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Mon, 29 Sept 08 – Episode # 4726

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ For Only The 2nd Time “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 29 Sept 08 – Episode # 4726]


Martha ask Bridget how her date with Alf went, Bridget tells her that things went GREAT, but the nearby Alf looks decidedly uneasy as he hears all this.

Martha then approaches Alf. She has been trying to contact Morag, without luck. Alf tells her that he will pass ion the msg when he contracts Morag.


Ross spills something on his shirt whilst cooking, so as he exits the kitchen to go parts to change, Roman enters the kitchen. He wonders how things are for Morag,a dn she comments about how exhausting her constant battles with Charlie, about Ross, are. Morag suggest to Roman that she & Ross are ti8nking if moving out, but Roman insist that there are more than welcome here.

Talk turns to Aden’s court case today. Roman is worried as Aden is keen to take full responsibility for what happened. Morag hopes that Aden’s lawyer will talk about Aden’s circumstances [the abuse].


Belle & Irene are in the kitchen, and Belle is stressing about having to be a witness in Aden’s case today. Irene tries to get her to calm, down, and depire Belle’s coments that all she can do is tell the truth about what happened, Irene, like Morag, hopes that Aden’s lawyer speaks of the abuse.

Roman arrives, and he offers Belle a life to the court grouse – as her car is being serviced at present. She tells him that she has borrowed Angelo’s car for the bay.


Its Aden’s court case, and Nicole sits beside Roman in the seats of the ppl that are on Aden’s side.

Angelo is in the witness stand. The prosecution lawyer asks him to describe the scan he founds when he arrived at Aden’s place that day. Angelo describes where Aden, Rachel, Belle & Ada where in the shed, and when the prosecutor ask, Angelo say stat Aden seemed to show no remorse at what he’d done.

Aden’s lawyer questions Angelo about how Larry is a wanted criminal, and comments in those rserads, how can Larry be the victim in all this. Aden’s lawyer also presents evidence to the courts of Ada’s medical historty – inckl his current liver issues.


Morag & Charlie [kitchen] clash when Charlie is worried that Morag isn’t giving Ross al the medication that he was prescribed. Morag insist that she has done so, as Ross isn’t sleeping that well.

Ross [lounge room] hears the verbal clash – and “suggests” that they should stop arguing. He goers upstairs.


The prosecutor questions Rachel, who is in te witness box. although Rachel tries her best to mek things sound better for Aden, she is forced, by a question form the prosecutor, to admit that and did say that he wanted his dad to die.

Aden’s lawyer then declines to ask Rachel any question – and the judges calls an adjournment until after lunch.

In the halls of the court house, Roman approaches aden's lawyer. wondering why his hasn’t bought uot Aden’s abuse. The lawyer insists that Aden has instructed him not to.

Roman approaches Aden – who tells him that he doesn’t want the lawyer to use the abuse in Aden’s defence. Roman thinks that it’s a bad move, as aden’s history is the best way to provide an explanations for Aden’s actions.


Morag is a tad concerned when Charlie & Ross tell her that they are of to the gym. Morag suggest that she thinks strenuous exercise for Ross is a bad idea, but Charlie & Ross don’t agree, and they bail.

Moments later, Aden, Nicole & Roman netr. When MORAG asks, Roman tells her that things aren’t going so well so far.

Roman then approaches Aden, but Aden insists that he’s doing this court case his way, and that he doesn’t need Roman’s opinions. Aden walks away.


Charlie & ross are walking on the treadmills hen Morag enters.

Moments later, Ross almost falls. Charlie & Morag help him over to some seats, an Morag “suggest” that Charlie should listen to her when she sys that she doesn’t think that Ross is up for any strenuous exercise.


Bridget confronts Alf about how he’s been giving her the cold shoulder all day. He tells her that he’s not used to everyone in town knowing about his bsyuidnes. Bridget fires back by saying the if alfs ashamed of going out with her, perhaps Alf should stop wasting Bridget’s time.


Charlie is in the kitten when Rachel arrives at the back door. She‘s looking for Leah – who Charlie tells her is out shopping. Rachel wonders ho thing are going with Ross, but Ross arrives at the back door, so Rachel decide to bail.

Ross enters the house, and “suggests” to CD that she shouldn’t be steeping on Morag’s toes. As Ross bails, Charlie seems quite surprised that her dad has just told her off.

Note – despite the fact that Ruby & Charlie has been living at Leah's for a bout 2 months now, this is only the 2nd time thae with seen a scene at Leah’s featuring Charlie.


The prosecutor question Belle. She, like Rachel, tries her best to help aden’s case, but she is forced, with the vatopuis questions that the prosecution asks, to admit tings like that she broke up with Aden because she no longer trusts him.

Aden’s lawyer then questions Belle – and she uses that to bring up Aden’s past, com,meyonmg about his dad & grandad. Aden can't believe that Belle has even mentioned them. He shouts at her, and fires his lawyer. The judge ordered that the case be adjourned til tomorrow.


Morag talks to Martha about Alf & Bridget. Martha insist that their date when well, but Morag points out how icy things are tween Alf & Bridget.

Martha telak to Alf is the storeroom. he comments about how he’s not al that keen on everyone knowing his love life, but Martha sternly tells Alf that Bridget is great girl, and the he should do all he can to hold onto her. She also comments that she hopes Alf pride doesn’t get in the way.

Charlie enters the main part of Noah’s and approaches Morag. Morag is perplexed when Charlie “suggest” that Morag shouldn’t have sent Ross around to leahs to have a go at Charlie.


Colleen talk to Irene about Alf & Bridget’s date, but she is more interested in talking to Angelo when he enters,

Angelo is worried about how Belle seemed to be working aginty him in court today, and that she is treating him like the enemy, Irene comment that its only because Angelo is one of the ppl trying t lock Aden up.


Aden is walking along and sees Belle in Angelo’s car. He has a go at her for raising the subject of his abuse. Angelo approaches and “suggest” that Aden shouldn’t be hassling Belle. Aden tells Angelo that this doesn’t concern him. Aden walks away.


Colleen talks to Bridget about her date with Alf. She is surprised with Bridget tells her tatg thet had the date her at Noah’s.

Alf approaches and tells colleen that he had a great time on his date with Bridget, and that he’s looking fwd to the next one,. Bridget waaaaaaaay smiles.


Morag is in the longuie room with Ross. She wonders about his “back off” chat to Charlie, but he can’t ram talking to her when Morag initially asks. After he does remember, he make a comment [to Morag] similar to”we’ve got some srong headed girls, haven’t we, ELSIE?”

Roman enetrsnad tells Morag about how Aden fired his lawyer. He wonders if she would be Aden’s new lawyer. Morag agrees to do so.


Irene & Belle are chatting and bell tells Irene tat Aden must have asked his lawyer not to talk about the abuse.

Both are shocked when they see that Angelo’s cars’ windscreen has been shattered by a brick [that’s still in the part shattered windscreen].



Colleen is concerned that Rachel is getting too close to Joe

Rachel tells the court that Aden was helped on the day of the kidnapping by someone special [belle I’m guessing she means]

Belle tells Aden that she loves the version of him that she saw in court today

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: aqua top/silver blouse


Rachel: maroon v neck knee length dress


Charlie: red [white trim] sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes] track pants


Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Aden’s Lawyer: dark suit/white button up shirt

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police uniform shirt

Belle: black singlet top/grey jacket/dark long pants

Bridget: hot pink long sleeve top/dark long pants

Charlie: off white [black horizontal stripes] sing top/denim shorts

Colleen: red [gold swirl] blouse/peach top

Irene: olive green long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Judge: dark suit/white button up shirt

Martha: black [white floral] bandana/black ruffled collared blouse

Morag: black v neck top/dark long pants

Prosecution Lawyer: dark suit/white button up shirt

Roman: grey long sleeve button up shirt/dark suit

Ross: bone t/dark long pants

Ross: maroon button up shirt/dark long pants

Ross: white polo shirt/brown long pants

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