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Fri, 19 Sept 08 – Episode # 4720

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Life’s Too Short “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 19 Sept 08 – Episode # 4720]


Belle & Angelo are chatting. They talk about how Aden will be working at the diner again. Belle insists that she won’t have a problem with that.


In the storeroom, Martha tells jack that she can’t believe that this [hair fall out] happened in public. Alf & Bridget tenter the storeroom, and Bridget asks for some time alone with Martha. When jack & Alf has left the room, Brigit gives Martha a bandana – the same one that she used when she had cancer. Martha puts the bandana on her head.

At the bar, jack & Alf express their concerns fro Martha, who emerges for the storeroom [wearingh the bandana] with Bridget.

JnM then head off, and bridget can’t believe it when Alf doesn’t take that hint that she likes being around him when she says that she’s going to hang around here until Alf finishes Martha’s shift.


Angelo tells belle that he has morrow off, and hopes that can do something together, she tells him that she’s got various odd jobs to do for Irene, but when Angelo bails, Irene wonders what these odd jobs are,. Bell ethells her that she’s gongs to be involved in a project at the development site – and didn’t want to tell Angelo for obvious reasons.


Next day, Julie tells Rachel that a patient was asked for Rachel specifically.

Rachel enters a treatment room, and she is surprised to see Dane & Joe. Joe has several bruises, and when Rachael enquires, Dane tells her that Lee [Joes’ mum] is up in Queensland with friends at the monet.


Outside the shop, Tony talk to Martha. She tells him, esp. after last night, that she is REALLY going to be taking things one day at a time now.

Bridget ^& Alf approach – and Bridget & Marsha agree to go shopping together.

When they are gone, Alf wonders if Tony has any issues with Bridget still being in town, Toney tells Alf that he doesn’t


Jack & Angelo arrive in the police car. Angelo sees all the protestors and “loves” that he is here on what was to be his day off.

After the police get out of the car, Angelo can’t believe it when he sees Belle chained to one of the construction vehicles.

Meaheile, there’s verbal clashes tween the protestors & construction workers. The protestors chant “go away – leave our bay” mad jack informs the protestors that they are trespassing and will be charged if they don’t disperse.


Rachel talks to Dane – she is surprised that Dane & lee have been renting at a place near the van park for about a year now. Dane tells Rachel that they hust never got around to telling Rachel. Rachel wonders if dame’s been coping [with lee being way] but dame’s mobile rings so he tyeks the call without answering without answering her question,


With the protestors still chanting, Angelo approaches belle. He wonders if she thinks this rally is a good idea. Belle insists staht she thinks it is.

There’s a physical clash tween the protestors 7 the construction workers. Belle is knocked to the ground. Jack & Angelo urge each group to be civilised about this, whilst the head construction dude makes a phone call. He “suggests” that ho other workers come to the site, because of the delays due to the protest.


Rachel approaches Joe and looks at huis injuries. Tony approaches Rachel, and she expresses germ concerns that Dane might be abusing Joe. Dane returns to Joe’s side – and Rachel voices her concerns. Dane is offended by Rachel’s accusation that he has abused Joe!!!


Martha & bridget enter; they’ve had a great day shopping together.

Martha bails, and Bridget sits nest to Alf. She wonders if he’d like to go out on a date with her. Alf is surprised – and turns her down. He says that it’s inappropriate as he is her boss.


Belle phones Murray. She can’t believe that he’s not here – she leaves a msg for him.

There are furter4v clashes tween protestors and the construction workers. The woman who appears to be leading the protest throws red paintballs at the construction workers. One of them is struck in the face. Jack & Angelo try to calm things down – and they also use bolt cutters to remove the ppl who have chained temselicves to equipment.


Alf tells Bridget that they he has taken aback by her asking him out on a date, as he is old fashioned and the guy does that sort of things. Beige tells Alf that her cancer thought her that life is too shirt to waste it. Alf agree to go out with Bridget – but he’s still quite stunned


Colleen talks to Martha about the protests – hoping that belle isn’t involved. She also blamed video games for inciting the young pp to protset etc.

Alf enters, and colleen wonders about last night with Bridget. Alf tells her that, for once, collen's meddling didn’t have a negative affect.

Alf then talks to Martha about how forward Bridget is. Alf tells Martha that he’s kinda scared of Bridget, i.e. if she can asked him out on a date, what else is she capable of etc.


Rachel looks at the results of Joe’s tests. She then approaches Dane & Joe. She apologise to Dane for what she said about him abusing Joe. She then revels that Joe has bone cancer!!!! Dane is shocked – esp. as he has no idea where Lees is at the moment, i.e. he tells Rachel that he’s not heard from Lee in weeks.


As the construction worker that has bit in the face with a paintballoon is treated, Angelo tells talk to belle. She can’t believe that Murray isn’t here.

Hover, Angelo’s totally in work mode. He orders bell to unchain herself. She does – but belle can't believe it when Angelo ARRESTS her!!!!!



Angelo tells Belle that $20,000 was paid into Murray’s bank account

Aden tells Belle that he never wants to see her again

Melody tells Geoff that she NEEDS help

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: black [wide red band at waist] strapless dress


Martha: tan Noah’s shirtdress/purple [pink floral] bandana


Rachel: red [yellow leaves] scoop top/grey knee length skirt


Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants/dark rain jacket/wide brim white hat

Alf: white [maroon check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Angelo: mauve button up shirt

Belle: black crop jacket/black & white mosaic top

Bridget: black [red v neck] dress

Bridget: light blue rain jacket/red v neck top – over a mauve long sleeve top/dark long pants

Colleen: hot pink [yellow * white floral] top

Colleen: light blue [green leaves] blouse/blue long parts

Construction worker [Tim Coleman???]: dark blue overalls/orange hard hat

Dane: olive green button up shirt/black [unknown white motif] t/denim jeans

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Jack: light blue police button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Jack: maroon v neck long sleeve top

Joe [Lee’s son]: white [black swirls] t/red shorts

Martha: purple [pink floral] bandana/ dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Protester [Dee Jenkins???]: green headscarf/cream t

Tony: grey jacket/green t/dark grey shorts

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