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Mon, 22 Sept 08 – Episode # 4721

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ You REALLY Have To Wonder About The Male Police Officers In The Bay “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 22 Sept 08 – Episode # 4721]


Angelo & other officers have all the protestors in the main area of the station. Angelo asks Belle about what happened, but lead protestor Dee urges all the protestors to not tell the police anything.

Irene enters the room – she’s sooooooooo NOT impressed that Belle’s been arrested.


Rachel talks to Tony about Joe. She ponders what life would have been like if she & Kimmy had adopted Joe, i.e. she’s be dealing with Joe’s cancer.

Tony suggest that they should get away to the city tomorrow – but Rachel insist that she’s got to be there tomorrow when Joe has several specialist appointments.


Irene further expresses her annoyance towards Belle. Belle however insist staht if Murray was there at the protest, things wouldn’t have got this bad.

Belle also stands up for what she believes in to Irene, but Irene insists that no one is above the law.


Next day, Colleen approaches Alf. She is VERY excited that he & Bridget are going out on a date togther. When Alf ask, colleen tells him that Bridget told her about the date.


Dane is plying with Joe with Rachel enters the yard. She is worried that Joe is going to miss his 1st appointment today. Dane insists that he didn’t have the money for the bus etc, and Rachel is annoyed that Dane obviously did have enough money to but things like cigarettes.

She tells Dane that she is taking Jo to the hospital, and that he can come too [in his car] if he wishes.


Angelo approaches Jack. He suggest that they should charge the ppl at the protest responsible for wounding that workmen with the paint balloons, but let the others off with a stern warning. Jack immediately realises that Angelo is trying to avoid Belle being charged, and he reminds Angelo that Lara wanted stern action on this. Angelo then reminds Jack about how he’s been lenient of Martha in the past. This sways Jack -= who agrees to Angelo’s plan.


Belle is on the phone. She is trying to contact Murray – but to no anvil.

Angelo enters, and tells Belle that she’s not being charged. Belle muchly thanks Angelo, and he insists that she can’t be involved with these types of protests. Belle doesn’t take too kindly to that idea tough.


Rachel talks to Dane about the several special appointments that she’s arranged for Joe to have today. Dane however is keen to talk about Rachel’s opinion of Lee, i.e. he tells Rachel that Lee told him that Rachel called her a bad mum. Rachel insists that that was a misunderstanding.

Rachel is then not impressed that Dane hasn’t yet bought the medication that is prescribed for Joe. Dane tells Rachel that he gets paid on Thursday, but she insist that its only $5 with the use of a healthcare card.

Nurse Julie tells Dane that the doctor is ready to see them, so Dan picks up Joe and heads for the doctor’s office.


Belle & Dee are both wondering what’s happened to Murray. Dee is also VERY impressed with how brave Belle is, i.e. protesting despite having a cop as a b/f. she suggests that Angelo could come in handy to find Murray.

Dee tells Belle that she is going up the coast for a protest against deforestation. Irene enters that house, and voices her concerns to both Belle & Dee about their actions.


After Jack hands Angelo a lot of paperwork to do [about the protest?], Belle enters. She wonders if he can access, and tell her, Murray’s address. He can’t believe that Belle has asked him this – and makes her aware that he could loose his job if he did such things.


Rachel talks to Tony about Joe. She tells him that she doesn’t feel comfortable leaving Joe in Dane’s car. She is also worried that dane is thinking of taking Joe with him when he travels to Queensland after geeti8ng a tip off bout where Lee is.


In the kitchen, Irene has a go at Belle for even asking Angelo to access Murray’s address.

In the main area, Colleen talks to Angelo. She tells him about how Belle has a history of dating bad boys, and that it’s good that she is with Angelo.

Belle exits the kitchen, and Angelo approaches her. He gives her a piece of paper – with Murray’s address on it. He tells be that, if asked etc, she didn’t get the info form him.


Murray answers the door. It’s Belle – who wonders where he was when the protest was on. Murray tell her that he would heave felt like a hypocrite if he went – as he retested the soil samples her took, and there’s no trace of toxic chemicals etc. Murray ason tells her that he resigned form the council because of this. Belle is muchly downbeat because of this.

Note – Murray appear5ed to be very “shifty” when Belle spoke to him, but she didn’t seem to pick that up.


When Rachel asks Nurse Julie about Joe’s latest appointment, she can’t believe it when Julie tells her that Dane cancelled the appointment.


Dane is playing when Joe when Rachel approaches. Dane tells hier he cancelled the appoinemtmet as they are going to QLD to find Lee. Rachel insists that Joe needs medical attention more that he needs Dane & Lee at the moment. She suggests that Joe should remain here whilst Dane goes looking for Lee. Dane reluctantly agrees.


Alf is tending to the bar when Colleen & Martha enmetr, with clothes they’ve bought him for his date with Bridget. Martha & Colleen are way joyous, but you can tell that Alf isn’t so keen in what they’ve done.

After Martha & Colleen have walked Way, Tony jokes with Alf about what’s just happened. Alf wonders if his date with Bridget with affect Rachel/Tony. Tony insist that its not an issue at the moment – esp. since Rachel is waaaaay more focussed on Joe right now.


Angelo approaches Belle. He suggests to her that she can’t go off at him every time they disagree.

Angelo also tells Belle that, when he was getting her Murray’s address, he discovered some further info. Angelo tells Belle that $20,000 was payed in Murray’s bank account. Belle now realises why Murray spoke to her the way he did earlier.


Belle enters the house, but there’s NO sign of Murray.


Tony talks to Jack about the Joe situation. He tells Jack that he can’t deal with it at the moment, and Jack insist that Tony needs to tell Rachel how he is feeling about all this.


A very pleased Rachel tells Joe that, whilst Dane is way, Rachel will be looking after Joe – and that he will be living at her house!!!



A social worker tells Rachel that she is “crossing the line” with her behaviour regarding Joe

The Buckton family are struggling with Ross’ illness

Belle tells Aden that she’s not in love with Aden – but, in another scene, she appears to be taking pics of Aden at the beach

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: royal blue [white stars?] bandana/cream long sleeve blouse/brown top


Rachel: red v neck top/grey & blue jacket/dark long pants


Belle: black crop jacket/black & white mosaic top


Alf: white (with black, yellow & brown vertical stripes) button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police button up shirt

Belle: green [black check] flannelette shirt/brown top/dark long pants

Colleen: dark blue & purple top

Dane: white [blue check] flannelette shirt/denim jeans

Dee Jenkins: green singlet top/yellow headband/white [maroon swirls?] long skirt

Dee Jenkins [aka Protester]: green headscarf/cream t/white [brown horizontal stripes long skirt

Irene: red elbow length sleeves blouse/white long pants

Irene: red blouse

Jack: light pink v neck t

Jack: light blue police button up shirt

Joe: white [black unknown motif] t – over a grey long sleeve top/dark long pants

Murray: black t

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: red [yellow leaves] scoop top/grey knee length skirt

Tony: black SB gym t – with matching track pants

Tony: blue t

Tony: green t/dark grey shorts

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