

Rachel approaches that counters and orders some muffins form colleen – as a treat for brave little Joe. Colleen comments that it would have been better if Rachel had adopted Joe a few years ago. Colleen also expresses her concern about how Rachel shouldn’t get too attached to Joe.


Belle enter, and she tells Aden tight she thinks that he really should allow his lawyer etc to bring up the subject of his abuse. when Aden insist that he doesnklt want every man & his dog to know, Belle gets all emotional AND she calls him a coward, who is moiré interested in waht strangers think of him than the ppl that TRULY care about him. Belle insists that Aden should tell the court the truth, but he doesn’t see it that way.


Angelo approaches Belle and tells her that he saw his car at the windscreen repair place this morning. Belle tells him that she dinlt want to worry him, and that she felt responsible for what happened. She alos admits that she thought that it may have been Aden.

Angelo is about to nail and he tells Belle that he is looking fwd to see her later, but Colleen tells him that Belle has the morning off – to attend Aden’s court case. You can se that Angelo isn’t too keen on that.


In one of the rooms, Morag talks to Aden about his case. He tells her that he wants her to be his lawyer, but on his terms. Morag suggest tat she will ask him questions when he is on the witness stand but if they are too close to the bone, she’ll know if he answers that he doesn’t recall those events. Aden agrees.


Ross talks to Charlie. He is annoyed that Morag * that others now has to baby-sit him. He especially think it’s hard on Morag, and n light of their recent marriage, he comments that this is a case of buyer beware, as Morag seem to have [in Ross, with his condition] bought a lemon. Charlie tries her best to stop Ross form thinking ety in this manner, but Ross is pretty adamant.


MORAG questions Aden who is on the witness stand. She asks him about the events just eboer the events that are the reason that he’s in court today. Aden admits tat he was all set to phone the police and turn his dad into them, but Aden admits to the court that something his dad said made him not do so. When Morag wonders aht Larry said, Aden balk at answering the questions for quite a while, before telling the court that he dad told him that he’d been abused by his father. Aden then [with a tear rolling down his cheek] admits that he was abused by his grandfather

[Note – the lookd of pride on Belle’s face, knowing that aden had publicly faced tis, was cool. Nicole looked like she understands why Aden acted that he had been recently. Also, Angelo looks annoyed at the way that Belle has reacted].

And tells tehcourt that he realises that what he did in the shed [to Larry, Rachel & Belle] was wrong, and that killing Larry wouldn’t have helped Aden at all. Aden tells the court that he can’t keep blaming others for his actions.

Soon after, Rachel is the witness box. She tells Morag and the court that Aden is getting the help he needs, and is a much more stable person that he was that day. The judge is handed a report form Dr Hornsby, backing up what Rachel had said. Rachel adds that even during the events of THAT day, she sense a change in Aden, thanks to the caring etc of one person. Rachel dent mention Belle by name, but its clear form the look on Angelo’s face et that he knows that its Belle that heing referred to.


Jack talks to Irene. He tells her that the police investigations over Angelo’s windscreen have reveals e that Aden isn’t responsible.


Tim Coleman is on the phone. He has a go at who ever he is peaking to – about how he wanted that to attack Belle’s care, and that they should have checked to see if she was driving a car other than her own.


Rachel teak to Tony about Joe, she is worried that perhaps Dane & Lee won’t be back in town when Dane suggested, and that they should have a contingency plan if that happened.

Rachel’s phone rings. When she is off the phone, She tells Tony that it was the hospital and that she declined doing extra shifts as she wants to spend time with Joe.


The judge announces his verdict. Aden is GUILTY of kidnapping, but not guilty of attempted manslaughter.

The judge tells Aden & the court that although there are circumstance [the abuse] which have affected, its up to ppl like aden to rise above some issues. He announces that Aden has to do 100 hours of community service.

Aden, Nic, Belle, Roman & Morag all are muchly pleased with the result.


Aden thanks Morag & the others so muchly helping him,, but Morag insist that Aden helped himself there today by being as bereave as he was.

Jack talks to Aden. He tells him that he’s definitely in the clear about the windscreen smash./ Aden hope stat the police didn’t waste to much time investigating him.


Belle enters and talks to Aden. He admit to her that he wouldnklt have told the court about the abuse if his dad had been in the court room. Belle gets all emotional when she tells Aden that the Aden she saw in court today is the she muchly cares for, the one she loves.

Aden sees Angelo just outside the gym, and suggests that bell should perhaps go a buy Angelo a drink, since he was on the loosing team today. Belle does exit the gym.


Ross talks to Charlie who emotionally admits that she’s been the way she has [since his diagnosis][ as she want to take car of him.

Roman, Nic & Aden eneytr and tells Ross & Charlie that Aden is a free man. Both are pleased – but Ross also wonders where Morag is.


Morag sits alone – she looks deep in thought.


Morag enters, and sees that Ross has packed a suitcase, He tells her that he is moving in with Ruby & Charlie [at Leah’s]. He tells morag that he thinks this is the best option for everything right now. Morag is clearly shocked, but doesn’t voice her disagreement with the decision.



Ruby is in tears when she tells Charlie that she can’t look after Ross – as “he’s the parent, not me”

Annie is concerned when she finds Ruby kissing some unknown guy at a beach party.

Angelo tells bel that he thought that she was gong to apologise to him, but she dells him instead that “this [aden thing] is bigger than you & me”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: red knee length skirt


Rachel: black scoop top [with white floral pattern at the very top]


Irene: light pink blouse


Aden: purple singlet

Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark [grey diamonds] tie

Aden: white button up shirt/dark long pants

Aden’s Lawyer: dark suit/white button up shirt

Angelo: light blue police uniform shirt

Belle: black jacket/off white scarf

Belle: black [with grey u shaped patch on bust] singlet top/dark long pants

Colleen: red [white floral] top

Irene: olive green long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jack: 2 tone green horizontal stripes polo shirt

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt

Judge: dark suit/white button up shirt

Morag: dark suit/white blouse

Morag: black v neck top/dark long pants

Nicole: black [white trim] dress

Prosecution Lawyer: dark suit/white button up shirt

Rachel: black v neck dress

Roman: black singlet

Roman: grey long sleeve button up shirt/dark suit

Ross: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] polo shirt/brown long pants

Tim Coleman: olive green button up shirt

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Tony: red [white “PUMA” logo] t//olive green shorts

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